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Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA)

Released by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, October 31, 2003 ISGA Interim Self-Governing Authority LTTE Oct 31 2003 LTTE’s proposals for an Interim Self-Governing Authority in the Northeast region of Sri Lanka THE PROPOSAL BY THE LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM ON BEHALF OF THE TAMIL PEOPLE FOR AN AGREEMENT TO ESTABLISH AN INTERIM… Read more »

Vanni Trip, Section III of Part III

by K. Mylvaganam; published October 29, 2003 When I visited Vanni for the first time in September 2002, there was only one decent place to stay overnight. And that was the A-9 Lodge as it was called then. It is now renamed as 1-9 Lodge. It is situated on the Kandy Road in Kilinochchi. When you… Read more »

Lessons from the Sudanese Experience

by Victor Rajakulendran; originally published October 29, 2003 The Sudanese Experience: A Lesson for Sri Lankan Peacemakers “We hail the response of the people’s movement (SPLM) and its leader John Garang, who was responsible for the success of the last round of talks,” President of Sudan, Hon. Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir in parliament “We have come, as… Read more »

The 1978 Jayawardene Constitution is Unconstitutional

by Wakeley Paul; originally published October 28, 2003 IT SHOULD BE CHALLENGED NOW WHY THE 1972 & 1978 CONSTITUTIONS ARE NULL AND VOID A SIMPLIFIED EXPLANATION FOR EVERYONE We are all aware that the UF government [per Dr Silva] created the ‘Constituent Assembly’ because of the limitations placed on the legislative powers of Parliament under… Read more »

Maveerar Day around the USA

originally published October 24, 2003 A day to Remember A day to Pray A day to Salute Maveerar Naal 2003 Let us come together to honor the Tamil Eelam Heroes Tamil Eelam Heroes Day 2003 Saturday, November 22 Chicago, IL Saturday, November 29 Queens, NY Saturday, December 6 Central New Jersey Saturday, December 6 Seattle,… Read more »

Sudan’s Peace Talks

by Editor; originally published October 22, 2003 Of primary interest to Tamils in the Sudanese peace talks are 1.) the agreement for an internationally supervised referendum in the rebellious southern areas on ‘unity or separation’ in 6 years and 2.) an agreement on security issues that calls for the withdrawal of the majority of government forces… Read more »

Threats & Talks, Latent Bias

Tamil Guardian editorials, London, October 22, 2003 originally published October 28, 2003 Can the LTTE be coerced into abandoning Tamil goals? Whilst the Liberation Tigers are expected to forward their proposals for an interim administration for the Northeast to the Sri Lankan government by the end of the month, Colombo has also dampened expectations of… Read more »

Expatriate Tamil Contribution to the Development of the Northeast

by G.G. Ponnambalam, M.P.; originally published October 18, 2003 (A paper presented by G.G.Ponnambalam M.P. on “Expatriate Tamil contribution to the development of the Northeast,” on the occasion of the 15th anniversary seminar/lunch of the International Tamil Foundation, on 21 September 2003) Mr. Chairman, members of the International Tamil Foundation, guests, ladies and gentlemen, It is… Read more »

Trip to Vanni, Section II of Part III

by K. Mylvaganam; published October 18, 2003 In my earlier insertion on the above subject I mentioned the development works taking place in Vanni. The worst affected areas are the roads in Vanni. All most all the roads are made of gravel except the main Kandy road that is now referred to as the A-9 road…. Read more »

Tamil Techies Master Blaster Worm

By Frances Harrison, BBC, October 17, 2003 The pioneers of a new technology centre must have thought the jungles of rebel-controlled northern Sri Lanka would be the last place to expect the powerful Blaster Worm computer virus. Overcoming a lack of electricity and telephone lines was hardship enough. Bombs, shells and mortars still are a… Read more »

Civil War and Poverty

by Muttukrishna Sarvananthan, Tamil Times, Surrey, UK, September, 2003, originally published October 15, 2003 Twenty years of civil war has left the Sri Lankan economy in general and the economy of the North&East; Province (N&E;) in particular tatters. The civil war had its impact on poverty as well, inter alia. However, the impact of the civil… Read more »

NJ Refugee & Asylee Healthy Families Conference, Oct. 24

originally published October 15, 2003 Connections and Directions: The New Jersey Refugee & Asylee Healthy Families Conference: A Holistic Approach Friday, October 24, 2003 The Conference Center at Mercer County Community College 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Sponsor New Jersey Immigration Policy Network, Inc. Co-Sponsors International Institute, NJ Kean University Monmouth University Mainstream initiatives and… Read more »

What Future the UN?

originally published October 15, 2003 Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, New Jersey November 14, 2003 Location: Seton Hall University School of Law, one block from Penn Station Newark at McCarter H’way and Raymond Blvd, 15 minute train from NYC Seating can be assured only to those who register in advance. Information: hotels, transportation,… Read more »

Trip To Vanni – Section I of Part III

by K. Mylvaganam; published October 15, 2003 I have just returned after being in Vanni for four months. I have come back with mixed feelings. I am overjoyed by noting the positive changes and the peaceful atmosphere that is prevailing there but sad enough in noting the dreadful poverty prevailing among the people in Vanni. Since… Read more »

The Myth of Kannaki

The Concept of Chastity and Power by Mala Kadar; published October 13, 2003 Silapathikaram, the national epic, is hailed as the masterpiece of Indian literature – a showcase of the virtues of a Tamil society during the Sangam period. The woeful tale of Kannaki, the eternally suffering chaste wife who bore her husband’s unchasteful behavior, has… Read more »

How War on Terror Hits Charity

by William P. Fuller and Barnett F. Baron; The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, MA, July 29, 2003, originally published October 12, 2003 WASHINGTON – In the aftermath of the Iraq war, American foundations and humanitarian organizations are beginning to play their traditional role of providing relief and assistance to distressed populations, just as they are doing… Read more »

Shared Sovereignty May Be Answer to Kashmir Problem

by India Abroad; October 10, 2003, originally published October 12, 2003 Though marked by terrorism, Kashmir is not just a terrorist problem, South Asia specialist Teresita C. Shaffer said. The former State Department official who is now director of the South Asia program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a leading Washington think tank,… Read more »

Joint Computer Center Opens in Jaffna

by Tamil Information Technology Association press releases; originally published October 8, 2003 Joint Computer Training Center in Jaffna by TITA and London Kanagathurkai Amman Temple Trust — TITA and London Sri Kanagathurkai Amman Temple Trust (SKTATT) have joined hands to open a Free Computer Training Center, on Thursday the 9th October 2003. This Center will be… Read more »

The Tamil Roots of Bharatha Natyam (Sathir)

by Renuka Kumarasamy; originally published October 8, 2003 An art of any form must have roots in a language, a culture and a people. From those roots it must carry their thoughts, their joys and sorrows and tell the story of their civilization. The soul and roots of Bharatha Natyam can be found in the Tamil… Read more »

A Series of Moments

by Na Kumaran; originally published October 7, 2003 “What remains? Only the remembrance Of a vanished history And those portraits of your grandparents.” – Jean Arasanayagam It is impossible to capture and contain my recent journey to Sri Lanka within one particular article or essay. Added to this, is the difficult task of deconstructing the various images,… Read more »