Looming Troubles For Rajapakse

From Modi-Jaya And UN

by M.K. Eelaventhan,  June 11, 2014

Modi’s thumping victory stunned the world including Rajapakses. They Consoled themselves when Modi obtained the majority government not depending on Jaya who would have spared no stones unturned increasing enough pressure to listen to her demands including Eelam Tamils’ issues. However, this is also a blessing in disguise as she has emerged as the single and unchallenged leader of Tamil Nadu people who also mandated her to seek justice for the beleaguered Tamils. Tamil Nadu has reposed its faith in her to solve the Eelam Tamils problem and she has now rightly taken up the fight to Modi with her request to him to sponsor a resolution in  UN seeking referendum involving Eelam and Diaspora Tamils to express their views as to the  best solution and then to act on it.

This is nothing but a simple democratic practice endorsed by UN in its charter under the principle of right to self-determination by a distinct ethnic community. In the meeting between Modi and Rajapakse, Modi bared his stern leadership and unyielding firmness and drove home the point of you can’t fool all the people all the time to Rajapakse who sat defenceless and dumbfounded. Rajapakse was clearly told – almost ordered – to implement the 13th Amendment and carry out the promise of 13th Plus given to Manmohan Singh. The knee jerk reaction of Rajapakse was evident from his instruction to quicken the Sampoor project, and dust out some of the 13th Amendment provisions which can be quickly implemented. However, Sri Lankan Government is still adamant not to allow the police force powers to the northern provincial council.  Any move to sabotage the 13th Amendment and its provisions will however only lead to India’s strong, adverse reaction in favour of the Eelam Tamils. The demand for referendum, leading to right of self determination for a separate state is gathering momentum in India backed by Tamil Diaspora. It will be a disaster for Rajapakse if he simply fails to read  the ominous signs from Modi and Jayalalitha who are determined to bring a solution and an end to the problems of Eelam Tamils. Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine is quoted as a perfect example of a state’s intervention to protect its ethnic citizens from discrimination and oppression.  Alarm bells are ringing for Rajapakse who, if he fails to act wisely will soon face the inevitable fall from grace.

Rajapakse by choosing confrontation instead of conciliation with Human Rights Council and its investigation process is only hastening his doom for his family rule and Sri Lanka. Defying UN and its agencies is not the best choice to avoid and escape from  culpability but it will provide the ammunition for western countries to punish Sri Lanka with harsh sanctions and punitive measures.

These acts of desperate bravado and rhetoric may be good for local consumption but Rajapakse is better advised to realise that all his fool hardy and unwise moves will culminate in Sri Lanka becoming an International Pariah state. Sooner or Later.

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  1. Srivanamoth

    Their response may be “who cares?” as it is the best panacea to win elections in the war crazed island on the basis of simple yet flawed ‘majority rule’ solution sans justice! That is why the state yet retains the PTA borrowed from former South Afrikaaner regime more than 40 years ago and yet going strong on the island! It is also the reason why SL did not subscribe to the ICC protocol for very obvious reasons! And the main political parties from the south are proud of it too! It’s OK to kill, rape, burn, destroy etc but not be brought to justice however heavy the cost!