TNA’s Victory Statement

Statement released by the Tamil National Alliance on the results of the Northern Provincial Council Election 2013

The democratic verdict of the people is clear. Within the framework of a united, undivided country, they want to live in security, safeguarding their self respect and dignity with adequate self-rule, to be able to fulfill their legitimate political, economic, social and cultural aspirations.

The Tamil National Alliance is committed to the achievement of the above objective and expects that the Government would also extend its fullest cooperation to the achievement of the same. The results of this election offers everyone an opportunity which should be fully utilized in a positive manner.

The Tamil people of the Northern Province have, despite several trials and tribulations, even during the electoral process, pronounced their verdict clearly and courageously and we strongly urge that their democratic verdict should be respected.

We want to extend to our people our sincere thanks for the overwhelming support they have extended and want to assure them that we will spare no effort to ensure that they are able to fulfill their legitimate aspirations.

R Sampanthan

Leader, TNA

President, ITAK


This sound cloud is a Press Conference held by the TNA on the election and the aftermath.

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