The Administration of Jaffna Kingdom

Flag of Jaffna kingdom

A historical view

by Dr. K Arunthavarajah, Senior Lecturer Gr.1, Department of History, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review, Vol.2, Issue.3, Jan-March, 2014.

Administration of Jaffna Kingdom 2014


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According to the historical and archaeological evidences, the Jaffna Kingdom had come into existence about the 13th century A.D and lasted till the beginning of 17th century A.D when it lost its independence due to the colonial rule of Europeans. During that period the king of Ariyasakkaravarti dynasty had created the good administrative machinery with the support of all sections of the subjects.
In this all administrative activities were specially arranged. This Kingdom had got the monopoly in most of economic activities and it had created a well-designed administrative structure and earned good income. Here one can point out that the Europeans who came later had not made any radical change in the administration of Ariyasakkaravatties after they observed them and had arranged the administrationon the same line. This research is mostly done on the basis of the historical approach. The main aim of this research is to focus the qualities of the administrative activities in Jaffna, its growth, and the benefits the Jaffna Kingdom earned through this. In this research the primary and the secondary sources are used. Here it is difficult to get reliable contemporary primary evidences for the Jaffna Kingdom. The letters, memoirs documents etc. written during the period of European rule, the literary works written by the indigenous authors etc are used to rectify the defects and do better research. The books written by the later researchers, research article also are taken as the secondary sources.

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