Redefining the Mission of EROS

by A.R. Arudpragasam (Arular), Jaffna, August 7, 2015

EROS requests the Tamil speaking people of North East and upcountry, to vote for EROS that is committed to providing a qualitative shift to the Tamil leadership in terms of honesty and integrity and provide a transparent and dynamic leadership, committed to the welfare of the people living in North East and Sri Lanka. EROS MPs will concern themselves with the powers of the central and concurrent lists without infringing on the powers of the Provincial list and will not corporate with ministries of the central government which seek to undermine the powers of the provincial government.

Settlement to the ethnic problem continues to evade Sri Lanka. As far as Tamil people are concerned, a peaceful live in their homeland is not possible without a settlement to the ethnic conflict. Thirteenth Amendment has been a half backed solution that satisfies neither  the Tamils nor the Sinhalese. Without a comprehensive settlement either permanent peace or reconciliation between the two communities would be possible.

Removing obstacles to Tamil- Sinhala Accord.

It is time sober people on either side sit and discuss the issue of obstacles that are preventing the two people coming together. There are many obstacles and the dominant one have to be addressed The main obstacles seems to originate from the remnants of the colonial period and especially during the Portuguese and British period who are still linked to the agenda of taking possession of the whole island  and this continue to condition their love of unitary state.

These are mainly people who have come to Sri Lanka during the colonial period and have never been part of governing traditions of Sri Lanka and are alien to both Tamil and Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka. Without addressing the conflict these people are having with real Sri Lanka of Tamil and Sinhala people they will continue to be like  fishbone stuck in the  throat of Sri Lanka  preventing the emergence of a settlement and will remain a threat to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

They continue to be loyal to the foreign powers who brought them to Sri Lanka to undermine and usurp the sovereignty of Sri Lanka and invite whoever is prepared to support them. It is important Tamil and Sinhalese people sit together and identify the problem and find a solution to this problem if they want to solve the ethnic problem and secure the sovereignty of a united Sri Lanka.

These are

  1. The Mandated and Tagged ones. These are mainly Fishery Coast Paravas who are tagged with Portuguese surnames who are subject to the mandate given by King Dharma Parakrmabahu IX ( 1509-1528) to the Portuguese.

“Rightful   Lord  of  the  world,  fortunate descendent of the Kings of Anu-Raja-Pure, the greatest of all on earth, scion of the Gods in this island of Ceylon, Rightful Lord of the   Empire of Cota and the realms of Jafanapatao and Candea, God of war in conquering Rebels who are more like women than men, Rightful heir of the Kings of Dambaden and of the great peak of  Adam;  preserver of the law of Buddus, vanquisher of the  Kings  styled  Ariavanca,  for  they  are  traitors; descendent  of the son of the Sun  with the star on the head; true Master of all sciences, legitimate  descendent  of  Vigia-Bahu 1, the Emperor Paracrame-Bahu, in the heart of my Empire 40 years called Segara, am content and it pleases  me  mightily  to give to the Kings of Portugal each  year  as  tribute 400  bahars of Cinnamon and 20 rings set with rubies that are found in my island of Ceylao, and 10 tusked elephants on condition that the present Governor and the Veceroys Governors  who shall  succeed Lopo Soarez de Albergaria in the state of India, shall be obliged to favour me and assist me against my enemies as the Vassal that I am to the Crown of Portugal”    

                                                            — Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon, Father  Fernao De   Queyroz, page 195.

This is the letter with which King of Kotte mandated the Portuguese that resulted in 450 years of colonialism and 500 years of distrust between the Tamil and Sinhalese people. In reality King Parakrama Bahu was a vassal of King of Jaffna  struggling to hold on the territories of the three principalities of Kingdom of Kotte, namely , Kotte, Sithawaka and Raigama which included the present day Colombo. The King of Kotte successfully dupes the Portuguese with his blown up claims when he was not even in control of the three principalities of Kotte, and  he refers to King of Jaffna as ‘Kings stayled Aryavansa’ meaning,’ belonging to Aryan race’.  As the Kingdom of Jaffna held sway over all of Sri Lanka, the mandate traps the Portuguese in a war against the people of Sri Lanka and the Kingdom of Jaffna  that lasted until the time they departed in 1656. The war the Tamils started to defend their sovereign right has not come to an end even after 500 years.

If one carefully studies the political behaviour of people who are tagged with the Portuguese surnames one can only explain it in terms of the mandate and understand why they uniformly support the unitary state because they have no right to support any other form of government. They being mandated and tagged , they have no right to support the rights of Tamil people and have they have no right to agree to the self-rule and territorial rights of Tamil people This is a condition of their stay in Sri Lanka.

Though these are mainly Tamil Paravas of the fishery cost of Tamil Nadu, one should sympathise with their plight and they should be relieved of the mandate through nullifying it by an act of parliament and be given the opportunity to seek Tamil or Sinhalese identity, abandon their Portuguese surnames and become free citizens of Sri Lanka. Due their subjugation to the mandate as a condition of their stay in Sri Lanka, they have been in the forefront denying the rights of Tamil people, serving the armed forces leading the war of annexation, subverting the judiciary, obstruct a settlement, distort and misrepresent the history of Tamil people, mislead the Sinhala people and the international community to realise the mandate .so that they can usurp the sovereignty of Sri Lanka on behalf of the Portuguese.

A settlement based on recognition of statehood rights of Tamil people would deny this community the opportunity to become masters of Sri Lanka as they fear they could be sent back to the fishery coast if they fail to establish the sovereignty of Kotte over rest of Sri Lanka. People should study the political behaviour of people like G.L.Peris,  Sarath N. Sinva,  Dillan Perera , Sri Pala De Silva and their blind adherence to the unitary state and supremacy of Kotte and struggles of DJ trying to wriggle out of the mandate and become  a free citizen and eventually ending up where he ought to be and many others who are tagged with Portuguese surnames to understand this problem. If they seek Tamil identity they should be allowed to settle down in the North East .There is no need for them to hide behind Portuguese identity or be in the service of King of Portugal. They have been in Sri Lanka long enough to be given full citizenship and be relieved of the pathetic bondage imposed on them by the mandate. The Sinhalese sovereignty is Pandyan sovereignty. The entire Southern Province was called Padyan Kulama until the British period when they erased the historical names of territorial divisions and named it Southern Province.

This explains the reason why Rajapakse could not put one foot towards the resolution of the ethnic conflict and even if he was in power for another hundred years there would have been no change. Being surrounded by mandated and tagged people, he would have continued with his culture of incomprehension of the political divisions and nationality conflict. With a background of Malaccans brought to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese who are a cross between Malays and Chinese, what he came to foist over the North East was the repeat of Portuguese rule along with its package of genocide.

The others

Others who obstruct a Tamil Sinhala Accord are, 2. Koviyar, 3.  Foreign Buddhist sects, 4. Sonakar, 5.The collaborator layers under foreign rule 6. Expansionist forces eying for the mango who want to get a foothold as defenders of chauvinist state like the colonial powers of the past.

The Sovereign Council

Unless Tamils and Sinhalese can sit together to discuss the problems faced by Sri Lanka and threat to her sovereignty by establishing a council consisting of people with sovereign background, defending the sovereignty of Sri Lanka can become a difficult proposition.  Such Council should concern itself with threat to the sovereignty and rule over it. If this issue is not dealt as a separate issue,  Sri Lanka will disintegrate and become colonised again under the cover of development.

With another term of five years of Rajapakse rule, Sri Lanka could have become a colony of China. The interloper elements are ever ready to usurp power and surrender the sovereignty to their masters.

To this effect EROS proposes a Sovereign Council that will exclusively concern itself with issues of sovereignty consisting of equal number of Tamils and Sinhalese.

With an elite mainly drawn from  collaborator layers, having invited the Portuguese surrendering the sovereignty of Sri Lanka, followed by invitation to the Dutch , colluded and collaborated with the British in enslaving the Kandyan Kingdom to bring the five hundred years of colonial rule to Sri Lanka,  the Sinhalese ability to defend the sovereignty of Sri Lanka is minimal. It can only be done with the help of Tamils who still hold the historical title to sovereignty, having surrendered that right to foreign powers due to the betrayal of the Sinhalese.

The responsibility of sovereignty cannot be left with the parliament which is there to accommodate conflict and discord in a party political process and which is under the pull of conflicting interests. The primary purpose of parliament is to make ordinary laws and execute the will of people and is not sovereign.

The Betrayal by Colombo Tamils

EROS identifies Tamil people trusting the Colombo Tamils to provide them with leadership and a solution to the ethnic problem as the major cause for their plight. The dishonest double game of Colombo Tamil politicians brought ruin to the Tamil people of the North East and up-country. These were part timers who were mainly interested in money making in Colombo, sought MP posts to enhance their status and power and additional protection that an MP post afforded in their money making pursuit in Colombo.

EROS sees the need to free the Tamil people from the conspiratorial and dishonest leadership of Colombo Tamils, first and foremost, before launching an earnest struggle to win the statehood rights of Tamil people.

The Colombo Tamils are like rats in a trap imprisoned by their property and interests in Colombo, who are easily black mailed by scheming Sinhalese. ‘Will you sell your property and go if we give federalism’, will become the usual question with which the Sinhalese would cajole the Colombo Tamils when the Sinhalese are pressed to recognise the rights of Tamil people. The Colombo Tamils would switch to a cold feet mode.

TNA and TNPLF leaders like R. Sampanthan, M.A.Sumanthiran, E.Saravanabavan, Mavai Senathirajah, and Gajenran Ponnambalam, if they are interested in demonstrating their honesty, they should release the detail of their property and investments  in Colombo and come forward to abandon Colombo  and settle down in the North East and serve the Tamil people full time. Otherwise, they must leave Tamil politics and stick to their profession and money making in Colombo and find a way for their political existence and safety without involving in North East politics.

When these politicians pretend as fighters of Tamil rights, and put forward various demands on behalf of Tamil people of North East, their dishonest existence make those demands dishonest and justifies them being ignored by Sinhalese leadership.

Colombo Tamils do not need self-rule and statehood which the Tamils in the North East demand. Though they have been demanding self-rule for the Tamil people, what looms large in their mind is the perpetual threat of communal riots that will destroy their properties in Colombo. ‘Go and fight them in the North East, don’t attack our property in Colombo’ is the advice they give the government. As a result, the North East has become a grave yard and they have tacitly backed the military occupation of the North East that keeps them and their properties safe in Colombo. For sixty years they couldn’t utter the word ‘statehood’ out of fear, though they have been claiming they are establishing one for the Tamil people.

EROS identifies these dishonest people as the major cause for the failure of  Tamil leadership. The Sinhalese intransigence originated from the dishonest orientation of Colombo Tamil politics whereby they threatened the rightful Sinhalese opportunities. It has been a drama for the last hundred years using the Tamil people of North East just to bully the Sinhalese for them to have their way. This is the reason why there was no demand for federalism in Sri Lanka before the British departed. The Tamil leaders of Colombo have been preaching the virtues of a ‘Ceylonese nation’. when the Sinhalese were demanding federalism.

Imagine M. Karunanithi or any other Tamil Nadu Politian doing Tamil politics from Delhi. These Colombo Tamil,s to this day, have not made a positive move towards establishing the statehood off the Tamuil people in their homeland. They were only putting out press statements and fooling around.

The two state solution of Gajendran Ponnambalam

This is true with two state solution of Gajendran Ponnambalam. This proposal first put forward by me in 1995 when no one among Tamils could speak of anything else other than a separate state, has become a discredited proposal, simply by it being taken up by a member of Ponnambalam family. I told Kumar Ponnambalam .’ Sell your property in Colombo and come to do Tamil politics’. I have to tell the same thing to Gajenran Ponnambaalm as well.

Though one doesn’t object when others  take up a cause which one  espouses, in this case I am not happy. The intention was not to put forward the two state solution as a Tamil demand, but Sri Lanka has to be rearticulated as union of Sinhala Ratta and Tamileelam. This has to be taken forward as a movement with the participation of all the people of Sri Lanka projecting the new Sri Lanka on her three platforms, Tamileelam, Sinhala Ratta and Sri Lanka on the basis Tamileelam belongs to Tamil people, Sinhala Ratta belongs to Sinhala people and Sri Lanka belongs to all Sri Lankans taking care of minority rights within the two segments. This process will make constitutional restructuring a painless process.

Such a movement will bring understanding between the two principal nationalities of Sri Lanka, a term used by the British hundred years ago for Tamil and Sinhalese people at a time when hey merged the two Tamil provinces North and East and held one Darbar for the Tamil territory. It will make reconciliation possible, rebuild trust and respect between the two communities, enable the re-enactment of a new constitution and usher a new Sri Lanka of peace and harmony.

If the Tamil people vote for EROS it will pursue this line of action to bring about a settlement to the ethnic conflict.

Ponnambalam’s have been like fish out of water in Tamil politics due to their wrong policies and their support to the unitary state that brought disaster to the Tamil people. Their support to the LTTE was fake and dishonest. Such people cannot come to the mainstream of Tamil politics through such plagiarist ride on the policies of EROS and LTTE. First demonstrate the honesty.

The EROS philosophy redefined.

From its inception, EROS was distinguished with its political, economic, social and military components. It is this programme of EROS that was emulated by other groups with rearranged priority  and adopted to different situation and has survived to emerge as a democratic political parties.

From its inception it took the plantation Tamils and Muslims as equal components of Tamil statehood. For thirty years it was the beacon and the unifying and guiding intellectual force behind the heroic struggle of Tamil people for statehood and it never shun an opportunity to seek this statehood within the framework of a united Sri Lanka.

It was mainly responsible for uniting the Tamil groups, bringing Indian involvement in the conflict, steadfastly defended the struggle against international conspiracies. Being the intellectual force and the voice of moderation that led the Tamil struggle, only it can take the Tamil people further from where they are, taking into account their current national and international disposition, without taking them back to sixties and seventies and restart the whole cycle again as the Federal party and the TNA are trying to do.

EROS do not believe in going in the reverse gear. It only moves forward.

Political philosophy

EROS sees the fundamental historical contradiction of humanity as contradiction between barbarism and civilizations. In the modern world, this historical contradiction, manifest itself as struggle between individual freedom and the normative structuralism of civilisations. Global barbarism is breaking up social structures of civilisations and hence civilisations. It is through its talk of human rights, individual freedom and universal franchise it moves forward towards to bring about its absolute domination.  This fundamental conflict between barbarism and civilisations is behind almost all conflicts of the world.

The UN and global barbarism are together committed to a programme of uniform barbaric reduction of the world through their agenda of human rights, do not recognise rights of civilisations over their homeland and ignore the self-rule and territorial rights of people in order to expand the realm of domination.

EROS considers Marx’s class contradiction as a subjective contradiction which can be erased through the expansion of middle class.

EROS rejects one party dictatorship as well as multi-party democracy as they are cause for strife and discord, instead it promotes the idea of ‘Constituted Democracy’ which democracy integrates the benefits of one party state and the multi-party democracy . Constituted Democracy is equally empowers three independent ideological structures of right, left and centre within one party. EROS does not consider the contradiction between right, left and centre as irreconcilable contradiction and it believes that they can be reconciled within one party in the same way they are reconciled within one person at any time. Constituted Democracy does not legitimises the alienation of nearly half the population from the governmental process in the name of freedom as democracy does but it includes every citizen in the governmental process and it still provides for free policy process.

Economic philosophy

EROS identifies the root cause of global poverty as monetary exploitation of the world by barbaric nations who have ganged up to exploit poor nations by maintaining the disparity in the value of labour in the post-colonial period. The parity of value of human labour is important for progress of people and it should be the foundation of human rights. The global economy is economy based on exploitation poor nations by making the value of their labour cheap is the root cause of global poverty. . The culture of monetary exploitation is slavery and colonialism put together and multiplied by hundred times in terms of exploitation, oppression, degradation and denial of human rights and the west refuses to address the issue.

EROS considers the struggle against global disparity in the value of labour and equality of human being as primary condition of global development. Without addressing the issue of monetary exploitation and human value disparity eradication as objective of development, talk of development is a rouse to dupe the poor nations and trap them in perpetual poverty through monetary exploitation. EROS considers eradication of monetary exploitation and achieving human value parity as primary condition of economic development and economic relations and essence of a humane world.

Sustainable Development Philosophy of EROS.

EROS believes development should be constrained by values of sustainable existence and rejects the barbaric model reckless chase of GDP. It believes in the introduction of sustainability appraisal and assurance in developmental process at every level.

EROS considers global warming as a serious issue of development of North East and believes the heat from the interior of earth is an important factor in global warming that could lead to global rupture. EROS calls for international effort in monitoring the phenomena.

The economic development programme of EROS for the North East.

EROS will implement the economic development programmes evolved from the study of resources and project development taken up starting from the North East Provincial Council and continued through LTTE times to this day. It has divided these projects as long term projects, medium term projects and immediate rehabilitation and sustainable livelihood projects and would go into action implementing them as soon as it is elected.

EROS will establish industrial townships of 3000 acres in each district and a factory in each village. Industrialisation of North East will be pursued based on developing and manufacturing inventions with a global market.

EROS will modernise the fisheries sector in fishing and retailing and promote value addition for local market and export. All fish markets will be modernised by providing for air conditioning and provided with enough water and ice removing the smell in fish markets.

It will upgrade the animal production sector

Agriculture will be modernised and will be based on value addition for export and internal market.

EROS will initiate the Aruvi Dam Project that will also provide water for Jaffna and develop a comprehensive system of rain water inundation proving for better management of water. It will work to provide drinking water to every citizen.

In energy sector solar and wind will be promoted while exploring for oil in and around the North East.

EROS will gear and interface the education with economic programme and effect comprehensive human resource development programme synchronising it with the economic development programme.

The demographic policy of EROS

EROS believes Tamil right of homeland originates from the historical  title they hold over these territories when these territories were Tamil principalities and kingdom  and no other people hold any such title over these territories. If any other community can produce proof that there was any other territory within the North East where they  have lived under their self-rule in that territory of their own, EROS will hand over such territory to those people without any hesitation. Every square inch of the land claimed as Tamil territory has been under Tamil rule which traditions continue as customary rights of Tamil people governing their  economic, cultural and religious life.

Furthermore Sri Lanka was under the rule of the Kingdom of Jaffna for 300 years before that sovereignty was surrendered to the Portuguese in 1621. It is the Kingdom of Jaffna which defended the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all of Sri Lanka. The Kingdom of Jaffna that  prevented an Arab takeover of Sri Lanka when entire India has fallen to Islamic yoke, ruled Sri Lanka judiciously through her autonomous principalities which governing traditions were subsequently absorbed into the Kandyan Kingdom.

Alternately the minorities within the Tamil homeland are guests in our homeland and should accept Tamil dominated rule before just rule can be provided to them. Otherwise they should be resettled elsewhere. This applies to Muslims who consider Tamil people as ‘Haraam’ ( unclean) and do not want to live under a Tamil rule.

EROS will take steps against sinister designs to grab territories of Tamil homeland by outsiders.

EROS will invite foreign workers bringing skills

EROS will support tracing Tamils who have become Sinhalese during the last 500 years as result of them taking refuge in the south during colonial rule and allow them to return to their homeland and help them become Tamils again.

EROS will draw out a comprehensive programme for the return of refugees and expatriates to their homland.

EROS will end all forms of genocidal activities within the Tamil homeland and usher a new era of Tamil civilisation in Sri Lanka.

EROS will support and guide expatriate investment in the economy of North East and upcountry and facilitate their honourable and distinguished return to their homeland.

EROS will encourage public private partnership in economic development.

EROS will implement a comprehensive programme to alleviate the post war suffering and trauma and end the criminalisation of youth in the North East and  if need be,  reform Tamil culture to overcome problems caused by cultural inhibitions, reinstate the dignity of Tamil people who sacrificed fighting the war against oppression and will guarantee their sustainable livelihood.

EROS will   put an end   to the pretensions of the Sinhalese rulers  as though they hold a historical title based on bogus historical claims over this island and their criminal mission to establish a Sinhala Buddhist state over the island that has led to their culture of usurpation and blunders in a united Sri Lanka lading to genocide and will corporate with Sinhalese leaders in establishing a just order in Sri Lanka,

The pretensions of the UN.

EROS supports a general amnesty to all Sri Lankans and proper compensation to all affected people so that Sri Lanka can move forward instead of backward.  Both sides have committed war crimes. EROS does not believe war crimes investigation will bring a separate state as some believe. Instead a settlement to the ethnic conflict should be made the priority.

Trauma and helplessness can be overcome by shifting people to a new life through right political action. It is the Tamil people who chose war against the state and they can endure the consequences as well. What they want is their rights, for the establishment of which, they made those sacrifices. What they want from international community is support for the realisation of that right which is the statehood right of Tamil people without poking hidden agendas of external forces into it and advice on plural society.

The impotency of the UN to deal with internal conflicts of nations who are its member states, its inability to differentiate between nationality conflicts which are conflicts between people with title to self- rule and territory and minority conflicts which are basically human rights problem of people living among another nation, add to this impotency. This has been a major cause for its failure in Sri Lanka.

Its right to intervene only after the internal conflict has degenerated into human rights abyss and the barbaric incomprehension with which it understands civilizational problems has made the world an oppressive place to live, exacerbating the suffering of humanity. It is here to perpetuate a world order of inequality, strife and conflict especially by its tacit support to monetary exploitation.

Either UN mandate should be expanded so that in can  identify civilizational conflicts with a mandate to resolve conflicts by providing political demarcations and self-rule wherever necessary by interfering in internal conflicts  or an alternate international organisation is  needed to regulate internal conflicts and be mandated to address the issue of monetary exploitation as a fundamental issue of human rights.

Investigations and commissions are useless unless people are going to be frank and truthful and all the players involved in the conflict come forward to speak the truth including the UN, LTTE and the government of Sri Lanka as well as international players like India, China Russia ,Pakistan, USA and  other nations that played a  part in the defeat of LTTE. Otherwise these investigations and truth commissions, be it, internal or international, are a farce and EROS do not want to waste time with it. Everyone is involved in hiding the facts rather than telling the truth.

EROS will end the pitiful apolitical NGOism within the North East, which works on disempowering people and which has dispirited and depressed the people and will solve their problems by rekindling their sprit through right political action.

EROS requests the Tamil speaking people of North East and upcountry, to vote for EROS that is committed to providing a qualitative shift to the Tamil leadership in terms of honesty and integrity and provide a transparent and dynamic leadership,  committed to the welfare of the people living in  North East and Sri Lanka. EROS MPs will concern themselves with the powers of the central and concurrent lists without infringing on the powers of the Provincial list and will not corporate with ministries of the central government which seek to undermine the powers of the provincial government.


Tamil people have not been able to win their rights as these Colombo Tamils, through their pretentions have succeeded in deceiving the Tamil people.  In reality, they have traded the rights of Tamil people of North and East, their homeland and self-rule, for their comfortable life in Colombo.

For fifteen years, the TNA has been fooling the Tamil people with an empty word, ‘Theceeyam’ which signifies the Tamil identity as though it stands for a separate state. This is one of the three Thimpu Principles forgetting the other two important principles of homeland and self-rule. After the hollowness was pointed out by EROS, they have quietly dropped the term. Mere dropping the term will not do. The TNA and R. Smbanthan  should apologise to the Tamil people for their fraudulent deceptive exercise.

During election time, hiding their reactionary fascist foundation, the  Federal Party and its local collaborators come up with such slogan as. ‘ Show the unity. Give the bargaining strength’ demonising anyone who oppose them as traitors who oppose ‘ theseeyam,’ usurping the democratic rights of Tamil people and hiding their policy emptiness. After the elections they are interested mainly in the mid-day meal in the parliament and some of them could burst with another term of parliamentary meals endangering the life of rest of the members. I have known some of them from time when they could be blown off by a 15km/h wind.

With the prospect of UNP coming to power, we may well be heading toward another repeat of the cycle beginning in 77, when the FP went with a mandate for a separate state and were given district councils that were a farce. As these are poodles of the US embassy in Colombo, they will be pressed and squeezed into accepting whatever the UNP gives and the jokers will turn against the Tamil people and force another war on Tamil people. Ranil Wikramasinge remains as duplicitous as his uncle, J.R.Jayawardene and he will definitely want to outdo his predecessors in delivering the mango of Sinhala chauvinism with the help of barbaric forces which others could not do.

Behind his facade of claim to develop the North lies the criminal scheme to demerge the North and East and hand over Trnomalee to a foreign power hatched in collusion with international forces which JR attempted in 77.  It is this type preconceived ideas and  barbaric  thinking that they are such clever people who are smart to outsmart a peoples aspiration and subvert their right that has led to genocide and failed  Sri Lanka as a nation.

Tamil people want the Sinhalese leaders to hand over Tamil homeland to Tamil majority rule in a dignified and honourable manner and come forward to create a peaceful, united and prosperous Lanka. Tamil people are quiet capable of taking care of development of their homeland. Sinhalese leaders must grow to understand this and concern themselves with the prosperity of the Sinhala nation within Sinhala Ratta through providing a separate parliament for the Sinhala Ratta that will further consolidate the gains of Sinhala nationalism without recriminations within their homeland which was pursued unilaterally in the independent Sri Lanka with disastrous consequences.

If the Sinhalese continue to prevaricate on the issue of handing over Tamil homeland to Tamil majority rule, EROS will request India to intervene and sort out the mess it has created in Sri Lanka and end the ruin it has brought to the Tamil people without proper understanding of the problem so that Tamil people and people of Sri Lanka can live in peace and harmony.

Federal Party has been an election time drama company run by Colombo Tamils to drain the aspirations and character of the people of the North East. If the Tamil people vote for these dishonest double gamers who led the Tamil people into misery by their incompetence, Tamil people will never see the light of the day for another hundred years.

LTTE was advised in time, in 2007, its future lies in its transformation into a democratic force and this transformation was LTTE’s transformation into EROS and EROS was in hand to bring about this change. LTTE refused to heed to the advice and instead wasted its time propping up the TNA which was working for its demise and eventually ended up in Mullivaikal. A wrong strategy of liberation can never outmanoeuvre a right strategy as it was explained in the novel ‘Lanka Rani’ in 1980. The emergence of LTTE is possible only through its transformation into EROS and the doors are still open. It is highly unlikely UN or TNA will help LTTE.

EROS will make a fresh attempt to unite all political forces based on Constituted Democracy as this idea evolved due the intense search for solution to the problem of disunity among Tamil groups.

It is important Tamil speaking people, bring about a qualitative change in their life by changing the quality of their leadership by voting the plough and EDF which is the democratic party of the revolutionary movement EROS.

A.R. Arudpragasam

( Arular)

Chairman and Founder member of EROS – EDF.



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  1. Thiru

    Thank you for the article.

    “Furthermore Sri Lanka was under the rule of the Kingdom of Jaffna for 300 years before that sovereignty was surrendered to the Portuguese in 1621. It is the Kingdom of Jaffna which defended the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all of Sri Lanka. The Kingdom of Jaffna that prevented an Arab takeover of Sri Lanka when entire India has fallen to Islamic yoke, ruled Sri Lanka judiciously through her autonomous principalities which governing traditions were subsequently absorbed into the Kandyan Kingdom.”

    I would like to know more on the history with evidence. Particularly on “Sri Lanka was under the rule of the Kingdom of Jaffna for 300 years”