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Dr. Varatharajah Reports from Vanni Feb. 27, 2009

Video clips by Dr. Varatharajah Thurairajah on the situation at Puthu Matalan Hospital in the Vanni, Sri Lanka, while the area was under attack by Sri Lankan security forces, February 27, 2009 Translation provided where after each clip. 27-02-2009DR.Varatharaja-2 Amputee: 0:04  It is the pain. Otherwise it alright. Dr.V. They are coming from that end…. Read more »

Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project set to be Beached

by  P Manoj, The Hindu BusinessLine, December 28, 2020 The project has collapsed over religious and political reasons. Sethusamudram Corporation Ltd (SCL) is set to be wound up, bringing to end an ambitious maritime project that turned controversial over religious sentiments. “Sethusamudram Corporation has passed a resolution seeking additional grant of ₹115.72 crore from the government… Read more »

China’s Influence on Conflict Dynamics in South Asia

by US Institute of Peace, Washington, DC, December 16, 2020 The United States and China both see South Asia as important, although neither considers the region its top geopolitical priority. They consider other areas, such as East Asia, more central to advancing their interests. Still, they recognize that South Asia’s strategic geography and growing population, along… Read more »

Tamil War Victims Demand Remedial Justice

UN’s failure to protect Tamil civilians by Kumarathasan Rasingam – Secretary, Tamil Canadian Elders for Human Rights Org., December 29, 2020 The UNHRC Resolutions 30/1 of 2015, 34/1 of 2017 and 40/1 of 2019 after so much hard work, negotiations and after extension for six years have now produced zero achievement and the endless suffering… Read more »

‘Our Bodies, Their Battlefields’

War through the lives of women by Christina Lamb, Scribner, September 22, 2020 ISBN: 978-1-5011-9917-2 Kirkus Review, May 4, 2020 A searing, absolutely necessary exposé of the uses of rape in recent wars and of global injustices to the survivors. The chief foreign affairs correspondent for the London Sunday Times shows the horrific effects of the mass… Read more »

Waves Across the South

A New History of Revolution and Empire by Sujit Sivasundaram, August 2020 Sujit Sivasundaram was born and educated in Sri Lanka (in ‘Sinhala medium’ until 1992) and came to Cambridge in 1994 to study engineering and then natural sciences and history and philosophy of science. In 2012 he was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize for… Read more »

The Disappearance of ‘Father Basketball’ in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Jesuit Missionaries in Post-Colonial Conflict Zones by Bernardo E. Brown, Journal of South Asian Studies, November 15, 2015 Disappearance of ‘Father Basketball’ in Batticaloa 2015 Abstract In August 1990, Father Eugene John Hebert SJ disappeared while trying to reach his home in the Sri Lankan city of Batticaloa. Caught in the midst of the turmoil… Read more »

MP Gajen Ponnambalam’s Speech in Parliament on Defence Budget

by MP Gajen Ponnambalam, Sri Lankan Parliament, December 3, 2020 2021 வரவு செலவு திட்டத்தில் பாதுகாப்பு… – கஜேந்திரகுமாரின் நண்பர்கள் (

When Big Powers Clash, the UN’s Most Powerful Body Disappears

by Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service, New York, December 4, 2020 UNITED NATIONS, Dec 4 2020 (IPS) – At the height of the Cold War back in the 1960s, a Peruvian diplomat, Dr. Victor Andres Belaunde, characterized the United Nations as a politically wobbly institution that survives only at the will– and pleasure– of the five… Read more »

Rajapaksas Seek Sinhalese Supremacy in Sri Lanka

by Salman Rafi Sheikh, Asia Times, Hong Kong, December 3, 2020 Ruling clan is pushing new form of ethnic majoritarianism to marginalize and dominate historically restive Tamil minority With Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa clan back in power, the island nation is by any measure firmly back on a path to elected authoritarianism. But the Rajapaksas aspire… Read more »

The Voice of Music – S P Balasubramanyam

by Anuradha Srinivasan, Chennai, December 6, 2020  Ezhunthu Vaa Baalu, the harmonium player called out to his friend, who was catching up on the cricket score on his radio backstage. The jovial young man took the mic with a smile and sang breezily as his friends on the harmonium and guitar wove in and out… Read more »

ITJP & JDS: Dossier on Rear Admiral (Rtd.) Sarath Weerasekara

by Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka & International Truth & Justice Project, Europe & South Africa, November 2020 rear-admiral-sarath-weerasekera August 2020: State Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Affairs November 2020: Appointed as Minister of Public Security1 (with control over the Police department, Civil Security department, Police Training College and the Multi-Purpose Development… Read more »

Amnesty: Deliver Justice, Truth and Reparation to Families of the Disappeared

by Amnesty International, London, November 27, 2020 Following the announcement of the release of a list of complaints and information received by the Office on Missing Persons regarding people who were disappeared during Sri Lanka’s internal conflicts, the country’s authorities must now deliver justice, truth and reparation to the families, Amnesty International said today. On 26 November… Read more »

Rajapaksa Lied to ‘Powerful Ambassador’

Over evacuation of Tamils in 2009 – Sri Lankan MP by Tamil Guardian, London, November 24, 2020 File photograph: Mahinda Rajapaksa meets with former US Ambassador Robert O’Blake A Sri Lankan parliamentarian revealed how Mahinda Rajapaksa lied to “an ambassador of the most powerful country” about the evacuation of trapped Tamil civilians in 2009, in… Read more »