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CPA: Certificates of Absence

by Centre for Policy Alternatives, Colombo, September 2015 CPA Certificates-of-Absence-FINAL ——————————– Sri Lanka to issue certificates of absence for missing persons by LankaBusinessOnline, June 8, 2016 The Cabinet of Ministers approved draft legislation enabling the issuance of Certificates of Absence enabling family of missing to address practical issues relating to their disappearance. The draft legislation which… Read more »

CHR June: What is Happening with the PTA Detainees

by Centre for Human Rights and Research Sri Lanka, Rajagiriya, Colombo, June 13, 2016 Centre for Human Rights and Research (CHR) Sri Lanka has unveiled its comprehensive report on the Prevention of Terrorism act (PTA) ‘What is happening with the detainees now? The forgotten political prisoners under the Yahapalanaya. In the report CHR puts the… Read more »

Consultation Task Force Releases Interim Report

Read the full report here: CTF Interim Report on Missing Persons or on their website The Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms Releases its Interim Report by Consultation Task Force, Colombo, August 2016 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of INTERIM REPORT The Office on Missing Persons Bill and Issues Concerning the Missing, the Disappeared and the Surrendered. This interim report… Read more »

UN Committee on Racial Discrimination Assessment of Sri Lanka Report

The UN Committee on Racial Discrimination (CERD) will assess Sri Lanka’s report submitted in October 2015 on August 15-16 2016 in Geneva.  CERD is a committee of 8 independent experts who assess progress of states parties to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.  The membership of the Committee can be seen… Read more »

Sangha and State

by Hannah Clare Durham, Bard College, USA, May 2015 Sangha and State An Examination of Sinhalese-Buddhist Nationalism Introduction While spending a semester studying in Sri Lanka, I became acutely aware of the post civil war issues that were being sorted out by the state. Daily newspapers displayed updates on new infrastructural developments and efforts to rebuild… Read more »

Some Options For Jaffna’s Economic Revival

by Kumar David, ‘Colombo Telegraph,’ July 31, 2016 My essay two weeks ago (“What Options for Jaffna Economic Revival?” on 17 July) was on the whole grim and pessimistic and it followed discussions outside the Northern Province with a NGO types, small investors and a potential venture capitalist. I had the good fortune a week… Read more »

Crafting a Coherent Sri Lankan Transitional Justice Process

by Prof. Ronald C. Slye, ‘Groundviews,’ Colombo, July 31, 2016 Text of speech made at the 17th Neelan Tiruchelvam Memorial Lecture, 31st July 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  It is one of the greatest honors of my professional life to be asked to deliver this lecture in honor of Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam.  Neelan embodied all of… Read more »

Sri Lankan Soldiers Acquitted over Massacre of Tamils

by ‘Tamil Guardian,’ London, July 27, 2016 Six former Sri Lankan army corporals were acquitted by a Sri Lankan court today over the rape and massacre of 24 Tamil civilians in Kumarapuram in 1996. The Sri Lankan soldiers were standing on trial over the involvement in the killings, which took place in the village in southern… Read more »

July 1983: Betrayal Of The Absolute Right To Justice

by Basil Fernando, ‘Groundviews,’ Colombo, July 25, 2016 It has been 33 years since Black July, 1983. These 33 years have been part of our lifetime. We have witnessed not only the horrendously criminal acts of July 1983, but also what happened by way of justice after those serious crimes. I would like to illustrate… Read more »

Engaging Sinhalese Buddhist Majoritarianism

by Neil DeVotta, ‘The Review of Faith & International Affairs,’ Summer 2016 Engaging Sinhalese Buddhist Majoritarianism and Countering Religious Animus in Sri Lanka Recommendations for the Incoming U S Administration This essay, consequently, discusses the Sinhalese Buddhist-Muslim dynamic in the country as part of its focus on religion and public life in Sri Lanka. The… Read more »

Bipartisan Group of 24 Lawmakers Calls on Secretary Kerry

2010 letter to Sec. Clinton on Sri Lanka FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 27, 2016 CONTACT: Abraham White 202-308-8430   Bipartisan Group of 24 Lawmakers Calls on Secretary Kerry to Strengthen Peace and Human Rights in Sri Lanka for War Victims     WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressmen Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Bill Johnson (R-OH) led… Read more »

Watchdog: Amendments to the OMP Bill

by Watchdog Collective, July 5, 2016 Memo to CTF – OMP Bill – 5 July 2016 Further to our memorandum to the Consultation Task Force (“CTF”), dated 1 May 2016, and our follow-up letter to the Foreign Minister, dated 16 May 2016, we write a further follow-up memorandum relating to the Office of Missing Persons (“OMP”). This memorandum… Read more »

CHRD: Oral Submission to Consultation Task Force

by K.S. Ratnavale, Centre for Human Rights & Development, Kotte, Sri Lanka, July 5, 2016 There has been a country –wide discussion about Transitional Justice. The government of Sri Lanka has appointed a Task Force who in turn appointed Zonal Task Force for consultations. There has been an avalanche of activities in the districts and… Read more »

State Structure in Sri Lanka 2007

by Claus Kruse, Centre for International Migration & Development/Northern & Eastern Provincial Councils, 2007 CIM-Overview-State-Structure 2007 5.7.6 Conclusions Owing to the prevalent administrative circumstances, the government-controlled line of command is the preeminent planning authority at district and local level. This situation appears prevalent in most districts, and usually these entities are viewed as the… Read more »

A Comment on the Proposed Office of Missing Persons

by Basil Fernando, ‘Colombo Telegraph,’ May 30, 2016 Basil Fernando It seems no progress can be made in Sri Lanka on the attitude to murder. Murder is now regarded as normal and therefore not something to worry much about. And, this is exactly what should worry everyone. But hardly anyone seems to worry about it…. Read more »

Federalism – A Misused Political Trump Card

Federalism is not division nor disintegration but a device to distribute the powers to the regions, allowing the different ethnic groups the freedom to preserve their language, ethnic identity, culture and way of life, while preserving the essential unity of the country.

Getting US Messaging Right

Getting US Messaging about Sri Lanka’s ‘Democratic Transition’ Right by Taylor Dibbert, ‘The Diplomat,’ Tokyo, March 31, 2016 Nisha Biswal, the U.S. State Department’s assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian affairs, spoke at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, on Monday. Her prepared remarks were… Read more »

Sampur: Documentary Trailer

Thousands of individuals from across Sri Lanka have been displaced for years, some multiple times.  For over a decade, the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) has documented issues related to displacement and returns, advocating reform and litigating on unjust and arbitrary practices. Two cases CPA has followed closely for years, supporting litigation and advocating land… Read more »