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Getting Away with War Crimes

by Phil Miller, Tribune, Dagenham, UK, June 23, 2020 For decades, former British soldiers with friends in high places ran a mercenary enterprise from Sri Lanka to Nicaragua – leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake… Behind this respectable facade, the company took on much riskier contracts, that would see it exert… Read more »

Why We Prosecute Wartime Misconduct

by Lt. Col. (ret.) Jay Morse, JustSecurity, March 10, 2021 In the early morning hours of March 11, 2012, U.S. Army infantryman Robert Bales walked off his outpost near the Afghan village of Belambai. Over the next five hours, Bales murdered 16 men, women, and children, and injured at least six others in the now-infamous Kandahar… Read more »

The Disappearance of ‘Father Basketball’ in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Jesuit Missionaries in Post-Colonial Conflict Zones by Bernardo E. Brown, Journal of South Asian Studies, November 15, 2015 Disappearance of ‘Father Basketball’ in Batticaloa 2015 Abstract In August 1990, Father Eugene John Hebert SJ disappeared while trying to reach his home in the Sri Lankan city of Batticaloa. Caught in the midst of the turmoil… Read more »

ITJP & JDS: Dossier on Rear Admiral (Rtd.) Sarath Weerasekara

by Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka & International Truth & Justice Project, Europe & South Africa, November 2020 rear-admiral-sarath-weerasekera August 2020: State Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Affairs November 2020: Appointed as Minister of Public Security1 (with control over the Police department, Civil Security department, Police Training College and the Multi-Purpose Development… Read more »

Tsunami and Civil War in Sri_Lanka

An Anthropologist Confronts the Real World by Dennis McGilvray, ‘India Review,’ New Delhi, , vol. 5, nos. 3–4, July/October, 2006, pp. 372–393 Tsunami_and_Civil_War_in_Sri_Lanka …Much of the anthropology of Sri Lanka in the last three decades would have to count as “public” scholarship, because it has been forced to address the contemporary realities of labor migration,… Read more »

Election Sends a Chilling Message

Election rides a Gotabhaya surge and blends to a Sinhala-Buddhist ethos by Kumar David, The Island, Colombo, August 8, 2020 Let everyone first congratulate Deshapriya, Hoole, N.J. Abeysekara and the election staff for conducting a truly first-rate election under trying circumstances – COVID, political interference, a not very helpful AG and numerous court challenges by… Read more »

Sri Lanka’s Possible Post-Election Scenario

By: M. K. Eelaventhan – Former Member of Parliament of Sri Lanka, July 28, 2020 Sri Lanka’s General election which is due on August 5th 2020 is pitting four main parties, UNP, SLPP, NPF, JVP led by Sinhalese leaders Ranil Wickremasinghe, Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sajit Premadasa and Anurakumara Dissanayaka along with several other independent groups including… Read more »

Vital Statistics

  2019 estimates for all provinces

Touring “Terrorism”: Landscapes of Memory in Post-War Sri Lanka

by Jennifer Hyndman & Amarnath Amarasingam, Geography Compass 8/8 (2014): 560–575, 10.1111/gec3.12149 Touring_Terrorism The Sri Lankan state’s power to narrate the war and characterize the enemy is an expression of “triumphalist nationalism” and is a selective remembering of war. Based on photographs taken during several field visits to these sites by both authors between December 2012 and… Read more »

2003 Key Concerns in the Educational Sector of the North East Province

by Education Council of Tamil Eelam, Kilinochchi, December 11, 2003 A paper presented to the Workshop on Educational Development, Stakeholder Concerns in Trincomalee on behalf of V. Ilankumaran, Esq., Director General, Education Council of Tamil Eelam Key Concerns in Educational Sector of NEP 2003 Education Workshop Materials 2003 TamilNet: LTTE Education Council spotlights NE shortcomings

Little Jaffna in Paris

by Tatiana Medvedeva, Leiden University, May 2013 Abstract World’s cultural centre, Paris has been a transnational global village since centuries. In recent two decades, a new space of confrontation of global and local appeared on the capital’s landscape. The so‐called “quartier indien ” also known as “Little Jaffna”, situated in between the Gare du Nord… Read more »

From SAS to Merciless Mercenaries

A new book tells the story of an elite band of ex-special forces who wreaked havoc around the world. Their calling card? A live grenade in a wine glass by Neil Tweedie, Daily Mail, UK, February 1, 2020 Private military company KMS operated behind the scenes in the 1970s and 80s  It did jobs that would… Read more »

The Lesser Evil?

by Viruben Nandakumar, Tamil Guardian, London, November 11, 2019 In the lead up to the Sri Lankan Presidential election 16 November, both Sinhala and Tamil political commentators have quipped that this election is a clear cut choice between “two evils” and have insisted on drawing parallels to the 2015 and 2005 elections. These commentators have… Read more »

Sri Lanka’s Presidential Election & the True Face of the TNA

by Kumarathasan Rasingam, November 7, 2019 The cat is finally out of the bag. The secretly well-kept decision of TNA to back Sajith Premadasa of the United National Party is now disclosed 10 days before the election, after playing the hide and seek and cat and mouse games. TNA leadership particularly Sumanthiran and Sampanthan have… Read more »

Raghavan Plans to Distribute Uncultivatable Lands to Tamils

To compensate for loss of fertile lands ADB’s 2015 investment program description by TamilNet, October 3, 2019 SL Governor to Northern Province Suren Raghavan has come up with another deceptive offer to the uprooted Eezham Tamil land-owners in Mullaiththeevu. Raghavan is planning to release some plots of saline and brackish soil along the coast as… Read more »

ATC, CTC, BTF & USTAG: Sri Lanka’s Disappeared Must Have Justice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 30, 2019 Sri Lanka’s Disappeared Must Have Justice FINAL Sri Lanka’s Disappeared Must Have Justice Australian Tamil Congress (ATC), British Tamils Forum (BTF), Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) and US Tamil Action Group (USTAG) once again on the International Day of the Disappeared draw attention to the large number of enforced disappearances… Read more »

Funding Varadakumar’s Last Project

Tamils of Sri Lanka – A Timeless Heritage Dear friends, We at TIC have had many requests about how the community can contribute to Varadakumar’s legacy.At the time of his death, Varadakumar was working hard to organise an exhibition to memorialise the end of the war, to be held in Tolworth Recreation Centre on 18-19… Read more »

Push Back: Sri Lanka’s Dance with Global Governance

by Judith Large, Zed Books, 2016 Paper ISBN: 9781783606542 After decades of conflict, the Sri Lankan government in 2009 proclaimed the decisive defeat of the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Elam. Since then, the state has proved resistant to attempts by the UN and other international bodies to promote postwar reconciliation. In this incisive new work, Judith… Read more »

Norway in Sri Lanka

by John Stephen Moolakkattu, ‘Cooperation & Conflict,’ Nordic International Studies Assoc. December 1, 2005 Peace_Facilitation_by_Small_States__Norway_in_Sri_Lanka ABSTRACT It is now four years since Norway formally embarked on the difficult task of facilitating negotiations in the protracted ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. With an international record in peace-making and development assistance, Norway entered the fray with unmatched… Read more »