New Report Details ‘White Flag’ Cases

of LTTE surrendees found dead or still missing

Isaipriya-222.jpg (599×404)

New photograph of Isaipriya published in report.

by ‘Tamil Guardian,’ London, May 17, 2014

A new report details cases, testimonies and new photograph evidence of LTTE cadres who surrendered at the end of the armed conflict, and were later found dead or remain ‘Tamil Guardian,’ London, May 17, 2014 The report, “5 years on: The White Flag Incident 2009-2014“, published by ‘STOP’ part of the International Truth and Justice Project – Sri Lanka, includes new photographic evidence of the LTTE news anchor, Isaipriya, alive in Army custody, as well as the LTTE commander, Col. Vasanthan. See here for full report, extract follows:

“Eyewitnesses say it was not just the LTTE political wing leaders who were targeted, but at least 102 administrative, financial, political, humanitarian leaders of the LTTE, in addition to unarmed military wing cadres and non-combatants such as children who also surrendered later the same day. There were also other LTTE figures who surrendered in the days before and after 18 May who have disappeared or been killed in the custody of the Sri Lankan security forces It appears to have been part of a coldblooded plan to wipe out any future Tamil representatives. The names collated in this report are by no means an exhaustive list. Almost all of those who were seen unarmed and in the custody of the security forces have never been heard of again after surrendering on 18 May 2009. The onus is on the Sri Lankan government to explain what happened to these people. Father Francis, the priest who wrote to the Pope in desperation, disappeared without a trace on 18 May 2009 when he escorted a group of about 40 LTTE members to surrender. He was a well known figure in LTTE areas and several eye witnesses now out of the country saw him getting on a bud under the custody of the Sri Lankan military.”


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