BTF: Land Grab and Cultural Genocide of the Tamils‘ Homeland on Sri Lanka

by British Tamil Forum, June 2016

Press release re numbers included in report April 2016

Land grab and cultural genocide of the Tamil land in Sri Lanka

BTF Land grab and cultural colonisation of the Tamil land in Sri Lankav v7

1. Introduction.

Reliable field data obtained by BTF indicates that the land currently occupied by the Sri Lankan security forces in the North is 67,427 acres as of 01st of March 2016.

Under the previous government of Mahintha Rajapakse 69,992 acres of land was under occupation. Only 2, 565.5 acres of land has been released since January 2015 by the new Sri Lankan regime. This constitutes only 3.6% of the total land currently occupied by the Sri Lankan military.

Above clearly shows the manipulation of data and deception on the part of the current Sri Lankan government, which came on a promise of change, in releasing the land occupied by its military.  Several promises with specific deadlines by the current Sri Lankan president to release all unauthorised land acquisition by the military remains unfulfilled.

Apart from such land acquisition Sri Lankan military has been building Buddhist statues and temples illegally on private and government lands without any permission. This cultural genocide has not stopped even after the change of government. Sri Lankan military is carrying out its genocidal demographic change in the Tamil traditional homeland even under the present government. The current Sri Lankan regime has not stopped such activities and it is hood winking the international community with empty promises.

Following online research based on google street maps and satellites images reveal the extent of land occupation and cultural colonisation in the Tamil homeland.

1.1 Land occupied by the Security forces in the North Updated on: 01/03/2016

DISTRICT                     — OCCUPIED IN 2015 — RELEASED (after Jan 2015)  — OCCUPIED IN 2016

MULLAITIVU                                      19,790              134                                                   19,656

KILINOCHI                                          12,840              474                                                  12,366

VAVUNIYA                                           23,778                 14                                                  23,764

JAFFNA                                                 6,270             1,709.5                                                 4,561

MANNAR                                              7,314                234                                                  7,080

                                                           69,992             2,565.5                                              67,427

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  1. Subramaniam Thiagarajah

    ThanK You.Who gave you the permission,your Sinhala Govt.This land is a part of the Tamil Kingdom called Jaffna Kingdom .This belongs to the Tamils and so Sinhala Govt. has no right to give permission.