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Pirapaharan Chapter 35: Tamil Blood Boils

by T. Sabaratnam; published March 31, 2004 35:  Tamil Blood Boils Eyewitness Account I was in Trincomalee on 27 November 1982 with Daily News presidential reporter Norton Weerasinghe and photographer Sena Vithanagama to cover the foundation-laying function of the Mitsui Cement Factory the next morning. We met Trincomalee Member of Parliament Rajavarothayam Sampanthan at his home on 28… Read more »

FTAUK Press Release

The Federation of Tamil AssociationsUnited Kingdom Earlier known as the Co-ordinating Committee of TAMIL ASSOCIATIONS of the UNITED KINGDOM ————————————————————— Deputy Chairman: Dr. K.S RAJAH, MBBS, FRCS Gen. Secretary: Dr. N. SATCHITHANANTHAN, MBBS Secretary: Mr. J.K. KARAN, FCCA, FCMA, MBIC Treasurer: Dr. L.S. RATNAM, MBBS, DMJ, MRCGP Tuesday 30th. March 2004. PRESS RELEASEAfter many decades… Read more »

‘Silent Waters’ in NYC & SF

This movie has a Sri Lankan producer. It is showing on Thursday and Friday in New York City, April 22 and 25 at the San Francisco Film Festival, in Toronto in May and various other places around North America after winning many awards in Europe. Ed. MOVIE REVIEW | ‘SILENT WATERS’ The New York Times… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: Close Fight in the South

by T. Sabaratnam; Colombo, March 29, 2004 Weekly Review Close Fight in the South, Massive Backing for TNA Peace Talks Sri Lanka votes on Friday and opinion polls and political analysts indicate that neither of the feuding leaders will muster enough majority to form a stable government. “Right now, it does not look like either party… Read more »

Need of the Hour

by Rajkumar Sivapatham ; published March 30, 2004 As the Eelam Tamils’ face historic changes, undoubtedly it is to be expected that Tamils will also be faced with challenges. These challenges are expected to come in various forms and from various directions. The Karuna crisis is certainly one of them. The dangerous crisis is the post-Karuna reaction… Read more »

After the April ’04 Elections

by The Action Group of Tamils (TAGOT); Kotte, Sri Lanka, March 29, 2004 Kotte, Sri Lanka Email: tagotsl /A_T/ hotmail /D_O_T/ com PRESS RELEASE 29 March 2004 AFTER THE APRIL ’04 ELECTIONS Whilst we await the post-election scenario, it is important to be fully aware of how Sinhala politicians are exploiting the rhetoric of “peace” laced with… Read more »

Life After Former Col. Karuna

by The Action Group of Tamils (TAGOT); Kotte, Sri Lanka, March 19, 2004 The Action Group of Tamils (TAGOT) Kotte, Sri Lanka Email: tagotsl /A_T/ hotmail /D_O_T/ com PRESS RELEASE 19 March 2004 LIFE AFTER FORMER COL. KARUNA The Reaction in the Sinhala south to Karuna’s exit from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is varied…. Read more »

Venugopal Master: 60th Birthday Tribute

by Sachi Sri Kantha; published March 29, 2004 Venugopal Master: a 60th Birthday Tribute to Pirabhakaran’s First Mentor Words most often mutate when they get borrowed by another language and one among the many meanings which they imply gain precedence over other meanings. A good example is the English word ‘master’ [whose root was from Latin, magnus,… Read more »

The On-Coming Elections

by K. Mylvaganam; Tamil Circle #3380, March 28, 2004 The election fever is catching up hotly in Sri Lanka. Unlike in the previous elections the people of Thamil Eelam too seem to be taking a keen interest in the same. It is not because to see which of the two leading Buddhist Sinhala chauvinistic parties –… Read more »

Pandora’s Box

by V. Gunaratnam; published March 29, 2004 On the Brink As Sri Lanka stands on the brink of plunging into the murky waters of post-election politics, a veritable Pandora’s box full of political imponderables awaits the Tamils – a Tiger revolt, JVP shenanigans, Buddhist clergy in politics, and a powerful new political alliance. All hell will… Read more »

Terrorism Refined & Distinguished

by Wakeley Paul; published March 29, 2004 Those described by their enemies as ‘Terrorists’ who are engaged in a struggle for Independence from foreign domination, have often wound up as international heroes. Some obvious examples are Jomo Kenyata who defied the British in Kenya, Nelson Mandela who suffered imprisonment and humiliation at the hands of the… Read more »

Resume Database for Immigrants

Dear Colleague, Upwardly Global is a San Francisco-based 501C3 nonprofit organization that helps immigrant, refugee and asylee professionals to rebuild their professional careers in the US. We are launching a new service – an online resume database. This is an opportunity for talented immigrant professionals to have their resumes viewed by top employers such as… Read more »

Pirapaharan, Chapter 34: Tamils Follow Militant Leadership

by T. Sabaratnam; published March 25, 2004 34: Tamils Follow Militant Leadership Traitors The decision taken by the TULF Working Committee at its meeting on 11 May 1983 at its Nallur office to contest the local government election fixed for 18 May, despite the opposition of the militants, caused the political eclipse of the moderates. That… Read more »

An Appeal to Eelam Tamils

An Appeal to Eelam Tamils A Rare Moment in History: Seize the Moment In the course of human history, a few nations have been granted rare moments, of a propitious alignment of diverse forces affecting them. It could be luck, destiny or the product of perseverance, but such moments are rare. Some nations have ‘seized… Read more »

Sri Lanka Scene: Revolt Against Regionalism

Revolt against Karuna’s Regional Cry by T. Sabaratnam; March 22, 2004 Weekly Review Patience Pays Signs that Karuna’s revolt would crumble earlier than expected are surfacing according to the reports reaching Kilinochchi and Colombo. It will speed up, observers predict, as media and political pressure mount on the president and the government to use the division… Read more »

UN Commission on Human Rights

INTERFAITH INTERNATIONAL A non-government organisation with ‘consultative status’ at the United Nations * * * * * * United Nations Commission on Human Rights – 60th session Item 5 – Right to Self-determination Intervention by Visuvalingam KIRUPAHARAN March, 2004 In 1918, President W Wilson used the term ‘self-determination’ in his speeches to Congress. He stated… Read more »

The April Fools Election

by Rajan Philips; published March 21, 2004 The April Fools Election and Post-Election Possibilities The almost April Fools election, an election about nothing and one nobody wanted, has suddenly become the moving stage for a political drama that is unfolding as no one could have predicted. The election itself is not the drama, but everything around… Read more »

Tamil Cogs of the ‘Harkara’ System

by Sachi Sri Kantha; published March 21, 2004 Tamil Cogs that Service the Harkara System of News Supply Front Note Following the appearance of my commentary on Col.Karuna [The Tamil Hero turned into a Zero] in the sangam website, one reader requested additional information on the harkara system prevalent in India – to which I have… Read more »

IMF 2003 Consultation with Sri Lanka

by International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC via ReliefWeb, March 5, 2004 IMF concludes 2003 Article IV consultation with Sri Lanka Public Information Notice (PIN) No. 04/20 Public Information Notices (PINs) are issued, (i) at the request of a member country, following the conclusion of the Article IV consultation for countries seeking to make known the… Read more »

Tamil Homeland is Part of Tamil Identity

by Tamil Guardian Editorial; London, March 17, 2004 Indelible Blot – The homeland is part of the Tamil identity The standoff between the Liberation Tigers’ leadership and the rebellious former commander of the movement’s forces in the Batticaloa-Ampara districts continued this week, with several developing aspects of the crisis raising anxieties amongst the Tamil people, particularly… Read more »