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Peace Talks Wrecked Before Resumption

by Wakeley Paul; published May 11, 2004 Based on the multitude of inconsistent, illogical and contradictory positions taken by the two K¹s [Kumaratunge and Kadirgamar] on the peace talks, it is quite obvious that they have already done everything in their power to quash the Peace negotiations for good. Yet they pretend to be committed to… Read more »

FeTNA Convention July 2-5 in Baltimore

Anpudaiyeer, VaNakkam. Thank you for your continued support to FeTNA. Hope you are the lucky one to get your choice Hotel reservation and Flight reservation for the “FeTNA 2004 THAMIZHAR VIZHAA” on July 2,3,4 and 5 -2004. The rooms are getting filled up fast. To get your choice accommodations, please call the hotels today. So… Read more »

Tamil to be Taught at Yale

by India Abroad News Service, New York, April 28, 2004 Tamil to be taught at Yale University WASHINGTON: Tamil language and culture will soon be taught at the prestigious Yale University, one of the Ivy League institutions in the US. This was announced at a reception by economics professor T.N. Srinivasan, chair of the South… Read more »

Open Appeal re Sivaram

by Dr. Victor Rajakulendran; published May 5, 2004 An open appeal to the Foreign Ministers of Democratic Nations The Hon. Jan Peterson, State Secretary, Norway Hon. Jack Straw, Foreign Secretary, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London Hon. Javier Solana, Secretary General, European Union Council Hon. Bill Graham, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada Hon. Nkosayana Dlamini-Zuma, Minister of… Read more »

Music Concert in NY May 8

  “Uthayam 2004“A Concert to Benefit Refugees Featuring Susheela, Aingaran and Anita Krishnan!! Saturday, May 8, 2004 6:30 PM Staten Island, NY For more information call 718-344-4793, 718-739-7738 or 609-799-7746 Originally published May 3, 2004

ANZAC Day and the Eelam Tamil

by Sabesan (Melbourne); TamilNaatham, April 26, 2004 ANZAC Day and the Eelam Tamil“Anzac Day mirrors the soul of our nation, And shows the price it was willing to pay, To secure our freedom, knowing if it was lost, That soul would sicken, and would wither away” (Bernard Sprunt) ANZAC Day – 25 April – is probably… Read more »

VanniTech Trip Report

VanniTech Trip Report 04, February 2003 – 17, March 2004 By Jey Kumara Surier (Ex-President, Vanni Institute of Technology) Chief Technical Officer, ITTPO San Jose, California April 20, 2004 After spending 13 months and 13 days in Sri Lanka to implement the VanniTech project, I returned to the U.S. a few weeks ago. When ITTPO,… Read more »


  . THO-USA is a non–political, non-profit organization Our goal is to help rebuild the Healthcare infrastructure of the North-East of Sri Lanka We need your help and support Now, is the time! Event : Annual General Meeting of Tamils Health Organization (THO-USA) Date : Saturday, May 1, 2004 Time : 4:30 PM to 11:00 PM Venue : North… Read more »

Are Tamils to be Fooled Again?

by Rajkumar Sivapatham; published April 29, 2004 Are Tamils going to be fooled again? The UFPA government and the president planned for the constitutional amendment by hook or crook. The loss suffered by the UFPA on the speaker’s election has put a dent in that plan. Then the president started her next plan. This is to… Read more »

Trip to Vanni, Section V Part II

by K. Mylvaganam; Tamil Circle, #3405, April 25, 2004 During my stay in Vanni I had the chance to visit several Institutions, each accommodating a different category of people. I shall describe a few of the “Illams” (houses) as they are called in my subsequent insertions. I have, in one of my earlier articles, made reference… Read more »

Restored Deadlock

Tamil Guardian editorial; London, published April 23, 2004 Restored Deadlock: The prospects for peace are at their lowest IF THE point of the April 2 general election was to end the political imbroglio that had deadlocked Sri Lanka’s government for months, the results had precisely the opposite effect. This week found all three major Sinhala parties… Read more »

Intervention on Ponnambalam at UN

by Tamil Centre for Human Rights; April 2004 International Association of Democratic Lawyers – IADL 60th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights, Geneva, SwitzerlandItem 17 (b) Human Rights Defenders Intervention by Deirdre McConnell Mr. Chairperson, I speak on behalf of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers – IADL Former High Commissioner for Human Rights,… Read more »

What Does This ‘Peace’ Mean?

by Rajkumar Sivapatham; published April 23, 2004 For the past couple of years, the most commonly used word in the Sri Lankan affair is “peace.” Even before the MOU between the GOSL and the LTTE was signed, Chandrika and her military had been waging a war for “peace.” This war is even now justifiable to some… Read more »

Tamil Health Org.’s AGM May 1

THO-USA is a non–political, non-profit organization Our goal is to help rebuild the Healthcare infrastructure of the North-East of Sri Lanka We need your help and support Now, is the time! Event : Annual General Meeting of Tamils Health Organization (THO-USA) Date : Saturday, May 1, 2004 Time : 4:30 PM to 11:00 PM Venue : North Brunswick, New… Read more »

FeTNA Convention in Baltimore July 2-5

The 17th Annual National Convention of the Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America will take place in Baltimore, MD on July 2, 3, 4 & 5. Registration for accomodation, etc. is now going on. Hold your place NOW because the good rooms sell out fast!! More details at Maestro Illayaraaja FeTNA 2004 venue Originally… Read more »

The Constitution is Illegal

by Wakeley Paul; published April 20, 2004 To Ponna Wignaraja & Shiva Pasupati [former Attorney General], I am glad to note that Nihal Jayawickrema, part architect of the 1972 Constituent Assembly, of all people, recognizes what I have been trumpeting for some time, to wit, the illegality of the concept of the Constituent Assembly. His effort… Read more »

Are We Getting Anywhere?

by Rajkumar Sivapatham; published April 20, 2004 Are we getting anywhere with this peace process? After this unwanted election, things in Sri Lanka are getting more unpredictable and funnier. The much-celebrated alliance, the UFPA, is becoming a laughing stock even before the first sitting in the parliament. The SLFP, the almost 50% partner in the UFPA,… Read more »

In Search of Peace

by V. Gunaratnam; published April 18, 2004 An air of theatre hangs over Sri Lanka as the country is caught up in a chaotic transition process after the general elections. There is a sense of dark plots being hatched, and cloak and dagger things going on behind the scenes, while the UPFA struggles to cobble together… Read more »

Where to, Sri Lanka?

by Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam, Ph.D.; California, published April 15, 2004 PoliticalPartyPosition_4_04 The Voters have elected members of Parliament (MP) and parties who differ on the path and the form of the solution to resolve the Tamil National Question (TNQ). In this essay I will lay out what I think are possible pathways for moving forward toward resolving… Read more »

Tamil Studies, NZ, Press Release

TAMIL STUDIES AND HUMAN RIGHTS TRUST, NZ (INC.)2153A Great North Road, Avondale,Auckland 1007 New Zealand Tel: 64 – 9 – 8202113 R.Selva /A_T/ /D_O_T/ nzPRESS RELEASE 09th April 2004 The General Elections held on 2 April 2004 have conveyed through the voting pattern three stark truths. 1. By returning a vitriolic racist alliance –… Read more »