TNA Statement on the Adoption of Resolution 34/L 1

TNA statement on UNHRC Re 34- English

(24 March, 2017)

Image result for TNA logo Tamil National AllianceStatement on the Adoption of Resolution 34/L 1, at the UN Human Rights Council

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) welcomes the adoption of UNHRC resolution 34/L 1 which reaffirms the full implementation of resolution 30/1 of 2015, promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka.

The TNA also welcomes the fact that resolution 34/L 1, gives specific time frames for the Government of Sri Lanka and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to report on the successful implementation of the 30/1 resolution at the 37th and 40th UNHRC sessions respectively in 2018 and 2019.

We urge the Government of Sri Lanka to honor its commitment with regard to these resolutions and implement the same in letter and spirit. In keeping with its commitments, we also urge the government to sincerely address the issues of land release, the detention of Tamil political prisoners, grievances of the families of missing persons, and the enactment of constitutional reforms.

The Tamil people have reached their limits of tolerance, and urge that their deprivation and suffering on these several issues be brought to an early end.

We welcome the continued engagement and assistance of the international community in achieving the aforesaid. The TNA, as the elected representatives of the Tamil speaking people, reiterates its commitment to closely engage with and monitor the implementation of the UN recommendations and other proposed processes related to reconciliation and transitional justice in Sri Lanka.

The UN and the Human Rights Council and the International Community, we submit, should also take all necessary actions to ensure that the benefits of the implementation of the UN resolution are derived by the people who have been victims. Tamil National Alliance

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