2nd Vaddukkodai Resolution

by DMK’s Minister of Fisheries A. Radhakrisnan, August 9, 2021

Report on ‘2nd Vaddukoddai Resolution’ video conference held on 1-8-2021 with the participation of Tamil Leaders from Tamil Eelam
(North and East of Sri Lanka) and Tamil Nadu, India.

Second Vaddukkodai Resolution 1 August 2021

2nd Vaddukoddai Resolution video conference seeking India’s immediate and direct intervention in Sri Lankan ethnic crisis to protect and preserve the Identity of the Traditional Home Land of Tamils in the Island of Sri Lanka was held on 1-8-2021 Sunday for 7 long hours from 2 p.m. that day.

Mr. Kasi Anandan a Tamil Leader and a well known Poet of Eelam presided over the conference and Professor Ramu Manivannan, the Head of the Political Science Department, Chennai University being the chief coordinator conducted the conference.

This resolution, it is said, will be forwarded to Mr. Modiji the Honorable Prime Minister of India for consideration and prompt action of his government with regard to the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils who are on the verge of extinction in the Island.

Tamil Leaders of various Political Parties from both Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, India participated in this conference that delt with a very crucial issue of importance.

Kasi Anandan, the Poet, in his speech said ‘There can never be an interim solution for the problems of Tamils in Sri Lanka. We the Tamils have been deceived by the Government of Sri Lanka on several previous occasions and we will not permit them to deceive us anymore. India should find out a permanent solution that will be beneficial to both India and Eelam.

Kasi Anandan said, ‘when a Tamil Person dies in Tamil Eelam, after cremation of the body, the ashes in a pot is brought to Kasi and immersed in the holy water of Ganga. Such is the relationship between India and Eelam. India should understand this and liberate Eelam Tamils from bondage.

The speech of Velan Swamyji from Tamil Eelam, Sri Lanka was a blessing to the conference.

‘God will take us towards our ultimate destination – freedom.’ He said.

‘Pothuvil to Poigandi March which I organized a few months ago was only an expression of our determination to liberate our Home Land from Sri Lankan Tyranny’ Swamyji added.

Mrs. Vanathy Seenivasan M.L.A., the President of the Women wing of the BJP conveyed her wishes for the success of the conference as she could not attend the conference due to the late landing of her flight in Chennai from Delhi.

Mr. Pala Nedumaran the senior most Politician in Tamil Nadu in his speech said, ‘If India neglects the planned intrusion of China into the Indian Ocean Region and if it fails to take action with immediate effect on this matter, then India will have to loose its entire grip on this geopolitical wise important zone within a very short period of time.

Mr. C.V. Vigneswaran, the former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka and the present member of Sri Lankan Parliament greeted this conference on behalf of three Political Parties under the leadership of Mr. Suresh Premachandran former M.P., Sri Lanka and Mr. Sri Kantha, a Prominent advocate in Jaffna.

Mr. Sivajilingam, former Sri Lankan M.P., and Mrs. Ananthi Sasitharan former Minister in the Northern Provincial Council also participated in the Conference.

Mr. Sivajilingam said, ‘Eelam Tamils have approached India seeking help on several previous occasions, and today India’s help is urgently needed as Tamils have been pushed to the brink of destruction in the Island.’ ‘India must intervene’ he said.

Mrs. Aanthi Sasitharan the leader of the Self Rule Party said, ‘India was with Sri Lanka in the past. But India should be with Tamil Eelam in the future.

‘Dear India, Sri Lanka has deceived you on many occasions. But Tamil Eelam will never deceive you’ she said.

Mr. Vaiko M.P., the general secretary of M.D.M.K. said ‘India’s intervention is a must as only through direct intervention and through declaration of an Independent Sovereign State of Eelam, India can regain its dominance over Indian Ocean Region.’

Mr. K.S. Radhakrishnan, a leader and an eminent lawyer said, ‘Southern border of India has become an easy target for China after it’s entrance into Sri Lanka. India should understand that delay in action will lead to destruction. Make Tamil Eelam your second Bangaladesh.’

Mr. Mavai Senathirajah, Sri Lanka, the leader of Thamil Arasu Katchi and former M.P. accepted the invitation for the conference, gave his consent, but later expressed sorry for his absence due to pressure from Colombo.

‘The 2nd Vaddukoddai Resolution Conference’ has gone into record as the first joint meeting of Tamil Leaders from Tamil Eelam and Tamil Nadu to urge India’s intervention in Sri Lankan ethnic crisis.



Leaders from Tamil Nadu :

  1. Pazha Nedumaran – President (ITF)
  2. Vanathi Seenivasan – MLA (BJP)
  3. K.S. Radhakrishnan – Lawyer (DMK)
  4. Vaigai Selvan – Former Minister (AIADMK)
  5. Vaiko, MP – General Secretary (MDMK)
  6. K. Balu – Lawyer (PMK)
  7. Thol Thirumavalavan, MP – President (VCK)
  8. Mahendiran – (CPI)
  9. Maniarasan – President (TNM)
  10. Dhehlan Pahavi – President (SDPI)
  11. Velmurugan – President (TVK)
  12. L.K. Suthish – Vice President (DMDK)
  13. Va. Gowthaman – President (TPK)
  14. Kolathoor Mani – President (PDK)
  15. Kovai Ramakrishnan – President (TPDK)
  16. Thozhar Thiyagu – President (TNLM)
  17. Komal Anbarasan – President Youth Front (AMMK)
  18. Thirumurugan Gandhi – President (May17)
  19. N.R. Kone – Vice President (Samtha Party)
  20. Pugazhenthi Thangaraj – Journalist (Social Worker, Activist)
  21. Mumbai Ganesan – President (MTS)


Leaders from Tamil Eelam :

  1. Maha Guru Velan Swamiji
  2. C.V. Vigneshwaran, M.P., – (Former Chief Minister, Northern Province and Former Chief Justice Sri Lanka.)
  3. Sivajilingam – ( Former MP )
  4. Anandhi Sasidharan – (Former Minister Northern Provincial Council)
  5. Suresh Premachandran – (Former MP)
  6. Sreegantha – (Former MP)
  7. M. Thirunavukkarasu (Retired Professor History Department, University of Jaffna)
  8. Yogachandran Pasupathi, (International Centre for Co-ordination of Tamils)


2nd Vaddukkodai Resolution

We resolve that India’s involvement in finding out a solution to the ethnic
crises in Sri Lanka is the need of the hour and that India should intervene with
immediate effect.

The Tamil conflict is dragging on since independence and ever since
Independence Sri Lanka took several steps to persecute the Tamil people.

One of the first steps against Tamils was to cancel the citizenship of
Tamils who were brought by the British from India over two hundred years ago. It
was followed by Government sponsored Sinhalese settlements in Tamil areas.

Several more laws were also passed against Tamils, like the Sinhala only Act in
1956. This was followed by several pogroms against Tamil people beginning in

Several agreements between the Tamil leaders and the Sri Lanka
Government also failed, due to non compliance by the Government.

Even Indo – Sri Lanka Accord signed over thirty years ago was not
implemented by the Government and one of the aspects of the Accord of United
Tamil areas of North East of the island was invalidated by the Judiciary.

In this situation, we strongly believe that only way to end the decades long
conflict is to find a solution based on the Vaddukodai Resolution adopted in 1976
by the joint Tamil leadership – Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) -consisting of
the Tamil political parties in the North – East and in the upcountry.

This Vaddukodai Resolution called for a political solution based on Self-Determination.
TULF ran on this Vaddukodai Resolution as their election platform in the
1977 parliamentary elections and overwhelmingly won the election and received
a solid mandate for calling for a political solution based on Self-Determination.

We are concerned that the government sponsored rapid settlement of
Sinhalese community in Tamil areas may result in Tamils becoming minority in
our traditional homeland of the North and East of the island and it will make
Sinhalese getting upper hand in any political settlement.

We also would like to point out that Sri Lankan Government is using
development in Tamil areas as a pretext to accelerate Sinhalese settlements in
Tamil areas and to give foothold to Chinese government backed companies.

Additionally, Government is destroying and replacing Hindu Temples with
Buddhist Temples in Tamil areas as another way to increase Sinhalese

We strongly urge the Government of India to take steps as a matter of
urgency to stop Sinhalese settlements in Tamil areas under different pretexts.

This resolution seeks India’s immediate and direct involvement in
protecting and preserving the identity of Eelam Tamils as a ‘Traditional Home
Land’, a land (Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka) that has been their
Home Land for thousands of years since time immemorial.

In closing, we again reiterate our request to help find a political solution
based on Self-Determination as called for by the Vaddukodai Resolution.


No Responses to “2nd Vaddukkodai Resolution”

  1. R Shanmugananthan

    I wish to make the following observations in regard to this resolution.
    Many Eelam Tamil leaders and also many thinkers among the Tamil diaspora have expressed their misgivings about this resolution.
    The Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976 gave legitimacy to the peaceful struggle and later armed struggle to counter the oppression by the Sinhalese rulers. The Vaddukoddai resolution proclaimed in 1976 is a cherished and venerable document to the Eelam Tamils.
    Recently passed resolution by ex- Tamil activists in Chennai and calling it second Vaddukoddai resolution will devalue the iconic original resolution. Why it was called a second Vaddukoddai resolution is a mystery.
    Unless there is a genuine change in India’s foreign policy which will acknowledge that protecting Eelam Tamils is in the long term interest of India, all these resolutions will fall on deaf ears. Currently there doesn’t seem to be any change in India’s foreign policy.
    In the mean time China has upped the ante by signing many agreements with Sri Lanka which India is unable to counter. What USA’s policy in regard to Sri Lanka is unknown. It is an uncertain period for the Tamils.
    Tamils are already living under oppressive conditions and unless we explore all options, one day Tamils will be wiped out from Sri Lanka.