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The Legal Status of LTTE in the US 
Will there ever be peace...?
Protest Against Vaiko's Arrest

Register your protest against Vaiko, Nedumaran and others' arrest at Then Seide

POTA Defense Fund  


SRI LANKA: THE UNTOLD STORY  Asian Tribune series


Sri Lanka & Tamil Eelam - Getting to Yes


Terrorism: Theirs and Ours



(Update: 05 October 2001)

Peace in Sri Lanka- How the West can help
 - Ana Pararajasingham


 - By Adrian Wijemanne


Will Tamil Nadu want to secede if Eelam is born


A US Based Think-tank Recommends Confederation


The Magna Carta & the the UK Terrorism Law


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Welcome Home, Big Brother  


Manufacturing Moral Outrage


President Chandrika on Tamils
A Video Clip


Sri Lanka Foreign Minister Kadirgamar in Australia
    Audio Clip  
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Australian MP Calls for
Independent Tamil State in Sri Lanka.
Audio Clip



Sathasivam Krishnakumar Kittu - A Salutation 


Kumar Ponnambalam





Negotiations for Dialogue
Returns of Peace  
General Nambiar &  the breakup of the state  
The Jaffna Library as a Symbol of Reconciliation
Finding Common Cause with US Interests
High Security Zones  
Seeing the wood for the trees  
Children's Rights: Language of the Powerful    (  PDF file
Impact of War on Children
Sathyam Commentary - New Years Day 1999
Pediatrics Staff for Jaffna Medical School  
SC Judge Vigneswaran on Human Rights
To be taxed, or not to be taxed?  
An open letter to Sri Lankan High Commissioner in India  
Thailand talks & The Tamil Eelam Demand
Danger of Branding All Wars as Terrorism
Core Issue
Prof.Boyle on Tamils' Rights to Self-Determination
My first visit to Vanni - Ganeshalingam
Reality in Search of Peace
Unholy Alliance
A Reason to Celebrate
Goodwill gestures fail war-torn Jaffna
Winds of Change - Only Cosmetic for Tamils
False Trail: Opponents of the LTTE unite in action
India is Best Placed to Provide a Venue for Talks
  - Tamil Guardian Editorial [9 January 2002]
Tamil National Alliance  
 - Election Manifesto - 2001 
A Lilliputian's Try for Peace
Sri Lankan Economy, Peace and The Debt Trap
Prospects For Peace in Ilankai
Equality or Symmetry of Status A Must

    – Prof. Peter Schalk
British Medical Journal on the War in Sri Lanka
   - Root Causes of violent conflicts in developing countries
   - Letter from MSF
   - Response
Discipline in the North - A Lesson for the South
Amnesty International on Rape in Custody in  Sri Lanka
February 4th - Make it Torture Elimination Day
Sri Lankan Army Assassination Squads - An Analysis  
Tigers outline their position to Norway
From the Land of Make-Believe... 
Problems for the New Sri Lankan Government
TNA Memorandum to Sri Lanka Prime Minister
Boulders on Path to Peace
Peace Talks and The Two State Island
The Prophesy of Mr. C. Suntheralingham  
In Quest of Peace, Somehow - Frontline
22 December 2001 
Plot to Assassinate PM and Incriminate LTTE Uncovered
Peace Process: Picking up the pieces
Douglas Devananda Phenomenon  
Child Soldiers: Fashioning a Moral Rod  
Revisiting the 1977 Tamil Eelam Vote  
When 'Eelam wave' swept the 1977 General Election...
1977 Election & the Mandate for Secession  
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