Wiggie Blasts Dilan over NPC Expenditure

by ‘Colombo Telegraph,’ December 23, 2017

Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) C.V. Wigneswaran has taken issue with a statement made by the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Highways Dilan Perera with respect to NPC Expenditure.
Wigneswaran, writing directly to Perera, refers to a news item in the Virakesari (December 21, 2017) which quotes Perera querying Wigneswaran about what he was going to do with Malaysian aid when he was unable to spend monies given by the Government of Sri Lanka.
Wigneswaran claims that this is an oft-repeated charge and attributes such to ‘ulterior motives’ by his political opponents who he supposes deliberately sling mud at the administrative machinery of the NVP and its governing party (Tamil National Alliance) ‘in order to mislead and misguide the general public.’
In order to appraise Perera as well as the general public, Wigneswaran has provided correspondence with the General Treasury as well as the ‘Financial Expenditure Report of the NPC (2015-2017).
He demonstrates that at the end of the Financial year 2017 Rs 850.12 million had not been released from the Treasury and calls upon Perera to ‘rectify statements made blaming the Chief Minister.’

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