Onomastics of Tamil Personal Names – Part 3

by Sachi Sri Kantha, November 25, 2018

Part 1


More than 18 months had passed, since I contributed Part 2 of this series. In it, I presented the Eelam Tamil names of the renowned intelligentsia of the 19th century, as culled from Sanmugam Arumugam’s ‘Dictionary of Biography of the Ceylon Tamils (1997).

In this part 3, I continue this exercise on the names of Eelam Tamils of the second half of the 20th century (1950-1983). Though there may be quite a few other sources, for accessible reasons and for interesting information presented in it with chronological record, I chose as source book, Catalogue of Post-Graduate Theses and Dissertations by University and State Sector Personnel,’ compiled by D.Gamini.P. Seneviratne and Mrs. Kanthie Samaraweera. This slim volume of 188 pages was published by the Materials and Manpower Resources Division, Ministry of Finance & Planning, Colombo, in 1984. This compilation covers 1,419 theses lodged at the library of the University of Peradeniya, up to 1983.



The first reason I consider this as a vital document is that, subsequently even when some individuals (such as Prof. S. Vithiananthan, Prof. Tambyah Nadaraja, Prof. R. Kanagasuntheram, Prof. K. Sivathamby and Prof. Kailasanatha Kurukkal) gained international prominence and received news coverage, their specialization theme for their postgraduate degree and the institution which granted such a degree becomes rather difficult to trace. Even subsequent obituaries and eulogies rarely provide such details. The second reason, though meager in details, it provides few details of when, where and in which areas, Eelam Tamils began to acquire postgraduate degrees in nations other than Sri Lanka. The earliest Ph. D recorded in this selection, was that of Prof. Suppiramaniam Vithiananthan, in 1950 from the University of London. This university appears to be the most popular higher institution for Sri Lankans in 1950s and 1960s. Subsequently, in 1970s and afterwards, due to restrictions of financial support for external students, and political competition for minimally available state funded scholarships, many talented Tamil students aimed for fellowships and assistantships from the universities in USA and Canada. It is most unfortunate that compilers had limited their entries to only to those theses which were within their reach (i.e., those lodged at the library of University of Peradeniya). Thus, the number of Eelam Tamil intelligentsia included in this selection is notably underestimated.

Entries are listed under five separate categories, and alphabetical under each category, as follows: (a) those affiliated to the universities (entries from 0001 to 0773), (b) those affiliated to the research, training and management institutes (entries from 0774 to 0944, (c) those affiliated to ministries, departments and corproations (entries 0945-1321), (d) those affiliated to the state banks (entries 1322-1403) and (e) addendum (1404-1407).

One demerit I noted was that this work was hastily compiled without proper editorial direction. As such, clerical errors in names and submitted titles of theses are numerous. I can vouch for this, because my name for my Masters in Science degree thesis submitted to the University of Peradeniya in 1980, has been mis-spelled! (see below, entry 0650).

Even the year of publication of this catalogue is not clearly stated. I guessed it was 1984, from a subscript number code, that appears under the Table of Contents page. W.M. Tilakaratna, the then Secretary for Ministry of Finance and Planning and Secretary to the Treasury, had contributed a Foreword. In the first paragraph, he had noted, “Prior to the Second World War, relatively few Sri Lankans studied for post-graduate degrees. Those who did so were mainly doctors, university teachers and a handful of scientists to government research institutions who were required by the term so f their employment to secure post-graduate degrees for promotion. The vast majority of these students obtained their post-graduate qualifications from British universities.”

I present below the Eelam Tamil names in this catalogue, which I could decipher clearly. Hindu names don’t pose a problem. But, few Christian names (such as Fernando, Dickson, Godwin, Gregory, Lucas, Roberts, Samuel, Watson) present ambiguity, about the ethnicity of the individual. As such, I might have erred in excluding few Christian Tamil names in this catalogue. However, I have included Christian Tamil names (such as Breckenridge, Corea, Eliezer, Hoover and Joseph) from my personal knowledge of the individual, as teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. My personal knowledge derives from the period I spent at the University of Colombo (1972-76) and then at the University of Peradeniya (1977-1981), as well as that of my sister who worked at the Ministry of Finance and Planning and the Treasury as a typist-secretary for nearly a decade until 1985.

For clarity, I have retained the numbering system used by the compilers exactly. There is also an entry of an unusual case of an academic with a distinctly Tamil name (A.J. Selvadurai), changing his name to non-Tamil or Sinhalese version, as A.J. Weeramunda (entry no. 0714). He had received his Ph.D from Washington in 1973, with the dissertation title, ‘Culture and continuity: a study of kinship and land tenure in a Sinhalese village.’ I was able to locate one of his papers, published in 1976, with the name A.J. Selvadurai, in the Journal of Asian and African Studies (vol.11, no 1-2, pp. 82-96).

Apart from the names, what are worthy in this compilation are the (1) titles of their post-graduate degree theses/dissertations, (2) the institutions from which postgraduate degrees were received, and most importantly (3) the years in which these degrees was obtained. Postgraduate degrees included, M.A, M. Sc, M. Med Sci., M.Com, M. Agriculture, M. Eng.Science, M.Vet. Science, D.Phil,, PhD and Diplomas in various disciplines.

Wherever I know the sex of the individual from personal knowledge, I indicate it for women (as Ms or Mrs). Also, wherever I know the ‘other’ name (that could be the conventional first name, or the name of the individual’s father) indicated only by the initial in the original source, I have silently inserted the complete name within parenthesis. For example, Indrapala, K. is annotated as Indrapala K(artigesu). Joseph, V, is annotated as V(alentine).

Among the names in this listing, most popular prefix among the Tamil names seems to be ‘Siva’, as represented by Sivachandran, Sivachelvan, Sivagnanasundaram, Sivaguru, Sivananthan, Sivanesarajah, Sivapalan, Sivapatham, Sivaprakasapillai, Sivarajah, Sivasamy, Sivasegaram, Sivasubramaniam, Sivathamby and Sivayouganathan.

Most popular suffix among the Tamil names appears to be ‘lingam’ (literal meaning, male phallus), as represented by Ganeshalingam, Gnanalingam, Mahalingam, Muthulingam, Rajalingam, Ramalingam, Ruthiralingam, Sundaralingam, and Tharmalingam. It is of Saivite Hindu religious symbolism inviting the blessing of Lord Shiva to a new born baby, and nothing to be joked or laughed about, like Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole had done with his sophomoric titillation full of overt sexual overtones, in his anti-Hindu drivelish, erroneously titled autobiography ‘The Exile Returned: A Self-portrait of the Tamil Vellahlahs of Jaffna, Sri Lanka’(1997).

Another popular suffix among the Tamil names is ‘ratnam’ (literal meaning, jewel), as represented by Ariyaratnam, Gunaratnam with it’s variant spelling Kunaratnam, Jeyaratnam, Jogaratnam, Kanagaratnam, Kularatnam, Navaratnaraja, Sabaratnam, Selvaratnam, While Tamil names end with the consonant ‘m’, Sinhalese names also use the same ‘ratnam’ suffix, with the spelling ending in vowels either ‘ratna’ or ‘ratne’.

Tamil surnames with 15 alphabets are very common, among those born in the 1st half of the 20th century. These names typically form tongue twisters for non-native folks in the Western countries. As such, diasporic Tamils have adopted the trends to (a) truncate the long names into half or two-third, and (b) blend the Hindu names (e.g: samy) into Christian sounding names (e.g: sam). The longest surname in this listing, with 20 alphabets belong to recognized microbiologist Dr. Sentheshanmuganathan (entry no. 0906). Second in the list, is Mrs. V. Satchuthananthavale, with 19 alphabets (entry no. 0897). Third in the list my old friend, K. Thirugnanasundaram with 18 alphabets (entry no. 0917).

For those interested in quick reference about the specific contributions of these Eelam Tamil intelligentsia, the names of those who have Wikipedia entries (as of November 2018, in varied lengths), are highlighted in bold font. I do acknowledge that I may have missed a few names, and apologize to those whom I’ve missed. Wherever, I find an error in the entry in original, I have made annotations within parenthesis. 

Names – Proper

  1. Universities

0025 Amirthanathan, G.E. – Ph.D, Universite de Paris, 1982. Contribution of optimal filtering techniques to some hydrological problems.

0031 Ariyakumar, V. – M.Phil, Reading, 1981. Approaches to the optimization of calving interval in large herds in Sri Lanka.

0040 Arulchelvam, (Mrs) M. – D.Phil, Oxford, 1961. The legend of Parasurama in Sanskrit literature.

0041 Arumugam, V. – M.Phil, London, 1973. A comparative study of language policies and problems in India and Ceylon since independence.

0042 Arunachalam, K. – M.A, Peradeniya, 1974. Alahut Tamilil Cirukataikal.

0049 Balachandran, S. – M.Sc, Birmingham, 1975. Droughts in Sri Lanka.

0050 Balakrishnan, N. – M.Phil, London, 1969. Government finance and monetary expansion in Ceylon.

0053 Balasubramaniam, K (Kandiah) – Ph.D, Indiana, 1965. Proteolysis in the thyroid gland and its stimulation by thyrotropin.

0054 Balasubramaniam, S. – Ph.D, Bristol, 1964. The influence of the water relations of the leaf on stomatal behavior, transpiration and exchange of CO2.

0055 Balasundaram, (Mrs). V – Dip.Lib., Kelaniya, 1981. Union list on librarianship and information science in libraries of Sri Lanka: a critical study.

0056 Balasundrampillai, P(onnuthurai) – Ph.D., Durham, 1972. The hierarchy of central places in northern Sri Lanka.

0072 Bastiampillai, Bertram E.St.J. – Ph.D., Ceylon, 1978. The administration of P.A. Dyke in North Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1829-1867: a study in provincial administration in a British Crown colony.

0075 Breckenridge, W(arren) .R(anjithan). – Ph.D., McGill, 1968. The histophysiology of growth and reproduction in Hymenolepis diminuta (Rudolph, 1819).

0076 Canagaratna (Mrs) M.C.P. – Ph.D., London, 1973. Growth regulation in cell population in vitro studies.

0080 Chandrasegaram, P. – M.A., London, 1961. Policies regarding higher education in Ceylon during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with special reference to the establishment of the University of Ceylon.

0085 Chellapah, G – (degree not included, in the original), Nottingham, 1980. Aspects of thermoregulation in term and preterm newborn babies.

0086 Chelliah, Rajalingam – M.S., I.I.T., Madras. (year missing, in the original). Some studies on steady state and dynamic behavior of journal bearing using non-Newtonian lubricants. [Note by Sachi: This title seems ridiculous to me, especially the word ‘journal’. May be, some clerical error in typing, in the original.]

0087 Chelvayohan, M. – Ph.D., Belfast, 1982. Study of clean ion bombardment damaged silver single crystal surfaces by work junction measurements.

0088 Chinnaiah, (Ms) K(alaiarasi) – M.A., Peradeniya, 1973. Evaluation of the works of Somasundara Pulavar of Navaly.

0089 Chitravadivelu, (Mrs) K. – Ph.D., Prague, 1972. Growth, age composition, population density, mortality, production and yield of Alburnus alburnus (Linn, 1758) and Rutilus rutilus (Linn 1758) in the inundation region of Danube-zofin.

0092 Coomaraswamy, (Mrs) Umarany – Ph.D., London, 1970. Influence of gibberellic acid and nitrogen sprays on the aphid transmission of CBRSV on turnips.

0194 Eliezer, J (Jonathan) – Ph.D., Southampton, 1978. Some factors influencing exogenous auxin transport in intact plants.

0221 Ganeshalingam, S. – Ph.D., Queensland, 1981. On the mixture maximum likelihood approach to estimation and clustering.

0224 Gansehalingam, V.K. – Ph.D., London, 1961 (Note by Sachi: a typo error; it should be 1971). A study of host discrimination by entomophagus parasitoid.

0224 ? Ganeshalingam, Y. – M.A., Jaffna, 1980. School of Arumuga Navalar.

0229 Gopalakrishna Iyer, P. – Ph.D., Jaffna, 1982. A study of the iconography of Siva as depicted in the Saiva agamas and silpa texts also with reference to the portrayals in the Siva temples of Sri Lanka.

0230 Gopalakrishnakone, P(onnampalam). – Ph.D., London, 1979. Morphological studies on the effect of a phospholipase A2 complex (crotoxin) from Crotalus durussus durussus terrificus venom on muscle, nerve and neuromuscular junction in the mouse.

0237 Gunasegaram, J.B. – M.Sc, New York, 1968. Industrial plant design in developing countries.

0285 Hoover, J.N. – Ph.D., Peradeniya, 1980. The periodental status of adolescent Danish school children.

0291 Indrapala, K(artigesu) – Ph.D., London, 1966. Dravidian settlements in Ceylon and the beginning of the Kingdom of Jaffna.

0294 Ishwaran, N. – M.Sc, Sri Lanka, 1979. Ecological studies on populations of elephants in the Gal Oya area in relation to distribution, habitat preferences, competition and food availability.

0326 Jesudason, (Ms). M.V. – Ph.D., London, 1974. Syntheses of sugar trithiocarbonates and related compounds.

0327 Jayaratnam, J. – Ph.D., London, 1974. The toxicological effects of pesticides in relation to human health.

0328 Jayaseelan, K. – Ph.D., Sheffield, 1980. Biochemical and genetic studies on bacterial pyruvate dehydrogenase complexes.

0331 Jayasingham, W.L(uther). – Ph.D., Clark, 1958. Urban study of Jaffna town. [Note by Sachi: Wikipedia entry spells his name as W.L. Jeyasingham.]

0337 Jogaratnam, T(hambapillai). – Ph.D., Cornell, 1968. Food in the economy in Ceylon.

0338 Joseph, V(alentine) – M.Sc., London, 1967. Mechanics and optics in general relativity.

0339 Kailainathan, Mrs. I. – M.A., Kelaniya, 1979. Contrastive study of Tamil and Sinhala phonology.

0340 Kailasapathy, K(asipathy) – M.Sc, Obihiro, 1979. Food nutritional studies on Japanese and Sri Lankan polished rices.

0342 Kanaganathan, S – M.Sc, Liverpool, 1976. On the condition number of matrices arising from ritz-galerkin-finite element, least square type and collocation method.

0343 Kanagasuntheram, R(agunathar) – Ph.D, Cambridge, 1952. Observations on the anatomy of the hoolock gibbon.

0344 Kanapathipillai, A – M.A, Jaffna, 1981. Size of holdings and productivity in selected agricultural colonies in the Dry zone of Sri Lanka.

0345 Kanapathipillai, Vamadeva – Ph.D, London, 1969. Dutch role in maritime Ceylon, 1766-1796.

0346 Kandasamy, K – Ph.D, Keele, 1980. The effect of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapour on the work function and resistance of titanium films.

0348 Kandiah, P – M.D, Colombo, 1982. Isolation and purification of sucrose phosphorylase from Acetobacter xylinum and synthesis of sucrose by sucrose phosphorylase.

0349 Kandiah, Thirulogendran [Thiru] – Ph.D, London, 1967. The syntax of the verb in Ceylon Tamil.

0354 Kanthappu, S – M.Sc, London, 1978. Strain induced crystalisation in natural rubber based adhesives.

0355 Kanthasamy, P – Ph.D, Monash, 1981. Jaffna Tamil English (phonetic aspects).

0362 Kartigesan, Jeevasothy – Ph.D, Manchester, 1980. The conversion of waste plastics to single cell protein.

0364 Karunananthan, A – Ph.D, Colombo, 1978. Theory of simulated experience.

0385 Krishnananthasivam, K – M.V.Sci, Peradeniya, 1975. Studies of the genus Stomoxys with special reference to Stomoxys calcitrans in Sri Lanka.

0386 Krishnarajah, S – Ph.D, Moscow, 1983. A critical study of Popper’s methodology of social knowledge.

0388 Kugabalan, K – M.A, Jaffna, 1981. Population dynamics in the Jaffna district (critical essay).

0389 Kularatnam, (Mrs) Poospadevi – Dip. Lib., London, 1962. Bibliography of the geology of Ceylon.

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0398 Kulatungam, L.C.D – Ph.D, McMaster, 1979. John Locke’s attack on formalism.

0399 Kulendran, (Mrs). G – M.A, Jaffna, 1980. The role of dance and music in the Saiva temples of Tamil Nadu from 9th – 12th A.D.

0401 Kumar, V – D. Phil, Oxford, 1970. Microbiological oxygenation of steroids.

0402 Kumarasamy, T – M.Sc, Salford, 1979. Self diffusion of water in analate and exchanged films of analate by radioactive tracer techniques.

0406 Kumaravadivel, R – Ph.D, Bristol, 1975. Theory of the thermodynamic properties of liquid metals.

0407 Kunaratnam, K(anthia) – Ph.D, London, 1963. Application of digital electronic computers to gravity and magnetic interpretation.

0408 Kurukkal, Kailasanatha K – Ph.D, Pune, 1960. A study of the Saivism of the epic and puranic periods together with its ancillary cults, with special reference to the Saiva religious practices prevalent in South India and Ceylon.

0426 Mageswaran, (Mrs) Rajeswari – Ph.D, Sheffield 1972. Transition metal catalyzed reactions of steroidal cylopropanes and episcides.

0427 Mageswaran, S(ivapathasundaram) – Ph.D, Sheffield 1972. Anmmonium ylides and betaines: Aspects of the chemistry of 2-pyrones.

0428 Mahalingam, S(elvadurai) – Ph.D, Sheffield, 1956. Dynamic loading of power transmission chains.

0429 Mahendran, M – D.Phil., Sussex, 1969. Some reactions of azepines and porphines.

0439 Mathanakaran, R – M.A, Mysore, 1978. Socio-economic survey of Belvadi village, Mysore district (Critical essay).

0441 Maunaguru (Mrs) S(ithralekha) – M.A, Jaffna, 1980. Nationalism in Sri Lankan Tamil literature 1830-1930.

0451 Mookiah, M.S – M.A Colombo, 1976. Transportation in the Central Province of Ceylon.

0452 Mookiah, M.S – M.Sc, Wales, 1979. Some major planned attempts to promote rural development in Sri Lanka after independence: an evaluation study.

0459 Murugaverl, Sittampalam – Dip. Lib., London, 1964. Bibliographical guide to the study of Saivism.

0460 Murugesapillai, M(aheswaran) – Ph.D, Cambridge, 1968. Rotation circulation and magnetic fields in stars.

0461 Muthulingam, Sathasivam – M.A, London, 1963. An investigation of certain environmental and psychological factors involved in the vocational choice and scientific interests of a selected group of secondary school pupils in Ceylon.

0462 Muthulingam, Sathasivam – Ph.D, London, 1972. An investigation of certain environmental and psychological factors involved in the vocational choice and scientific interests of a selected group of secondary school pupils in Ceylon.

0463 Nadaraja, Tambyah – Ph.D, Cambridge, 1970. Roman Dutch law of fidei commissa as applied in Ceylon and South Africa (1949).

0464 Namasivayam, S – M.Phil, Sri Lanka, 1982. Polarization characteristics of geomagnetic micropulsations in Sri Lanka.

0466 Navaratnaraja, A – M.Phil, Reading, 1982. The evaluation and control of constraints on the development of dairying in the Jaffna district of Si Lanka.

0468 Nesarajah, M.S – Ph.D, Birmingham, 1965. A comparison of methods for studying ventilation perfusion relationships in the lung.

0469 Nithiyanandan, V – Ph.D, Reading, 1975. Development of the primary commodity sector in Ceylon, 1920-1950 with special reference to international marketing agreements.

0470 Nithianantharajah, K –  M.Sc, Allahabad, 1975. The effect of some insecticides and fungicide on the soil flora of Allahabad Agricultural Institute.

0479 Parameswaran, S.V – Ph.D, London, 1976. The role of insulin in energy balance and body composition in rats.

0481 Pasupathy, V(inayagar) – Ph.D, Technical University of Berlin, 1975. Tridentochinon ein[13](3,6) Benzofuranophan aus Suillus tridentinus (Boletales)

0487 Paulraj, P.J – Ph.D, Wales, 1974. Investigation of the phytoplankton of Swansea Bay.

0513 Perinpanathan, N – M.A, Jaffna, 1981. Agriculture and finance in the Jaffna district: a case study of some selected crops.

0514 Perumainar, M – (degree incomprehensible, due to smudging in original), Colombo, 1982. A histopathological study of the Russell’s viper venom on the kidneys.

0525 Puvanarajan, Ponnusamy – M.A, Ceylon, 1969. Geomorphology of the Jaffna peninsula.

0527 Puvanesvaran, K.N – M.Sc, Queensland, 1982. Perception and adjustment of the tropical cyclone hazard in the Eastern region of Sri Lanka.

0532 Rajanathan, C.B – Ph.D, London 1979. Transverse flux four-limbed linear induction motors.

0536 Rajendram, G.F – Ph.D, California Berkeley, 1961. Trichogramma oviposition and development on artificial substrates.

0537 Ramachandran, S – Ph.D, Edinburgh, 1969. Aspects of serological relationship of measles, rinder pest and canine distemper.

0538 Ramadas, (Mrs) G – M.Sc, London, 1983. Purification of Entamoeba histolytica from newly established culture in Robinson’s medium.

0539 Ramakrishna, R.S – D.Phil, Oxford, 1961. Studies with dithizone.

0541 Ramakrishnan, Vellupillai – Ph.D, Lancaster, 1973. Saiva-Buddhist polemics: an examination of the Sivagnana Siddhiyar version of the debate.

0542 Ramalingam, V.S.S – M.Sc, Dalhousie, 1978. Effect of growth regulators related to cell wall synthesis on virus localization.

0543 Ramanathan, (Ms) J(ayanthi) – Ph.D, Peradeniya, 1977. Biological behavior of intraosseously implanted oral epithelium of rats.

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0589 Santiapillai, E – Ph.D, Southampton, 1976. Population variation and systematics of the genus Lophuromys (Rodentia, Muridae). [Note by Sachi: I guess, the initial in the original is an error; it should be C, standing for Charles]

0592 Satchithananthan, S – Ph.D, Colombo, 1975. The human placenta.

0593 Sathasivam, A – D.Phil, Oxford, 1956. The structure of the Tamil verb.

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0618 Singham, Mano K – Ph.D, Pittsburgh, 1980. Photoproduction of changed points from light nuclei.

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0649 Sri Balasubramaniam, G – Ph.D, London, 1970. Pulmonary alveolitis with particular reference to the effect on the rodent lung of pramindole and other chemical agents.

0650 Sri Skanda, S – M.Sc, Peradeniya, 1980. Nutritive value of winged bean. [Note by Sachi: This entry relates to my Masters degree submitted to the University of Peradeniya; but the spelling of my name Sri Kantha S had been mis-typed! Also the title of the thesis had been truncated – the botanical name of the bean, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus L. is missing, in the original.]

0651 Sritharan, T – Ph.D, Sheffield, 1981. Creep at low stresses and intermediate temperatures.

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0687 Velautham, T – Ph.D, La Trobe, 1981. Development of an instrument to measure climate of innovativeness and its application in the Sri Lankan school system.

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III.Ministries, Departments & Corporations

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  1. Addendum

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