M Karunanidhi Bats for Referendum in Sri Lanka

by Press Trust of India in 'The Economic Times,' September 12, 2013

A referendum under the aegis of the United Nations alone would give a fresh lease of life to "beleaguered" Tamils in Sri Lanka, DMK chief M Karunanidhi said here todayM Karunanidhi bats for referendum in Sri Lanka to end woes of Tamils

CHENNAI: A referendum under the aegis of the United Nations alone would give a fresh lease of life to “beleaguered” Tamils in Sri Lanka, DMK chief M Karunanidhi said here today.

“Tamils all over the world earnestly expect that the UN would come forward for such a permanent solution (referendum) after the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay tables report based on her recent tour of Sri Lankato study the plight of Tamils,” he said.

Giving Tamils in Sri Lanka the “right to determine their own political solution through a referendum alone would breathe a new life into Tamils”, the DMK patriarch said adding the general vote should be held among Tamils in Lanka and the Tamil diaspora under the auspices of the UN.

Condemning Sri Lanka for not taking any effort to fully implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) (after the war against LTTEended), he listed out 12 issues including the island nation’s refusal to comply with its 13th Constitutional Amendment.

“Sri Lanka has not even thought about implementing the several UN resolutions. Against this background, expectations have grown that the report of Pillay would bring solace to Eelam Tamils and take efforts to next constructive stage,” Karunanidhi said.

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  1. r.k.seethapathi naidu

    why the same mouth CLOSED totally during May of 2009?
    Pity people like me trusted him all over….
    If Karunanidhi can do a LITTLE,let him do it with maximum BOLDNESS!
    No One Likes/trusts his LIP SERVICE FIRM!

    • meikandan

      Karunanithi will say ‘anything’ to come back to power. He knows that ‘not’ doing anything positive at the height of wanni war in 2009 was one of the ‘many’ reasons why he lost power. He also knows that everyone laughs at him for his claims of ‘writing letter Manmohan’ on Sri Lankan tamils, TN fishermen etc. So, he needs something ‘stronger’ to say to bring him back to power. That is why he ‘bats’ for referendum now. But, once he comes to power, he will become an imbecile and forget what he said.

    • Vibhushana

      Why what were you expecting Karunanidhi to do? Ask LTTE to release hostages?

  2. r.k.seethapathi naidu

    I am more worried person nowadays:
    Due to the General Election in India,
    HEADS of political parties,which are voicing for Tamileelam will go hand and with either Italian counterparts or POONOOL gang(BJP)
    Both Congress & BJP are second to none in ditching tamil community in Great level!