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Bloody Past – The ‘Disappeared’ Remain a Fundamental Issue

by Tamil Guardian editorial; originally published December 18, 2003 Bloody Past -The ‘disappeared’ remain a fundamental issue Though guns in Sri Lanka’s protracted ethnic conflict have been silent for over two years, the legacy of many bloody years remains. Last Wednesday the issue of ‘disappearances’ was highlighted yet again when a human rights organisation held a… Read more »

Status of Healthcare in the Vanni

by a Sangam member; originally published December 14, 2003 Many of my friends and colleagues have traveled to NorthEast of the island of Sri Lanka since the ceasefire agreement was signed between the LTTE and the government of Sri Lanka. There have been extensive reports of the destruction of 20 years of war, but none to… Read more »

A Reply to ‘TE Proposals and Beyond’

by Wakeley Paul, Esq.; originally published December 10, 2003 A REPLY TO ‘TE PROPOSALS AND BEYOND’ ANOTHER CHANCE TO JETTISON TALKS AND RESUME WAR?Mr. Mahanama Prematilaka’s article entitled “TE proposals and beyond” published December 8, reminds us of that famous saying ‘We had to destroy the Town to save it.’ Prematilaka’s suggestions for dealing with the… Read more »

Examining the ISGA Proposal

by A. Sri-Jayantha; originally published December 10, 2003 The proposal for an Interim Self-Governing Authority (ISGA) for the NorthEast of Sri Lanka was made public by the LTTE on Nov.1, 2003. The constitutional crisis in the South precipitated by Pres. Kumaratunge on Nov. 4 has allowed us to mull on this proposal and to react to… Read more »

Worldwide Comments on the ISGA

by M. Nadarajan; originally published December 8, 2003 Worldwide Comments on the ISGA of the LTTEComments have been made from around the world on the proposals for an Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA) submitted by the LTTE. Only a few have been written dispassionately without taking sides. Most have been written either with pre-conceived ideas, or… Read more »

The “Wisdom” of Mr. H.L. de Silva

by Shan Suntharam; originally published November 26, 2003 Ostensibly, it was an address to mark the 50th anniversary of his call to the Bar by Mr. H. L. de Silva, who was described as a constitutional “luminary.” Thus, the expectation was of feast of constitutional wisdom distilled from fifty years of immersion in the law. However,… Read more »

It’s the Constitution, Stupid

by M. Nadarajan; originally published November 21, 2003 When the current US president’s father, the first President Bush, tried to get re-elected the catch phrase “It’s The Economy, Stupid” was used effectively to defeat him, blaming the state of the country’s economy on him. The current problems in Sri Lanka are being blamed on the Constitution…. Read more »

Power Unchecked

Tamil Guardian editorial, London, November 19, 2003 Power Unchecked – Peace is jeopardised in the name of power The constitutional deadlock in Sri Lanka continued this week as President Chandrika Kumaratunga, now comfortably entrenched in her usurped positions at the head of the ministries of defence, interior and media, stood firm against Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe’s toothless… Read more »

Promises to Keep

by Anne Henry; Daily Mirror, Colombo, November 18, 2003 A report released by UNICEF last week on catch-up education for children in the North and East makes for uncomfortable reading. While the Board of Investment trumpets Sri Lanka’s achievements in “lead[ing] the South Asian region… with its high literacy rate of 91% placing it way ahead… Read more »

The ISGA Compared to the B-C Pact

by Wakeley Paul, Esq.; originally published November 18, 2003 THE INTERIM SELF-GOVERNING AUTHORITY COMPARED TO THE BANDARANAIKE-CHELVANAYAGAM PACT A modest set of demands by Wakeley Paul The unimplemented B-C PACT was the closest we came to achieving a Federal Constitution. Under Section 29 of the Soulbury Constitution, Parliament was the sole legislative organ of the nation…. Read more »

A Reply to ‘A Case Against Federalism’

by Wakeley Paul, Esq.; originally published November 17, 2003 A REPLY TO “A CASE AGAINST FEDERALISM” [Published in The Island, Oct.29, 2003] Supremacy for everyone’s good? OR Is it a monstrous injustice for a Tamil to be a Sri Lankan Citizen? Should we not refuse to remain a species Half Extinct? BY Wakeley Paul BARRISTER AT… Read more »

LTTE’s Counterproposals

LTTE’s counterproposals puts ball back in government’s court Northeastern Herald Editorial, Nov. 7-16, 2003 The counterproposals put forward by the LTTE to those submitted by the government for the establishment of an interim administration in the northeast appears a much more flexible and moderate document than what many people predicted it would be. Some foretold the… Read more »

Tamil Place Names Outside the NE

by K. Kularatnam; originally published November 13, 2003 Tamil Place Names in Ceylon outside the Northern and Eastern Provincesby K. Kularatnam [source: Proceedings of the First International Conference Seminar of Tamil Studies, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 1966, vol.1, International Association of Tamil Research, 1968, pp.486-493] Introductory Note by Sachi Sri Kantha Kurankupanchan Camp in the Eelam territory… Read more »

Open Letter to SL President

by Dr. Victor Rajakulendran; originally published November 12, 2003 An open letter to Sri Lankan President Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumarathunga Her Excellency, Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumarathunga President of Sri Lanka President’s House Colombo Sri Lanka Your Excellency, I have been watching closely you and your unusual, unacceptable actions during the last few days, living far away from you… Read more »

The Present Call to American Tamils

by Father S.J. Emmanuel; originally published November 10, 2003 Keynote speech at the Sangam’s Annual General Meeting by Prof. Dr. S. J. Emmanuel Our Struggle forges ahead around a New Turning Point 1. I congratulate the Tamil Sangam for the successful completion of a quarter century of pioneer service, in bringing and building together a Diaspora community… Read more »

Chandrika’s Coup and its Impact

by T. Sabaratnam in Colombo; November 9, 2003, originally published November 17, 2003 Colombo is calm. With the daily evening showers, the weather is cool and refreshing. People are going through their normal routine life. Churches are full. Buddhist religious schools are full with little smiling children. Ramakrishna Mission is full with pavadai-clad girls. Markets are… Read more »

Kumaratunge’s Coup and the Peace Process

originally published November 6, 2003 Press Release The Sangam and the world at large are shocked at the reckless behaviour of Sri Lanka President Kumaratunge, who places her own political agenda before the needs of the people of the island. On Oct. 31, 2003 the LTTE, on behalf of the Tamil people, announced their proposal… Read more »

Interim Self-Governing Authority Proposal

THE PROPOSAL BY THE LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM ON BEHALF OF THE TAMIL PEOPLE FOR AN AGREEMENT TO ESTABLISH AN INTERIM SELF-GOVERNING AUTHORITY FOR THE NORTH-EAST OF THE ISLAND OF SRI LANKA Consistent with the principles of the rule of law, the human rights and equality of all persons, and the right to self-determination of… Read more »

The LTTE’s Proposals for an Interim Self-Governing Authority

by M. Nadarajan; originally published November 3, 2003 The much-awaited Proposals by the LTTE have been given to the government. Though the President had at one time offered to hand over an Interim Administration to the LTTE for a period of ten years, and the Prime Minister’s party had specified in its 2001 election manifesto that… Read more »

Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA)

Released by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, October 31, 2003 ISGA Interim Self-Governing Authority LTTE Oct 31 2003 LTTE’s proposals for an Interim Self-Governing Authority in the Northeast region of Sri Lanka THE PROPOSAL BY THE LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM ON BEHALF OF THE TAMIL PEOPLE FOR AN AGREEMENT TO ESTABLISH AN INTERIM… Read more »