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In Memory of Shanthi Sachithanandam

2013 TEDx talk on social activism — Shanthi Sachithanandam – Visionary Of Social Change & Beautiful Human Being By Visakha Tillkeratne, ‘Colombo Telegraph,’ August 29, 2015 You went too soon………….. Shanthi, was the quintessential human being, multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-tasking. A sparkling jewel, in looks and thought. A mother who had time to bring up… Read more »

Learning Politics from Sivaram

‘Taraki’ aka D. Sivaram was killed on April 28, 2005.  In his memory, we urge all interested in Sri Lanka to read his biography by an American anthropologist, ‘Learning Politics from Sivaram.’ Book Review of Learning Politics from Sivaram by Michele Ruth Gambard, Portland State University in The Journal of Asian Studies Excerpt from book at Selected… Read more »

Prabu Somanaidu MMA Fighter

‘Never back down’ is Prabu’s philosophy in life. He believes that mixed martial arts is about consistency, hard work, and discipline. Prabu’s ultimate dreams are to be amongst the top 10 UFC champions in the world and to become one of the top MMA coaches in Malaysia. His aspiration is to make his country proud,… Read more »

WTO Expresses its Deep Sympathy on the Passing Away of Mr. A. P. Venkateswaran

World Thamil Organization expresses its deep sympathy on the passing away of Mr. A. P. Venkateswaran World Thamil Organization is shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the passing away of Mr. A. P. Venkateswaran, Former Foreign Secretary of the Indian Government. Mr. Venkateswaran was one of the rare, very few Indian Government officials… Read more »

Loss of Past President JM Rajaratnam (1928-2014)

from the Booklet of Sangam’s 26th Annual General Meeting in 2003, when Mr. Rajaratnam was given a Lifetime Achievement Award: Mr. J.M. Rajaratnam, a graduate of University of Ceylon, was the winner of a five year open government Scholarship for studies in Accounting in the UK.   He was the CEO and Chairman, Board of Directors… Read more »

100 Most Influential – Muruganantham

Arunachalam Muruganantham TIME’s 100 Most Influential People : The entrepreneur who is an unlikely health crusader TED talks: How I Started a Sanitary Napkin Revolution BBC News Magazine: The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary

The Disappearance of an Academic

Six years after, for many, it’s a forgotten matter shrouded in the past. But for his family, the pain endures. The following article was written one month after he was abducted.

Amnesty’s appeal follows.

John H. Reed, Former US Ambassador, Dies

Mr. Reed was U.S. ambassador to the Indian Ocean island republic of Sri Lanka and the Maldives in 1976-77 and again from 1981 to 1985, serving the first stint under President Gerald R. Ford and his second under President Ronald Reagan.

At the time, the Sri Lankan government reportedly was seeking U.S. military equipment to combat the Tamil rebels who were fighting for an independent state in the northern part of the country. The bloody guerrilla war began in 1983 and lasted 26 years, until the government defeated the so-called Tamil Tigers. Tens of thousands of lives were lost on both sides in addition to environmental and economic destruction.

Obituary for P.A. Subramaniam

PA often differed from me and others regarding compromises between nationalistic tendencies and socialistic strategies, we nevertheless always recognised his positions were always anchored in his fundamental beliefs. PA said it clearly:
“For me oppression (whether it is violent or non-violent, armed or unarmed) is terrorism. Opposing oppression in any form is not terrorism and I am always at home to be on the side of resistance, whether enlightened by Marxism or not.”