India Abandons the Tamils

by M.K. Eelaventhan, April 5, 2014

India which voted for the earlier resolutions of the USA against Sri Lanka in the UN Human Rights Council this time kept mum until March 27th, while enacting dramas of hopes for Tamils. To the shock and dismay of all Tamils internationally, the TNA, Human Rights groups including the USA, India somersaulted and abstained from voting to please Sri Lanka while betraying Tamils and Tamil Nadu in particular. It is learnt that Manmohan Singh, the emotionless caretaker Prime Minister cleverly kept this secret until the final day of voting. His meeting with Rajapakse in Thailand in February must have sealed the decision to help Sri Lanka. Despite the general elections and the whole of Tamil Nadu including Tamil  Nadu Congress Minister Chidambaram, who wanted the Congress Govt. to vote for the US resolution, Sonia and Manmohan brushed aside the Tamils’ feelings with contempt and the cries of war victims in Eelam with no concern.

Why did India betray us?

If one can analyze and examine the reasons for this betrayal, they are simply historical, anti-Tamil or Dravidian and a revengeful mindset of Congress leadership not to mention the guilt of India’s complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Sri Lanka. The logistical, material, diplomatic, tactical and military assistance provided by the Congress Govt. in Sri Lanka places it as a co-accused and accomplice along with Sri Lanka for investigation.

Rajapakse played his game and blackmailed India by threatening to conduct an investigation into human rights violations and abuses starting from 1983 with an eye on India’s role and to expose India’s crimes and human rights violations committed by the IPKF from 1987-1989 against the innocent Tamils of North and Eastern provinces – rapes, shootings, killings of unarmed civilians, doctors, nurses were the order of the day.

Bloodied hands shake hands with bloodied hands

With bloodied hands India cannot help but support and shake hands with the same bloodied hands of Rajapakse.

The genocidal killings and disappearances of 146,749 Tamil civilians in the North and East by Rajapakse cannot be taken into consideration as they also form part of the agenda of Congress Govt. and Rajapakse.

India fears the present resolution

Congress Govt. earlier voted in favor of the US Resolutions only after watering down the resolutions in favor of Sri Lanka. The latest resolution, though failing to meet the grievances of Tamils politically, yet the resolution has indirectly opened the gates for an external independent investigation through the human rights council and its Commissioner. This has angered India and it decided to abstain from the voting so as not to hurt itself and Rajapakse who cheated India with various promises during the past four years.

Other reasons behind the betrayal are:

  1. It is a foregone conclusion that Congress will not succeed in Tamil Nadu, even if it voted against Sri Lanka. So much so, at least pleasing Sri Lanka is the alternative choice.
  2. The embedded bias due to historical reasons, like Tamils being the original inhabitants of India, the Brahmin and Kerala prejudices against Tamils particularly in Tamil Nadu who agitated against Brahmanism are still kept dormant and become active on suitable occasions.
  3.  The unprincipled and politically wavering T.N. parties and their behavior to protect family politics and positions in the center also influenced the Congress to soft-pedal the opposition of Tamil Nadu parties.
  4. The revengeful mind of Sonia, the good Christian, against the Tamils as a whole is still active to her satisfaction.

The reasons stated by the Congress Govt. officials, including India’s Human Rights Council representative, Raj Sinha in Geneva are cynical, hypocritical, childish, ludicrous and disgraceful for a superpower, India.

The Indian Foreign Office statement justifying the abstention was – “Because we did not support the resolution, the Sri Lankan president released 17 fishermen detained in Sri Lanka”. This is childish and disgraceful on the part of a superpower descending to this lowest level of bargaining.

Chidambaram’s stupid statement

Mr. Chidambaram’s statement saying that, “Since the political parties in Tamil Nadu are divided on this question, we could not reach any decision”. This is purely illogical and cynical which only exposes the clumsy functioning of Congress leadership, and he blames the Foreign Ministry officials which is an irresponsible escapism.

UN Rep. Dilip Sinha’s justifying statement

India’s representative to the UN Dilip Sinha’s justifying statement at the Council meeting is downright hypocrisy and devoid of any sense of substance. To quote his statement:

“The current resolution imposes an international investigative mechanism which is an intrusive approach that undermines national sovereignty. This approach is counterproductive”.

Mocking of justice

Sinha also said, “UN HRC’s effort should be in a direction to enable Sri Lanka to investigate all allegations of human rights violations”. This is nothing but a mockery of principles of justice when the killer is asked to inquire into his killing and punish the killer who is – jury, judge and witness.

Sovereignty is not virginity

Sinha’s other reason is. “USA’s resolution is an intrusive approach that undermines national sovereignty”. This statement flies in the face of the various precedents set up by countries including India when they intervened or even invaded to protect another country’s citizens. India invaded Bangladesh to punish Pakistan for its human rights violations. China invaded Tibet to protect the Chinese, Russia has annexed Crimea to protect its citizens. Even Prof G.L. Peiris, Sri Lankan foreign minister justified and endorsed Russia’s annexation.

India’s act of treachery

India’s act of treachery had the anti-climax when it gave indications and even assurances to the TNA and other TN parties promising their support to the resolution. Finally, it did the “Back Stabbing,” as one Tamil representative in Geneva remarked.

Key to our solution lies with Tamil Nadu

The question is – can the Tamils continue to rely or trust India as the protector of Tamils and force Sri Lanka to solve the 65 year old problem honorably with dignity and self-respect for the Tamils? Past history after Indira points towards nil hopes and the last nail of the coffin has been driven with the latest letdown and denying justice for the traumatized Tamils.  Tamils all over the world have now reached this conclusion and are no more prepared to rely and run now and then to Delhi for help. The key to our solution squarely lies with Tamil Nadu and its political leaders. It is high time Tamil Nadu rises up against the Delhi Govt. and assert their leadership. Delhi’s treatment of Tamil Nadu as a state and people unworthy of attention and respect cannot be continuously stomached or accepted. As an alternative, Tamil Nadu has justifiable reasons to demand and clamor for separation from Delhi rule.

Tamil Nadu must consider breaking away from Delhi

Protecting fellow Tamils in Sri Lanka who are facing gradual and inevitable extinction is a legal and moral obligation for Tamil Nadu, and to achieve this Tamil Nadu cannot be faulted for any unilateral decision on their own. Faced with this situation and viewing the Sri Lankan Govt.’s current reckless, foolhardy and defiant moves against the UN, UNHRC, World Tamils have to rally round and speak with one voice. In this aspect all focus and concentration must be directed at Tamil Nadu and its political leaders seeking a unified stand from them despite their political rivalries.

Eelaventhan MKM.K. EELAVENTHAN, Former Member of Parliament Sri Lanka, Member of Transnational Govt. of Tamil Eelam representing Canada.
Tel: 416 519 7165

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  1. Prem Kumar

    I am from Tamil Nadu Madurai it is true there is a theory of Aryan invasion of Dravidian.

  2. Saraswathy

    Excellent summary Mr. Eelaventhan (=Prince of Eelam). Tamil Nadu ought to assert its historic duty towards Eelam Tamils instead of being saddled by an out dated British-imposed constitution of India. Corrupt politics of India does not have any moral under pinning. Indian ruling class will continue to protect the war-criminals of Sri Lanka for myopic reasons well known. Tamil Nadu, it is time to shed the vague sense of being “Indian” and set the flames of freedom in support of Tamils all over the world. 80 million Tamils are there in Tamil Nadu, and expecting 3 million Eelam Tamils to stand up for the dignity of World Tamils is not proportional sharing of the burden. Instead of endlessly debating whether “Kannaki or Maathavi is princess-of-celibacy (Katpukarasi),” please act forcefully to contribute to Tamil quest for freedom. It starts with identifying the enemies first, exposing them and neutralizing them (at least politically.) Remaining anonymous is not the way forward.

  3. Thanga

    Asking Tamil Nadu to breaking away from New Delhi is an unpractical proposition. Most parties in Tamil Nadu are using Eelam Tamils issue for electoral politics only. They will thunder on the platforms, pass resolutions in the state assembly but will not do anything to implement the resolutions. That is the reality now.