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Genocidal ‘development’ abetted by global partners seeks to wedge North-East

by TamilNet, May 4, 2017

The occupying Colombo is trying to seize lands in the Tamil-speaking Kuchchave’li division of Trincomalee district in the Eastern Province to construct housing schemes for Sinhala settlers who have been moved out of their lands that were taken over by the SL Irrigation Department for the construction of Yan Oya Reservoir close to Wahalkada in the Horowpothana division of Anuradhapura district in the North Central Province. As the reservoir project that targets to empower the Sinhala colonists in Anuradhapura North to spearhead the genocidal wedging of territorial integrity of Tamil homeland in the Eastern Province, are to be complete soon, the Tamil-speaking people in Kuchchave’li now face the Sinhala encroachment. 

Mahaweli and Yan Oya rivers ‘develop’ Sinhala settlers North Central Province empowering them to accelerate demographic genocide against the territorial integrity of Tamil homeland in the North-East [Map courtesy: EIA Study – Rinal Report, Yan Oya Reservoir Project]

A housing project is already underway at Chaavi-aa’ru in Kuchchave’li divisional secretariat division.

The occupying Colombo regime is allocating 4 acres of lands for each family, Tamil civil officials in the division say.

Sinhala settlers were allocated at least Rs 13,000 Mn as compensation for alternative lands through Irrigation Department in September 2016.

The real extent of the colonisation scheme seems to incorporate 2,500 families from Horowpothana and Wahalkada, the Tamil officials in Kuchchave’li say.

Yan Oya is a river that originates in the North Central Province, follows the boundary of the Eastern Province and enters into the sea at Pul-moaddai that links the North and East.

The Irrigation project, named Anurdhapura North Integrated Water Supply Project (ANIWSP), was in fact finalised according to ‘Mahida Chintana’ during the Rajapaksa regime.

The ANISWP, known as Yan-Oya scheme, is divided into two systems knowns as Mahakanadarawa and Wahalkada System, each having distinct Water Treatment Plants (WTP).

NCP and Anuradhapura district

Sinhala divisions of Padaviya, Kebithigollewa and Horowpothana in Anuradhapura district, bordering Trincomalee district of East and Vavuniaa district of North form the bases for accelerated demographic genocide seeking to wedge the contiguity and territorial integrity of the country of Eezham Tamils

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) facilitated the design of the Yan-Oya scheme in 2013.
The construction of dams was contracted to China CAMC Engineering Co., LTD (CAMCE), which is engaged in constructing five earth fill main dams with the total length of 5.9 km along the Yan Oya.

Water Supply Area of Yan Oya project is exclusively Sinhala and seeks to strengthen the Sinhala colonists in Anuradhapura North [Image courtesy: Preparatory Survey on Anuradhapura North Integrated Water Supply Project, carried out by Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA in February 2013]


Premises of Yan Oya Reservoir

Premises of Yan Oya Reservoir [Image courtesy: Preparatory Survey on Anuradhapura North Integrated Water Supply Project, carried out by Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA in February 2013]


6 divisions in Anuradhapura

The 6 divisions of Anurdhapura district, that fall into the project area [Image courtesy: Preparatory Survey on Anuradhapura North Integrated Water Supply Project, carried out by Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA in February 2013]

The aim of the Colombo-centric system, represented by SL State and its global donors, are two-fold: development of Sinhala colonialism and structural genocide against Tamil-speaking people.

The ‘development’ aim of the SL regime is to utilize the Sinhala population in Anuradhapura North with agricultural irrigation water and potable water through pipelines. The ‘genocidal’ aim is to wedge the territorial integrity of the Tamil homeland by expanding the Sinhala colonies through Padaviya to North and through Horowpothana to Trincomalee.

Major donors during Mahinda Chintana driven project were Asian Development Bank, JICA (Japan), KfW (Germany), SIDA (Sweden), UNICEF, IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies), Austria, France, Spain, Hungary, Korea and Netherland.

SL President Maithiripala Sirisena who hails from the North Central Province leads the new regime.

The Yan-Oya project received an accelerated push from the new regime last year.

Kokku'laay to TrincomaleeThe SL Archaeology Department has already been involved in distorting the historical traces in Yan-Oya region, PulmoaddaiThennai-maravadi and in Thiriyaay of Trincomalee district.

The eastern cost from Kokku’laay to Trincomalee is being targeted by Maithiripala Sirisena’s regime for Sinhalicisation through various ministries, departments with external ‘development’ assistance. The underlying agenda is not only Sinhala-centric ‘development’, but also demographic genocide against Tamil-speaking people and the wedging of the territorial integrity of Tamil homeland.
PGIAR's Yan Oya Middle Basin project

Brahmi inscription of a Buddhist donor in Prakrit language found in the Yan Oya Basin. The title name of the donor is clearly written as Perumaka, which is a Tamil term (perumakan). This shows the language replacement that was taking place towards the end of the megalithic culture and with the arrival of Buddhism. The script of the inscription is akin to Tamil Brahmi. Also note the two graffiti symbols (double trident and double-tailed fish or tortoise) at the end of the inscription. They are popular symbols of the Indus seals and of the megalithic graffiti, showing the continuity how the megalithic population became Buddhist in the island. [Image courtesy:]










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