Workers in Post-Civil War Jaffna

Image result for Solidarity Center logoA Snapshot of Working Conditions, Opportunities and Inequalities in Northern Sri Lanka

by Solidarity Center, Washington, DC, June 2016

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…The bulk of the workers in Jaffna are in low-paid jobs with minimal labor standards, social protection and security of tenure, which are not conducive to decent work, per the ILO1 or to creating sustainable livelihoods. Whether through a lack of institutional capacity as a result of the war (fighting ceased seven years ago) or other factors, the local, provincial and national governments are remiss in upholding and enforcing labor standards and laws, compared with other provinces. Moreover, perhaps because the re-establishment of formal work and labor relations is relatively new to the province, workers are unaware of the rights due them and the laws to be enforced. Trade unions, nongovernmental organizations and international development partners could play a pivotal role in sensitizing the governments and business community around compliance with national and international labor standards, and empowering workers to demand their due entitlements.

If Sri Lanka is to reap a peacetime dividend, it must address the entrenched inequality and economic inequity that can stoke and prolong conflict, and which threaten peace. The following snapshot of labor conditions highlights the issues and gaps that exist in Jaffna and, by extension, the Northern and Eastern provinces, that need urgent attention to both grow the country’s economy and address worker rights issues that have the potential to stoke continued social conflict…

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