Tamil Student Volunteer Program

originally published November 20, 2003

Click here to find more information about The Student Volunteer Program (TSVP), an international development NGO coordinated by Canadian high school, college and university students: http://www.TSVP.ca.


The site had been updated with the Program’s latest experiences in the North and East of Sri Lanka, including:

i) Progress reports from Fall 2003 intern.

ii) The Sri Lankan Saga: Part II – A field report by summer 2003 interns.

iii) Personal Reflections – Personal accounts by summer interns.

iv) A Glimpse of the Vanni – A photo essay capturing everyday life in the region.

v) New Projects – Details on new projects including a field report on current CBR program in Sri Lanka, web development for health care groups and more.

vi) Updates on Past Projects – Follow-up of projects from last year including visits to Karainagar, MMV and other places.

These and much more @ http://www.TSVP.ca.

Want to join TSVP? Send us your application form: http://tsvp.netfirms.com/cgi-bin/mailform.cgi.

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