Recent Pieces by N. Malathy

December 14, 2017

1. This website, is the byproduct of the project to record women’s history in the LTTE.  A translation of some of their writing. The project itself is not complete yet.
2. Peopling an Island – the case of Sri Lanka (appeared in the telesur site, April 2017)
Dr. N. Malathy

Dr. N. Malathy, January 2014. Image courtesy Tamil Guardian.

3. Rape: Sri Lanka’s Weapon of Genocide  (appeared in Sanhati – an Indian site, July 2013)
5. PPT verdict and Eelam Tamils (appeared in Tamilnet, January 2014)
6. Tamils should resist being taken into current western agenda (appeared in Tamilnet, March 2013)
7. Genocide could be mandated by democracy of West (appeared in Tamilnet, May 2013)
8. Women under LTTE: ‘Cannon fodder’ or women’s liberation? (appeared in JDS site. This site is presently down)
9. Be Tamil – A Poem  (appeared in Sangam site, December 2014)
10. Article in the Indian Weekly – Economic and Political Weekly – on Eelam Tamils imprisoned by Tamil Nadu “Shadow Prisons in Tamil Nadu.” Cannot be accessed on the net without subscription. PDF = EPW-Shadow Prisons by N. Malathy April 2017
The edited “Massacres of Tamils”  report can be accessed here.
The full collation of pre-2009 NESOHR reports can also be found here.

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