BTF & USTPAC Press Release on the Campaign for the Missing, Marking 100 Days


BTF & USTPAC call for UNHRC intervention re intimidation at missing person protests_May302017

British Tamils Forum





BTF and USTPAC call upon the UN Human Rights Council to,

a) Request the High Commissioner or his high-level representatives to visit the protestors in Killinochchi to stop the intimidation of the people who are already traumatised not knowing the fate of their kith and kin.

b) Immediately establish an OHCHR Office in the NorthEast.

c) Oversee the setting up of a credible mechanism to trace the missing persons.

d) Assist Sri Lanka to publicise a comprehensive list of people who surrendered during the last phase of the civil war in 2009 – listing the names of all who were detained or arrested, those who are still in custody (names, locations of detention centres), those who have been released, and, if released, to whom they were released.

e) Obtain from Sri Lanka a comprehensive strategy with a “time-bound plan” to implement in full the government of Sri Lanka’s obligations per Resolution 30/1.


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  1. S Siva

    Sri Lankan state oppression is going on against Tamils since independence from the British in 1948.

    It is time for Tamils to launch and seek justice in UK courts that British colonial decision to leave Eelam as merged with Sinhala land resulted in mass human sufferings of Tamils, denial of justice, denial of rule of law as a result of inhuman treatment and state terrorism by the Sinhala chauvinistic regime and its forces and apply impunity.

    UK’s citizens have sensibly voted for BREXIT recently. British government is morally and ethically responsible to ensure Tamils regain their sovereignty to live in peace, dignity, harmony and enjoy human rights, freedom and independence as Sinhala chauvinism failed to respect other races and minorities as well as used state terrorism, committed war crimes and human rights abuses with impunity.

    The world knows about Sinhala Buddhist Apartheid regime discrimination against Tamils and there will never be equality, rule of law applied equally to all and justice from the Sri Lankan Sinhala regime as successive regimes have failed as they know only unleash violence against innocent Tamils and crush any dissent or demand for democracy or Justice. There is no evidence of rule of law applied equally to all races in Sri lanka, International Human Rights Defenders and leaders have called for intervention and investigate crimes against humanity as state forces’ crimes are covered up and applied impunity.

    The new government’s action exposes its unwillingness to investigate forced disappearances, fate of surrendered civilians and POWs and what has happened to those who were handed over to the armed forces by their family members. Sri Lanka is a classic example and similar to Pol Pot regime while boasting democracy and unless international community place ground observers while conducting independent international investigation, crimes against humanity and state oppression continue to be unabated against Tamil civilians.

    It is shame while International community while boasting human rights and democratic values, allowing a n alleged war criminal regime get away from accountability and whitewash all its heinous crimes!