Passing of Varathakumar

Tamil Information Centre LogoHead of  Tamil Information Centre, London, passed March 13, 2019 at home.

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TIC 2011 – National Security Laws in Sri Lanka

TIC 2008 – TIC Mourns Fr. Karunaratnam

TIC 2007 – Abduction of Sinhalese Journalists

TIC 2006 – Tamils of Sri Lanka: The Quest for Human Dignity

TIC 2006 – The UN Human Rights Council must urge the Sri Lankan
government to end restrictions on food, fuel and medicines to
people of the north-east

TIC 2006 – Case Report: Allaipiddy massacre

TIC 1998 – International Crime of Genocide: The Case of the Tamil People of Sri Lanka

TIC 1994, Geneva – The right to self-determination: The Sri Lankan Tamil national question

Image result for Where Serfdom Thrives – The Plantation Tamils of Sri Lanka” by Mayan VijeTIC 1987 – Where Serfdom Thrives – The Plantation Tamils of Sri Lanka by Mayan Vije

The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is committed to human rights and community development. Over the years, the TIC has become a prominent resource centre for the promotion of human rights, and acts as a focal point for information on aspects of life relating to the Tamil-speaking people of Sri Lanka. The TIC is an organisation for people with interest in human rights, humanitarian assistance and political, social and cultural development of the Tamil-speaking people of Sri Lanka. The TIC does not implement relief or development projects, but provides services and support to organisations and groups involved in relief, rehabilitation and development.

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