Xavier was my Saviour

by M.K. Eelaventhan, July 12, 2016

Most Outstanding Professional Award: I. Francis Xavier, a renowned and celebrated human rights lawyer and activist (2nd from left), sponsored by Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce and presented by The Scarborough Hospital Foundation Vice President Christine Williams and Hon. Mary Ann Chambers, Ontario Minister for Children and Youth Services, 2007

J.R. Jeyawardena brought this draconian legislation in 1979 to wipeout the
so-called terrorism.  In his declaration he said wipeout terrorism on or
before 31st  December 1979. I was kept in the Jaffna military camp housed
at the old kachcheri premises and later I was transferred to the Jaffna
Prisons housed at the Dutch Fort premises.  My  imprisonment lasted three
months. According to this act I was  kept incommunicado and I was not
allowed to see any person. At this critical juncture, Mr. Francis Xavier,
Human Rights Activist Lawyer and a Tamil Nationalist at heart came to my
rescue.  He was guided by Mr. S. Kathiravetpillai who was a legal luminary.  Mr.
Xavier’s constant visits to see me at the prison was a moral boost to me and
a challenge to the prison authorities.  If he had not come to my rescue as
to what would have happened to me is a debatable point.

While recognising his sincerity and dedication.  Mr. M. Sivasithambaram, a
leading Lawyer and TULF Leader argued my case in an articulate manner,
couched in the legal language.

It must be mentioned here that the anti terrorism act was passed in 1979.  37
years have rolled down but this act still continue to haunt us, though
there is a so called good governance in the country. This legislation continues as a
thorn in the field of the Srilankan judiciary.  The so called promise of the
repeal of this act by the government is only to deceive the world.

In this hour of crisis, death snatching him  Xavier away is a big blow to
the Eelam Tamil Nation.  Mr. Francis Xavier was a leading Lawyer, Human
Rights Activist, Tamil  Nationalist at heart and above all a loving

Former Member of Parliament Srilanka
Member of Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
representing Canada.

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