U.S. State Dept Letter Leaked by 2009 Hillary Clinton Emails re IMF

IMF Supported War Crimes and Genocide in Sri Lanka

by Tamils for Biden, EINPresswire, June 9, 2022

IMFThe IMF and World Bank desired that the Tamils be “completely defeated,” regardless of “any collateral damage inflicted” by the Sri Lankan government.

EINPresswire.com/ — The IMF and World Bank desired that the Tamils be “completely defeated,” regardless of “any collateral damage inflicted” by the Sri Lankan government on private citizens, according to a leaked letter that was circulated around the US State Department on May 04, 2009.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton forwarded the email that was originally sent by Burns Strider, a political consultant, to her Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills and deputy Chief Jake Sullivan, to check the validity of the letter. (Sullivan is now National Security Advisor to President Biden.)

Clinton instructed the IMF to “suspend funding to the Sri Lankan Govt,” but the IMF responded that she was “intruding into…[the] domain” of Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner.

We, the Tamil Diaspora, would like to thank Secretary Clinton for trying to prevent IMF funding to Sri Lanka during the Obama presidency.

It was a violation of international law to provide money to Sri Lanka in order to kill Tamil Tiger soldiers who sought to protect innocent Tamils from rapes, land seizures, discrimination, and genocide.

Proper authorities should investigate these flagrant violations by the World Bank and IMF of international law and human rights. The ICC should prosecute the officials who were involved in forming such a policy.

It should be noted that IMF’s and World Bank’s stated duty is to help overcome poverty, provide customized financial solutions, and prevent climate change, not aid criminal regimes and fund atrocities.

Here is the Link to the letter: http://www.tamildiasporanews.com/do-you-know-anything-about-this-from-any-angle/

The letter is enclosed below:

From: H <xxx.com >
Sent: Monday, May 4, 2009 9:40 AM

To: ‘cheryl.mills ‘Jake.Sullivan
Subject: Fw: Some Intel for you…

Do you know anything about this–from any angle?

Original Message
From: Burns Strider

To: H
Sent: Mon May 04 09:36:17 2009

Subject: Some intel for you…

This is about Sri Lankan Govt and the Tigers…

I have a good source.

This was shared to me at my and Karen’s Derby Party yesterday (can you believe the 50 to 1 odds winner?).

There was a meeting held with Geitner asked for and led by IMF… They told him you were intruding into his domain by ordering/telling IMF to suspend funding to Sri Lakan Govt.

My take is that the people on the ground both with World Bank and IMF believe the Tigers need to be completely defeated and any collateral damage inflicted on private people by SL govt in process is ok… They also believe Tigers are better at propaganda than SL govt…

I have no idea what reality is… I know all about the conflict because there’s been so much written over time but no idea of reality on ground.

My point is that IMF/World Bank is hoping to get Geitner to intervene and they recently played to his sense of who is US point person on IMF… So, that’s what I know. I’ll keep my ears open.


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