Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka – Session III

Berlin Session

by Permanent People’s Tribunal, Berlin, May 20-22, 2022

Following the Sessions held in Dublin (14-16 January 2010) and Bremen (7-10 December 2013), the third Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka will take place under the aegis of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on 20-22 May 2022 in Berlin. As was the case with previous sessions, this third session was requested by the Internationaler Menschenrechtsverein Bremen ( in collaboration with the Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka (

The session was requested to clarify the following issues: 

  1. “Who holds the primary responsibility in the war against the Eelam Tamils?
  2. Is the United Nations’ Human Rights Council manipulated by the perpetrators?
  3. Was the war of extermination of Eelam Tamils a threat to peace in the Indian Ocean?
  4. What is the significance of the international criminalisation of Tamil activists?
  5. Is the destruction of social progress made in Tamil Eelam, particularly concerning women, part of the genocidal process?
  6. Is the ongoing structural genocide supported by the external perpetrators?”

The panel of judges is integrated by:

Denis Halliday, former assistant secretary-general to the United Nations and recipient of Gandhi International Peace Award; Javier Giraldo Moreno, Vice-president of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, Colombian liberation theologian and human rights activist;  Ana Esther Cecena, director of Latin American Geopolitical Observatory and professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico; Flavia Carvalho, Brazilian Supreme Court assistant judge and an Afro-Brazilian feminist; Lourdes Esther Huanca Atencio, president of the National Federation of Female Peasants, Artisans, Indigenous, Native and Salaried Workers of Peru; Feliciano Valencia, former Colombian senator, a Nasa Indigenous leader of the Cauca region; Na’eem Jeenah, executive director of the Afro-Middle East Centre in South Africa and former president of Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa; Liza Maza, general secretary of International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS) and a former member of Philippine’s House of Representatives; Lonko Juana Culfunao Paillal, leader of the Mapuche indigenous community of south-western Chile and the founder of Ethical Commission Against Torture, and Junaid S. Ahmad, director of the Centre for the Study of Islam and Decoloniality, Islamabad and founder and chair of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, Pakistan.

Public hearings of the Tribunal will begin from Friday 20 May, 6pm and continue on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May, 2022. See more details here of public schedule for times.

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