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The Boat People

by Watchdog, Colombo, July 12, 2023 For years, Sri Lankans have risked everything, trying to escape their homeland. Crushed by a failing economy, cold-hearted politics, and the brutal realities of world events, many venture into the unforgiving sea. Few return. This is their story. Story by Andrew Fidel Fernando and Mohammed Fairooz Additional reporting and translation… Read more »

Why the Orkney Islands are Considering Joining Norway

by The Economist, London, July 13, 2023 They are unlikely to succeed at seceding from Scotland. But that was never really the point KIRKWALL, ORKNEY Thorfinn skull-splitter is, as usual, a problem. The Orkney Islands off north-east Scotland are currently keen to highlight their long and fruitful relationship with Norway. But if you read the… Read more »

On the Inadequacy of a ‘Truth & Reconciliation Mechanism’

To achieve post-war transitional justice by Adayaalam Centre for Policy Research, Tamil Civil Society Forum, Law and Human Rights Center, Vizhuthu, Thalam, Trincomalee, Puzhuthi, Trincomalee, Voice of the Voiceless, July 19, 2023 Response-to-National-Truth-Commission-Final-English-with-Sig-1 The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has proposed a new National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) to promote truth and reconciliation internally…. Read more »