Hundred Hindu Temples of Sri Lanka

Hundred Hindu Temples of Sri Lanka Sanmugam ArumugamThis book is a combined revised reprint of two books by the late Sanmugam Arumugam.  The two books are Ancient Hindu Temples of Sri Lanka, Second Edition 1982, and More Hindu Temples of Sri Lanka, 1991.  These two books have long been out of print.

Ancient Hindu Temples describes 52 Temples, including the oldest Hindu Temple still existing in Sri Lanka which is Siva Devale No. 2 in Polonnaruva.  More Hindu Temples goes on to describe 54 additional temples, some ancient and some relatively recent.  Many of the temples are illustrated by photographs.  The contents of both of the above books have been merged in this single Volume.

Sanmugam Arumugam was a Chartered Civil Engineer and a graduate of Kings College, London.  He worked in the Irrigation Department in Sri Lanka for 32 years, retiring as a Deputy Director in 1965.  He then worked as a Director of the Water Resources Board for six years.  He was President of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka in 1966-67.  He was the author of several technical papers and books including the monumental 461 page book, Water Resources of Ceylon 1969, which remains a standard reference resource on the subject to this day.  After his retirement he turned his attention to writing about Hindu Temples.  Apart from the two books reprinted in this volume, his published works include The Lord of Thiruketheeswaram, 1980, Koneswaram 1986, Lombok and its Temples 1990, and Stone Sculptures in Colombo Hindu Temple 1990. His final work was Dictionary of Biography of the Tamils of Ceylon 1997, which includes the profiles of over 775 Ceylon Tamils. He passed away in the year 2000, at the age of 94 years, working on his word processor right up to the very end.

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