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Kamala Harris Will Make History. So Will Her ‘Big, Blended’ Family

Stepkids. Nieces. A doting husband. His ex-wife. What the Harris-Emhoffs can show the country. by Jessica Bennett, The New York Times, January 17, 2021 When Kamala Harris is sworn in as vice president, she will represent many firsts: First woman vice president. First Black woman. First woman of Indian descent. But there is another milestone… Read more »

Alternatives for Deducing the Indo-Lanka Accord

Inherent bad faith Such explanations offer currency for the realist argument. However, many other factors in the form of personalities that pivot from the realist argument need to be explored.  by S.S. Mani, Centre for Strategic Studies, Trincomalee, January 19, 2021 For those aligned with the realist tradition in international relations, the creation of the… Read more »

Tamil Cinema in the Twenty-First Century

Caste, Gender and Technology by Selvaraj Velayutham & Vijay Devdas (eds.) ISBN 9780367199012 Published December 29, 2020 by Routledge 228 Pages Tamil Cinema in the Twenty-First Century explores the current state of Tamil cinema, one of India’s largest film industries. Since its inception a century ago, Tamil cinema has undergone major transformations, and today it stands… Read more »

Chundikuli Jaffna Marks 125 Years

Always moving forward by Kethaki Masilamani, Sunday Times, Colombo, January 17, 2021 As Dr. Evangeline Mutthamma Thillayampalam sat at her desk, pen poised, she was filled with a great sense of hope. The year was 1946, Sri Lanka was on the brink of independence and Chundikuli Girls’ College, Jaffna was celebrating its 50-year Jubilee. Dr…. Read more »

The JVP Insurrection 1971

A Lost Revolution by Lanka Library, date unknown Sources : K T Rajasingham: SRI LANKA: The Untold Story / Rohan Gunaratne: A Lost Revolution? / A. C. Alles: Insurgency 1971 Rohana Wijeweera was born in July 1943 in Tangalle, and grew up in Kottegoda, a small village in the Matara district. He was admitted to the Goda Uda government Primary… Read more »

Common Letter to UNHRC

by many Tamil political parties & civil society groups in Sri Lanka, January 15, 2021 UNHRC Final Letter Call for decisive action at the 46th Session of the UNHRC We, the elected representatives of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, leaders of Tamil national political parties, members of the Tamil victim communities and Tamil civil… Read more »

President Rajapaksa and His 13A Dilemmas

by Rajan Philips, Nakkeran, January 3, 2021 It was said of Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike that “it was a grim irony that he should be called upon, at the moment of his greatest political triumph, to articulate the strong opposition of the Sinhalese to any attempt to establish a federal constitution.” Sixty-five years later, it… Read more »

How the 1981 Riots Shaped My Future

by Vinorshan R.,, July 20, 2020 “This was my father’s lorry that he used for his business, he actually owned two of them and would deliver goods across Sabaragamuwa Province in Sri Lanka. He also owned two shops in Ratnapura. He was doing well in life. My father’s success in business allowed me to… Read more »

Anti-Tamil Riots of August 1977

by Dr. K. N. K. Wijayawardana, Sri Lanka Guardian, Colombo, November 28, 2008 “It was a struggle to keep the services going. Bodies were getting stacked almost to roof level and I had to get magisterial permission to dispose of them without inquest. Meantime the wife of the dead MLT was crying over the telephone… Read more »

The Many Pongals of the Tamil People

by Anuradha Srinivasan, January 12, 2021 Jewel-coloured saris and spotless white “veshtis” mingle as people bustle about in the pale grey dawn, preparing for the sunrise. Young girls and boys dressed in their best pavadais [woman’s skirt] and shirts laugh and run around gleefully. Everyone is excited to prepare a feast and welcome their honoured… Read more »

Significance of Kolam in Tamil Culture

by Anni Kumari,, July 3, 2018 Kolam photos Rest of Kolam series at Floor Art of Tamil Nadu Kōlam is a daily women’s ritualistic art form created by Tamil Hindu women throughout Tamil Nadu in southeastern India. Each day before dawn, during the Brahma muhurtam (believed to be the time when Brahma and all… Read more »

Sinhala Colonisation

 IN THE HEREDITARY TAMIL REGIONS OF THE ISLAND OF SRI LANKA This is a brief history of how the Sri Lankan government and its destructive agents plundered and robbed 50% of the ancestral lands of the Tamils of the Island of  Sri Lanka by K. Sachithanandan, posted by Tamil Centre for Human Rights, Paris, accessed… Read more »

Resisting Erasure

Tamil Guardian editorial, London, January 10, 2021 Art by Sagi Thilipkumar A new wave of protest has erupted in the Tamil homeland as a monument dedicated to the tens of thousands massacred in Mullivaikkal was razed from the Jaffna University campus under the cover of night. Students and locals gathered outside the campus gates while Sri Lankan Special… Read more »

The MiG Deal

What They Did To My Father And Why They Did It by Ahimsa Wickrematunge, Colombo Telegraph, January 8, 2021 When I first heard the phrase “MiG deal” as a kid in 2007, I never expected that less than two years later, the printing of those two words in my father’s newspaper would lead to my… Read more »

MGR Remembered – Part 59

The Risk Taker by Sachi Sri Kantha, January 4, 2021 I provide fellow MGR biographer R. Kannan’s comments on the previous chapter Part 58, which I received by email of Nov.15, 2020. “I think the story of MGR’s angst on the insinuations is well brought out in the way the story is told and the… Read more »

Suffering, Protest, and Belonging in Sri Lanka’s Tamil Diaspora

Politics after a ceasefire by Kitana Ananda for Columbia University, 2016 Ananda_columbia_0054D_13255 …My dissertation project explores how Sri Lankan Tamils, displaced and dispersed by over thirty years of political violence and war, form moral and political communities as they remake their lives across the globe. My research examines, in particular, how these communities are formed… Read more »

The Tamil Proscriptions

Identities, Legitimacies, and Situated Practices by Suthaharan Nadarajah in ‘Terrorism and Political Violence,’ 2018, 30:2, 278-297 ABSTRACT Conventional analyses of terrorism proscription rely on conceptions of policy in terms of bureaucratic institutions and processes functioning according to means-end rationality, and law as an institutionalised body of rules expressive of sovereign power. By contrast, this article argues that… Read more »

‘Ethnic Conflict and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka’

by Chelvadurai Manogaran, University of Hawaii Press, 1987 ISBN 0-8248-1116-X Manogaran Ethnic Conflict & Reconciliation in Sri Lanka 1987 Introduction 1 CHAPTER I Sinhalese-Tamil Ethnic Differences and the Beginnings of Conflict 19 CHAPTER 2- Problems of National Integration 41 CHAPTER 3 Tamil Districts: Conflict over Traditional Homelands, Colonization, and Agricultural Development 78 CHAPTER 4 Education,… Read more »