‘A Cartoonist of His Times’

Need help locating citation & artist

colonisationReaders –

We need help locating the citation for the booklet of cartoons entitled ‘A Cartoonist of His Times,’ probably published in 1994.

An established publishing house would like to publish one of the cartoons in the booklet & will not do so without permission, so we need to identify the artist who drew the cartoons or the publishing establishment that printed it.  Here are 3 cartoons by the artist.

Please leave a comment below if you have the citation [author, date, location, publisher] or any leads on who drew the cartoons.






















The below cartoon is probably by the same artist.

Cartoon uni admissions srilanka-conflict-v09-26-728

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  1. Sachi Sri Kantha

    I don’t think, the cartoonist was S.C. Opatha, as commented by Roja Rasanayagam. I have distinct memories of his cartoons. His facial lines are more angular, and also he scribbles his name in full S.C.Opatha in right slanted pattern in
    every cartoon. The 4 cartoons you had presented don’t have Opatha’s signature scribbling. Also, Opatha being a Sinhalese couldn’t have drawn unsigned pro-Tamil (Tiger)cartoons, unless he wanted to hide his identity as S.C.Opatha.