We Eelam Tamils Embrace the 150th Birthday Celebrations of Canada

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  1. S Siva

    Canada is a great nation but its indigenous people have protested during its 150 year celebrations that politicians failed to fulfill their promises.

    While all appreciate the Canadian government action to welcome Syrian refugees, Canada did not act swiftly to bring refugees when Sri Lankan regime committed genocide against Tamils or when genocide committed in Ruwanda. Politicians should be impartial, objective, and fair and it is shame to continue to have diplomatic relations with alleged war criminal Sri Lankan regime that continues to fail despite promises to International community to deliver Justice to victims.

    Successive Sri Lankan regimes have been oppressing the Tamils since the British colonial rulers left the island. UK MP Dr. Rachel Joyce has said that the UK Colonial rulers have made the worst blunder in leaving Tamil Eelam with Sri Lanka together that resulted in mass human sufferings, rape, murder and destruction. Eelam was merged for easy administration and should have separated by the British. Britain is responsible for Tamils sufferings and it should take appropriate action to separate Eelam to put an end to Sinhala Buddhist Apartheid, racism and madness.