Sinhala Buddhist Vote

by Sarath Bulathsinghala; Lankaweb, February 18, 2004

From a Sangam member:

You might think of publishing this as the latest example of Sinhala Buddhist determination to exclude and discriminate- first it was ethnic, now it is religious as well. Where will this end? It reminds me of the cartoon of two roaring galloping lions chasing a rabbit at high speed; and one lion saying to the other “Naw, they are not like us, they don’t feel any pain.”


Sinhala Buddhist Vote – Road to Independence from Christian Domination

Sarath Bulathsinghala

CBK has dissolved the parliament and the parliamentary elections are due on 2 April 2004. The country will go on to elect lawmakers to the 225 seat House of Representatives or the Parliament. It is important that those who get elected truly represent the electorate.

It is obvious that the untimely passing away of Soma Hamuduruwo in December last year has much to do with the present political situation in the country. Over a million devotees of Soma Hamuduruwo who came to attend his funeral on their own volition no doubt showed the moribund political leaders of Sri Lanka that there is a silent majority who are not happy with the established Christian political leadership and their anti Sinhala Buddhist set up in the country. This show of force is quite in contrast to the commandeered lorry loads that came to bring Ranil W from the airport recently (on his return from seeing Uncle Sam) or for that matter all other organized political events of our country.

Subsequent to the Thero’s funeral the Sri Lankan establishment went into a frenzy of alignments and realignments and in the process the President who has continued to fail the nation saw a ray of hope to continue in power by aligning with the JVP. The JVP were quick to come to cohabitation with the PA and the expressions of Buddhist sentiments by the JVP leader are an expression of their own concern for the situation on the ground.

The Sri Lankan electorate is comprised of a constituency of nearly 70% Sinhala Buddhists. This constituency has come to realize that over the years they have been duped and taken for granted by the entrenched Christian political establishment of the SLFP, UNP and their affiliates. As mentioned before the situation in the country is reminiscent of the Din Diem era in Vietnam in the 1960s. If we are not careful all the hopes and aspirations of the Sinhalese Buddhists will finally end up with the communists in a turn of events similar to that of South Vietnam. Initially it was the Vietnamese Buddhists who rebelled against the Din Diems. Due to their disunity and the treachery of the Vietnamese Christians and Uncle Sam, the spoils of the war finally ended up with the Communists! This is of course unless the Marxists in the JVP realize that they have to change with times and accept a more realistic philosophy closer to home and to our own realities, in the context of a modern world.

In the aftermath of the Sept 11th, Ranil W’s administration instead of exposing the LTTE Terrorists to the world for what they are, went on to layout his Ealamist agenda and give a breather for the then depleted forces of the LTTE. Today in his own admission the LTTE has quadrupled their forces and arms. It is reported that 12 ship loads of armaments were allowed into the hands of the LTTE – a traitorous act. Ranil W went to reward them with communication and mass media equipment in collaboration with the Tiger sponsors the Norwegians. The last two years of the Ranil W’s administration brought a ceasefire between the LTTE and the GOSL armed forces. It is important to note this is only a ceasefire and not genuine peace. It is also a ceasefire during which the enemy strengthened while the GOSL Armed Forces did nothing – these were called “Confidence building measures” by the GOSL Chief Negotiator – the double turncoat G L Peiris.

In the coming election the Sinhala Buddhist Electorate must have the following foremost in their minds.

– That CBK’s and Ranil W’s agenda for Sri Lanka are both agents of the Christian Church. They are both Christians masquerading as Buddhists.

– That CBK while being the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, carried out programs such as Sudu Nelum to undermine the will and determination of the armed forces. She also conducted along with her uncle several failed military adventures resulting in the death of thousands of our heroic youth. She said the war is un-winnable and made it un-winnable. She has failed twice – once during her own administration and second in the cohabitation administration with Ranil W. Now she is asking for an absolute mandate. This time around the terms must be clear so that everybody understand what the people’s mandate is. It should not be hijacked by CBK or her playmate Ranil W to further their personal agendas or as often turns out the agenda of the Christian Church.

– Let us not forget how CBK brought the LTTE agent Wasantha Raja to head the Rupavahini establishment. Even today her mouth piece is a former Evangelical pastor. These are too important posts to be in the hands of anti Sinhala and anti Buddhist elements. The damage they have inflicted and can inflict is immense.

– Ranil W’s went on to form a majority Christian government.

In the process of finding a true leaders we must first embark on a mission of eliminating from our midst the already known failed leaders. Chandrika and Ranil W fall into this category. Their day as political leaders of Sri Lanka should be numbered. Then there are others who are simply not capable. Anura B falls into this category. In this fashion we must take one by one those who seek leadership and eliminate the chaff so that the finally on the stage we have only those who can by their astuteness, be entrusted the mantle of leadership. If we don’t resort to this process we will continue to end up with failed politicians as our leaders. We will also end up with a corrupt and self defeating crony administration. Overall it is better to open this debate as wide as possible to get the message across to the widest possible audience in order to off load early the unnecessary baggage of the failed, the undesirable and the corrupt. Sri Lanka is today the laughing stock of the world due the inept leadership we have had since Independence. We have wasted Billions of Rupees and the lives of thousands of our youth to keep these imposters to leadership in power!

It is important that those who aspire to leadership realize that they cannot at any stage be larger than the organization that they represent. This happened to the Sihala Urumaya at the last elections. It must not happen again. It is incumbent upon the Sinhala Buddhist voters to see that their hopes and aspirations are not hijacked by selfish individuals who are bent on self aggrandizement and to find among them leaders who can be made answerable to them.

The country has come a long way from colonial domination and it is time that we got rid of the entrenched oligarchies. In fact it is a slur to an educated and intelligent Sri Lankan nation that we continue to look up to a few families who became rich peddling liquor, livestock and ‘ladies’ during the colonial era to provide leaders. We as a nation are endowed with a multitude of educated and experienced men and women in Sri Lanka and scattered throughout the globe who are ready take on the future leadership. Just as India managed to escape the mantle of the Ghandis, Sri Lanka should escape from looking up to Bandaranaikes , Wickramasinghes and others of their sick breed.

In the first place at the elections the Sinhala Buddhists must refrain from voting in any Christian nominees for the parliament and even worse those who are married to Christians. Sinhala Buddhist votes must not be wasted on Christian nominees for whatever reason. We must let the electorate know who are the Christians and especially those who are married to Christians. Very often their camouflage is so good that the electorate thinks that they are Buddhists. I wonder how many knew that Vijaya Kumaranatunge was a Catholic. Many still believe that Ranil and CBK are Buddhists too.

What we are talking about here is not a slur on the Christian electorate in Sri Lanka. We know they represent a 6% of the Sri Lankan electorate and we have no objection if they get the same degree of representation in the House of Representatives – the Parliament.

The lessons we have learnt by voting into power the likes of John Amaratunge, Jayalath Jayewardhana, Ravi Karunanayke, Thilak Marapane (married to a Christian), Tyronne Fernando and Milinda Moragoda are quite obvious now. They have let down their own Buddhist voters by not only openly working against their interests but vilifying Buddhists as chauvinist and racists at every opportunity. It is time we have learnt this important lesson. Milinda Moragoda even boasted of carrying out a super clean electoral campaign, only to steal the election with naïve Buddhist votes and launch his Christian – Ealamist agenda.

It is important that the Buddhist electorate spell out in no uncertain terms what this election is about and what it is not about. For otherwise the winner of this election, as has happened many times previously will go out saying that he or she has got a mandate to set in motion the agendas of their puppet masters – the Christian Church. CBK is already asking for a clear mandate. It is up to the Buddhist Constituency to spell that mandate and in black and white. If we fail in this measure she may yet go around the world proclaiming that she has got a mandate to devolve power to the Ealamists based on her unsuccessful “Devolution Proposals” of the yesteryear. Therefore there must be preconditions attached to any support given to UPFA. This election is also about getting an administration where the Sinhala Buddhist can hold the reins of power. In order to do this it will be necessary to see that key ministries are handled by Buddhists who understand the needs of the electorate.

The key ministries such as the Defense, the Interior, the Ethnic Affairs and Rehabilitation, the Foreign, the Mass Media, among others should be in the hands of genuine Buddhists. The same should go out for important foreign missions. The lessons we have learnt from voting into power the present and previous incumbents to these offices in the short periods they held office should be sufficient to prove beyond any doubt the damage they have and can inflict on the nation.

We must work towards gaining control of the Lake House enterprise and the Rupavahini establishment. These are government owned undertakings and their outlook must reflect while not neglecting others, the hopes and aspirations of the majority Sinhala Buddhists. There are enough and more privately owned media enterprises to represent the Christian agenda for Sri Lanka.

The role required from the members of the Armed Forces and Police are of paramount importance. Of all people it is they who have made the supreme sacrifices for our motherland. Their voices from all ranks need to be heard on the political platforms in matters to do with how the war was conducted to date and how we should get ready to meet the LTTE/ Ranil W guns in the future. Our heroic field commanders should not keep silent on matters of national importance. They definitely have a political role to play and there is a necessity to give a political expression to that need to counter the terrorist leadership and militarist agenda of the Ealamists. So far civilian leaders who tried to lead military campaigns have failed and failed miserably. I would say they succeeded most effectively to follow the Christian Church agenda in furthering the Ealamist objectives. We should leave matters on the battle field to the field commanders. This is how the Allies defeated the Nazis.

As long as Sri Lanka’s majority Sinhala Buddhists are deprived of their just representation, to reflect their hopes and aspirations at the highest level of government, there will not be any permanent solutions to the woes of our country; there will not be any democracy nor any human rights worth talking about. If one were to judge the sentiment of the Sinhala Buddhists who came to pay silent homage to Ven Soma Hamuduruwo, it should be quite obvious that the following issues, among others will be foremost in their minds on 2 April 2004.

**Buddhist led government

**Protection for Buddhism and Hinduism, the non predatory religions of Sri Lanka and prevention of unethical conversions

**Protection of the Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and the Unitary Status of Sri Lanka

**De-merging of the Northern and Eastern provinces

**The role of mediators and foreign funded NGOs. The affairs of a Buddhist nation should not be in the hands of the Ex-Nazi racist Lutheran Vikings and their running dogs the foreign funded NGOs. Let us find a suitable mediator from Asia.

**Media control, representation, coverage and content should not be instrumental in denigrating the Sinhala Buddhist majority.

**Protection for ancient places of historical significance.

It is our hope that the Sinhala Buddhists will initiate meaningful actions in the coming weeks and days to rid the nation of all the vestiges of Christian domination and their Ealamist agenda to balkanize Sri Lanka now and India later. This is why the Buddhist vote in Sri Lanka on April 2 should decide the way forward for Sri Lanka and for the region. If the Sinhala Buddhists vote on April 2, 2004 wisely, to bring real democracy and independence from neo colonial Christian domination and to protect our land and heritage from the Ealamists then for years to come we will be able to call it our finest day since Independence. Most of all Soma Hamuduruwo’s efforts in educating the nation wouldn’t have been in vain!

from Lankaweb, February 18, 2004

Originally published February 23, 2004

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