Wickramasinghe Deploys ‘Shadow War’ Intelligence Squads in Jaffna

TamilNetby TamilNet, October 26, 2016

Ranil Wickramasinghe, the prime minister of genocidal Sri Lanka has deployed more than one hundred high-level intelligence operatives in Jaffna district to step up and coordinate a shadow war on Eezham Tamils as in the mid 1990s under the rule of Chandrika Kumaratunga when the SL military seized the entire Jaffna peninsula. The latest operation has been carried out in collaboration with the Commander-in-Chief of the occupying military, SL President Maithiripala Sirisena. The intelligence ‘head quarters’ is attached to the district police headquarters at Pa’n’nai in Jaffna. The new Intelligence hierarchy is operating its own roaming commando squads. The recent violent behaviour of SL police has its origins from the ‘coordination’ and commando operations of this intelligence squad, informed sources within the SL Police establishment in Jaffna said.

‘State Intelligence Service’, which is earlier known as National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), is coordinating the new operation.

Whether the killing of two Jaffna University students was also an ‘operation’ coordinated by this unit is not known. Any investigation being carried out the SL State will be protecting those having command responsibility for the killings is the opinion of Tamil rights activists in Jaffna.

The SL Police being focused on removing critical CCTV footage near the crime site has raised serious questions whether the police is trying to protect someone else than the five policemen who are detained for ‘investigations’ at the moment.

Meanwhile, the roaming commando squads attached to the new district intelligence ‘head quarters’ are also being blamed of enforcing an undeclared curfew in certain areas of the district.

On Tuesday evening, three Tamil men were brutally attacked at Aanaik-koaddai by the commando squad that came in a Hiace van.

24-year-old Santhirasekaran Sankararajah from Aanaik-koaddai, 27-year-old Selvakumar Balasingham and Gnanavel Amarasingham from Kaakkai-theevu, were admitted to Jaffna Teaching hospital with injuries. The intelligence squad also smashed a motorbike belonging to the Tamil men. The incident took place around 8:00 p.m.

Around 130 intelligence operatives are employed under the new ‘shadow war’ NIB establishment in Jaffna, informed sources told TamilNet.



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  1. Thiru

    Well this is like the Fox News. Where is evidence that RW & MS are behind this?

    When TamilNet & similar fabrications are given credence inevitably a monster grows, just like how Fox News & Hanities alike have been doing.

    People in North say that there is a “deep state”, however the person or people behind it are defence forces & supporters of primarily Gotabhaya Rajapaksa! But the mission of TamilNet is to cast all Sinhala leadership is chauvinistic and hell bent on wiping out Tamils by “genocidal” means.

  2. Thiru

    The “deep state” and/or the Rajapaksa opposition is there nationwide, not just North.