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Sri Lanka Must Abide By International Human Rights Standards

Of 26 voluntary commitments maden i 2008, Sri Lanka has fulfilled just two. Similarly,
out of 45 accepted recommendations, only 5 have been implemented. Continuing its
deteriorating human rights record, as of May 2009 Sri Lanka stands accused of war
crimes, crimes against humanity, and gross violations of human rights.

Youth Gathering at Sangamam 2012

October 6, 2012 Hello everyone,  We are the organizers of the Tamil Youth Gathering. Our goal is to allow Tamil youths across the nation to mingle and share their roads to success.  On November 3, 2012 we are hosting this event at the Holiday Inn, Somerset, New Jersey. There will be dinner, music, comedians, speakers sharing… Read more »

UNHRC Session in Geneva

Racism in areas of language, education and employment is pervasive and deeply ingrained in Sri Lanka’s social, economic and political structures.

For these reasons and more we request the Special Rapporteur on Racism to make an official visit to Sri Lanka to make an assessment of the underlying structural inequalities and escalating intolerance there…

The Best Sri Lankan Restaurants in Toronto

The best Sri Lankan restaurants in Toronto are often overshadowed by those serving up food from its neighbor to the north. But as good as Indian food is in Toronto, cuisine from this beautiful island nation shouldn’t be missed. In its most traditional form, Sri Lankan food brings to mind a plate of rice served with… Read more »

Diaspora Tamils Want Negotiated Peace

It is the belief of the GTF that the Tamil National Question can only be resolved by political negotiations through a dialogue process. Due to lack of trust within parties in conflict and taking note of the occurrences since independence, GTF believes that any such negotiation must have the support of international governments, including India.

Act Now and Save Lives in Syria – Urges USTPAC

“USTPAC strongly believes any delay in a firm and committed international response will only embolden the regime to continue its murderous campaign. Tamils know all too well about facing an onslaught from a government’s military forces and how inaction by the world community resulted in the death of tens of thousands of innocent Tamil lives in 2009. Syrians deserve immediate and urgent help from the world community, and the UN with help from the US should invoke Responsibility to Protect (R2P),” said USTPAC President, Dr. Elias Jeyarajah.

Two Cheers for Ambassador Patricia Butenis

“Ambassador Butanis made many trips to Tamil areas in the north and east. She looked after American-funded relief efforts. Her visits encouraged the Tamils, who saw that the re st of the world had not put them out of their thoughts. We praise her for this.”