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Promises to Keep

by Anne Henry; Daily Mirror, Colombo, November 18, 2003 A report released by UNICEF last week on catch-up education for children in the North and East makes for uncomfortable reading. While the Board of Investment trumpets Sri Lanka’s achievements in “lead[ing] the South Asian region… with its high literacy rate of 91% placing it way ahead… Read more »


originally published November 17, 2003 THO USA flyer Nov 2003

Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA)

Released by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, October 31, 2003 ISGA Interim Self-Governing Authority LTTE Oct 31 2003 LTTE’s proposals for an Interim Self-Governing Authority in the Northeast region of Sri Lanka THE PROPOSAL BY THE LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM ON BEHALF OF THE TAMIL PEOPLE FOR AN AGREEMENT TO ESTABLISH AN INTERIM… Read more »

Expatriate Tamil Contribution to the Development of the Northeast

by G.G. Ponnambalam, M.P.; originally published October 18, 2003 (A paper presented by G.G.Ponnambalam M.P. on “Expatriate Tamil contribution to the development of the Northeast,” on the occasion of the 15th anniversary seminar/lunch of the International Tamil Foundation, on 21 September 2003) Mr. Chairman, members of the International Tamil Foundation, guests, ladies and gentlemen, It is… Read more »

Tamil Techies Master Blaster Worm

By Frances Harrison, BBC, October 17, 2003 The pioneers of a new technology centre must have thought the jungles of rebel-controlled northern Sri Lanka would be the last place to expect the powerful Blaster Worm computer virus. Overcoming a lack of electricity and telephone lines was hardship enough. Bombs, shells and mortars still are a… Read more »

Civil War and Poverty

by Muttukrishna Sarvananthan, Tamil Times, Surrey, UK, September, 2003, originally published October 15, 2003 Twenty years of civil war has left the Sri Lankan economy in general and the economy of the North&East; Province (N&E;) in particular tatters. The civil war had its impact on poverty as well, inter alia. However, the impact of the civil… Read more »

Joint Computer Center Opens in Jaffna

by Tamil Information Technology Association press releases; originally published October 8, 2003 Joint Computer Training Center in Jaffna by TITA and London Kanagathurkai Amman Temple Trust — TITA and London Sri Kanagathurkai Amman Temple Trust (SKTATT) have joined hands to open a Free Computer Training Center, on Thursday the 9th October 2003. This Center will be… Read more »