TNA Reiterates its Call for an International Investigation for Tamil Killings

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA, January 28, 2015 / —

The Main Tamil political party in Sri Lanka, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) reiterated its call for an international investigation for the mass killings of Tamils during the last phase of the war that ended in mid-2009.

Mr. Suresh Premachandran, Member of Parliament and spokesperson for TNA made this statement during a press conference on Wednesday (28th). This press conference took place at TNA office in Neervali in the Jaffna district.

The recently defeated former government led by Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse opposed an international investigation. The new government, elected mainly due to overwhelming support of Tamils, is also not in favor of an international one and advocating for a domestic investigation.

Mr. Premachandran categorically opposed any domestic investigation, saying that Tamil have no faith or trust in a domestic investigation, citing numerous domestic Commissions set up by several previous governments for the repeated mass killing of Tamils over the years.

He also urged that UN High Commissioner for human rights to table the report on Sri Lanka as scheduled in the UN Human Rights Council Session in March this year. UN Human Rights Council passed a Resolution in its March 2014 Session urging UN High Commissioner for human rights to submit a report on violations of humanitarian law that took place during the war with Tamil rebels called Tamil Tigers.

According to a UN internal review report, up to 70,000 Tamils were killed in five months in the final phase of the war and women were sexually assaulted.

According to a May 2012 report by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Human Rights and Democracy; there are up to 90,000 Tamil war widows in the North-East of Sri Lanka.

Current Sri Lankan President made statements during his election campaign that he was the acting defense Minister during the last two weeks of the war. It was during this time several Tamils were killed. The army commander at the time of the war is also with the new government.

In the meantime, reports from Mannar district says that several families of the disappeared held a silent rally asking to find their loved ones who disappeared and calling for an international investigation.

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