‘Cover-up’ over Phosphorus Attack Haunts Sri Lanka Talks

by Robin Pagnamenta, 'The Times,' UK, November 2, 2013


Civilians walking across a lagoon from inside the “No Fire Zone” where government troops have the Tamil Tiger rebels surrounded

A Sri Lankan army photograph taken after the last battle of the civil war in 2009 Sri Lankan Government/Reuters


When Kannaki was hit by a phosphorus shell, she was six months pregnant, lying huddled in a bunker with 15 other Tamils while an artillery bombardment raged around them for hour after hour.

As Sri Lanka’s 26-year war against Tamil separatists reached its final and most deadly phase, Kannaki was crammed with about 300,000 other civilians into a narrow area of jungle where rebels belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were mounting a last, desperate stand against the Army.

It was then that her, and the rebels’, luck finally ran out. A fragment of shell struck her thigh,…[rest of article must be paid for].


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