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Sri Lanka Scene: Revolt Against Regionalism

Revolt against Karuna’s Regional Cry by T. Sabaratnam; March 22, 2004 Weekly Review Patience Pays Signs that Karuna’s revolt would crumble earlier than expected are surfacing according to the reports reaching Kilinochchi and Colombo. It will speed up, observers predict, as media and political pressure mount on the president and the government to use the division… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: A Tool For Sinhala Chauvinism

by T. Sabaratnam; Colombo, March 15, 2004 Weekly Review Karuna – a tool for Sinhala Chauvinism Karuna is the new found hero of the Sinhala people. They are thrilled about his advent. They know his real name, the tongue-twisting Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan. They are aware that he is from Kiran. They also know that the 38-year old… Read more »

Pirapaharan, Chapter 33: Knocking Out the Base

by T. Sabaratnam; published March 15, 2004 33. Knocking Out the Base  Grabbing Land A joint police and army team led by police detectives raided the Pankulam settlement of Tamils of the Indian origin on the orders of Vavuniya Assistant Government Agent at 10 a.m. on 6 April 1983 and set fire to their crops and… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: South Reacts with Restraint

by T. Sabaratnam; Colombo, published March 8, 2004 Weekly Review The most redeeming feature of the northeastern crisis is the restraint shown by southern leaders, who have treated it as the LTTE’s internal affair, and their reluctance to exploit the crisis for their benefit. The recently forged United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) strongman Mangala Samaraweera declined… Read more »

Pirapaharan, Chapter 32: The Return of Pirapaharan

by T. Sabaratnam; published March 3, 2004 32. The Return of Pirapaharan   Filling the Vacuum Pirapaharan landed near Valvettithurai before dawn on 18 February 1983, one and a half years after he left for Tamil Nadu. When he left on midnight of 6 June 1981, six days after he witnessed the burning of the… Read more »

Pirapaharan, Chapter 31: The Death of the First Hero

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published February 25, 2004 31. The Death of the First Hero   Shooting of Shankar Rajani, who was on the verandah of the main house, saw the army jeep entering their compound. She ran through the house to the back door and shouted, “Nirmala Akka, army jeep is coming.” She warned her… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: Strengthening the Tamil Bargaining Position

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published February 24, 2004 Weekly Review Two significant developments have marked the parliamentary nominations that concluded at noon today (Tuesday). The first, in the order of importance, is the open entry of the LTTE into the democratic electoral process. The second was the intense debate generated by the entry of Buddhist priests… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: Election Jockeying

by T. Sabaratnam, originally posted February 17, 2004 Weekly Review, 16 February 2004 Nomination week for the April 2 parliamentary election begins on Tuesday February 17 and the events of the last few days point to an intensely violent and confrontational campaign. Two incidents of election violence have been reported from the Puttalam district on… Read more »

Pirapaharan, Chapter 30: LTTE Guerrillas in Action

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published February 11, 2004 30. LTTE Guerrillas in Action  Nelliady Ambush Pirapaharan’s wish to raise an LTTE army on the lines of Subash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army was natural because he had already gathered a group of active and committed cadres. He had trained over 25 youths and a few of… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: An Opportunity Tamils Should Not Miss

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published February 10, 2004 Weekly Review An Opportunity Tamils Should Not Miss Tamil politicians and analysts view the April 2 parliamentary election as a golden opportunity Sinhala chauvinism has bestowed on the Tamils. They are pleased that the LTTE has already seized the opportunity and won the international community’s acclaim by declaring… Read more »

Pirapaharan, Chapter 29: The Indian Interest

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published February 4, 2004 29. The Indian Interest   Trincomalee Problem The interest RAW officials showed in the Trincomalee harbour helped Pirapaharan to figure out the puzzle. He knew that New Delhi was concerned about its security and had an aspiration to become the regional power. Its interest in the Sri Lankan… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: India to Delay Signing

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published February 3, 2004 Weekly Review 2 February 2004 India to delay signing the Defence Agreement India has decided to delay the signing of the Indo-Sri Lanka Defence Agreement, Colombo-based Indian diplomats said. This information was conveyed to President Chandrika Kumaratunga by Indian High Commissioner Nirupam Sen during the one and… Read more »

Pirapaharan, Chapter 28: RAW Meets Pirapaharan

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published January 28, 2004 28. RAW Meets Pirapaharan   Pondy Bazaar Shootout With unbridled power concentrated in his hands, President Jayewardene set out to stifle the fledgling Tamil militancy. But the tools he used- state terrorism and weakening of the moderate leadership- were counterproductive. Police and army atrocities, in the process of… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: The World Figures Out

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published January 27, 2004 Weekly Review The World Figures Out Japanese peace envoy Yasushi Akashi’s succinct comment “why should they suffer” and his indication that a new mechanism “will be established” to expedite delivery of some of the aid pledged by the international community to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of war damaged… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: Sinhala Chauvinism on the War Path

by T. Sabaratnam; published January 21, 2004 Weekly Review Sri Lanka Scene Sinhala Chauvinism on the War Path I delayed this week’s column to enable me to comment on Monday’s Kilinochchi meeting of representatives of donor countries and international aid agencies and Tuesday’s signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)… Read more »

Pirapaharan, Chapter 26: The First Attack on the Army

by T. Sabaratnam; published January 16, 2004 Chapter 26: The First Attack on the Army Seelan’s Saga When the news of the attack on the army by a group of LTTE cadres led by Seelan reached the Jaffna University Campus its vice chancellor Prof. K. Kailasapathy remarked: “They have crossed the border.” Before that, Tamil militant… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: Political Chess Goes On

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published January 12, 2004 Weekly Review Sri Lanka Scene Political Chess Goes On This year’s first cabinet meeting was held on Wednesday in the cabinet room. President Chandrika Kumaratunga did not attend it. Under the constitution, she is the head of the cabinet. She presides over its meetings. She has not attended… Read more »

Pirapaharan, Chapter 25: Parliament Discusses Ways to Kill Amir

by T. Sabaratnam; published January 7, 2004 25: Parliament Discusses Ways to Kill Amir   The Unnoticed Messages Tamils, through the DDC election, gave two clear messages to the Sinhala leaders, Sinhala people and the world. The Tamils told them unambiguously, that the Tamils were for a separate state which would restore their racial rights, dignity,… Read more »

The Sri Lanka Scene

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published January 5, 2004 Weekly Review 4 -1-2004 Sri Lanka Scene Last week I highlighted the return of Buddhist extremism to the centre of the Southern Sri Lankan political stage and indicated the ensuing danger. As I said, the government bent backwards to please the Buddhist monks. Buddha Sasana Minister W. J…. Read more »

The Sri Lankan Scene: Peace Talks on Hold

by T. Sabaratnam; originally published December 15, 2003 Weekly Review The Sri Lankan Scene Peace Talks on Hold Hit Wicket I will begin this column, as I did last week, with cricket, not with Muttiah Muraleetharan capturing eight wickets in the second test with England, but with the phenomenal ‘hit wicket’ performance of Sri Lanka Cricket… Read more »