Occupation of Land by the Military in the North

by MP Sritharan in Sri Lanka Parlimentary Hansard, June 10, 2016

Page 930: http://www.parliament.lk/uploads/documents/hansard/1466495811042632.pdf

Military Land Occupation in North Verite Research

Graphic by Verite Research, Colombo, June 29, 2016
















Sritharan MP on military occupation of land in North

MP Sritharan on military occupation of land in North from June 10, 2016 ‘Hansard.’ Excerpt courtesy Verite Research.















Other sources of figures for this disputed issue:

British Tamil Forum: 67,427 acres http://tamilsforum.co.uk/2016/04/tamils-land-occupied-by-sri-lankan-security-forces-2/#more-3469

Centre for Policy Analysis: 12,751 acres http://www.cpalanka.org/land-occupation-in-the-northern-province-a-commentary-on-ground-realities-and-recommendations-for-reform/

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