Easter Message

by Father S.J. Emmanuel; Germany, April 11, 2004

Easter is the Feast of Liberation
Easter is the greatest feast in the Christian calendar.
It is the feast in which Christians rejoice over the Liberation which Jesus won for humanity.
Jesus Christ, Christians believe, is the Son of God who became man,
and through his suffering, death and conquest of death (Resurrection)
freed mankind from the slavery of sin.
It is a total liberation from all forms of slavery, within and without man.

Hence Easter is the feast of liberation,
from all forms of slavery caused by sin.

Jesus won this Liberation for us,
by going through all forms of suffering and an ignominious death on the cross.
His suffering false accusations, ridicule and mockery from the High Priests and Roman Powers,
His suffering betrayals and denials by his own chosen ones (Judas and Peter),
His suffering torture, hunger and thirst imposed by his rulers,

His carrying of the cross onto which he was nailed
All these apparently ended with his death on the cross.
But his Rising from the tomb on the third day
Explained everything of the past.

Thus his Suffering, Death and Resurrection has become the model
and the paradigm for all liberation struggles.

Our struggle for liberation is going the same way of the cross.
May the suffering, death and destruction, we have gone through
Help cleanse ourselves from all forms of division and discriminations, casteism and regionalism.
Let us take the denials and betrayals, ridicules and accusations,
hunger and thirst as part and parcel of our way of the cross.

This Feast of Easter confirms our journey to freedom
and assures us of the final Triumph.

Let us remain steady, convinced and committed to the cause of Liberation.
The day of our Liberation is at hand!

Germany, 11.04.2004

Originally published April 10, 2004

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