Briefing by UNSG Spokesman

by UN Secretary General's spokesman, February 6, 2014

Noon Briefing

Acting Deputy Spokesperson:  We’ve made it clear that there needs to be more done to get at the heart of what happened in Sri Lanka.  You’ve seen what the Secretary-General’s reports on the situation have said and it’s clear that there continues to be a need for all the facts to be learned and for there to be a study of whether there’s any wrongdoing that’s occurred in the course of the final phases of the Sri Lankan conflict.  The Secretary-General has said that repeatedly and we continue to hold by that.

Question:  An international process?  Just one follow-up, because it’s been a number of years now: Is a national process still credible or should it be done in Geneva?

Acting Deputy Spokesperson:  Ultimately, it’s up to different Member States to determine whether there will be an international process.  We have presented information to them and we’ve made clear what we believe is the need for accountability and we rely on the Member States’ judgement to follow through.  Yes?

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