TULF, 13th Amendment & Devolution

Courtesy TamilNet, June, 2013

Sri Lanka map 1988TULF’s letter to Indian PM Rajeev Gandhi on 13th Amendment – TULFs_disappointment_with_13th_Amendment_Bill

“We feel it our duty to also express our disappointment with the proposals to solve the Tamil problem contained in the two Bills – the 13th Amendment to the constitution and the Provincial Councils Bill – presented to Parliament by the Sri Lanka Government. These proposals do not meet the aspirations of the Tamil people nor are in any way commensurate with the loss of life, sufferings and privations suffered by the Tamil people.” 

“The TULF regrets it cannot recommend the contents of these Bills to the Tamil people as being satisfactory, just and durable.”…

“The above are clearly directed towards reducing the Provincial Council to the position of a Non-entity in respect of State Land even though Land is a devolved subject, and enabling the Central Government to have dominant power over State Land.”…

“In view of the above we earnestly request you to ask President Jayewardene not to proceed with the two Bills in Parliament in the present form till the matters referred to herein, are discussed and resolved to the satisfaction of the Tamil people.”

TULF documents on devolution of power 1983-1987


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