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TAPI: Reports Document Missing Persons, Military Occupation, Land Grabs

Oakland Institute Details Sri Lanka’s Human Rights ViolationsReports Document Missing Persons, Military Occupation, Land Grabs WASHINGTON, DC (May 28, 2015) – The Oakland Institute, an independent policy think tank, today released two reports that call on the international community to play a larger role in Sri Lanka to ensure that “the culture of impunity is… Read more »

Accountability, Reconciliation and Sinhala Buddhism

If instead it continues on its current course of pledging accountability, political reform and an inclusive multi-ethnic order to international audiences whilst pandering to the Sinhala Buddhist majoritarianism of domestic ones, this current set of pledges will simply be washed away by the next tide of Sinhala nationalist mobilisation as have all previous ones.

Tamil Americans Urge Sec. Kerry to Press Pres. Sirisena on Reform

WASHINGTON, DC (May 1, 2015) – The Tamil American Peace Initiative (TAPI), a nonprofit that seeks to promote peace, prosperity and reconciliation in Sri Lanka, today called on US Secretary of State John Kerry to urge Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena to deliver concrete action on building a society in which all religious and ethnic… Read more »

Prabu Somanaidu MMA Fighter

‘Never back down’ is Prabu’s philosophy in life. He believes that mixed martial arts is about consistency, hard work, and discipline. Prabu’s ultimate dreams are to be amongst the top 10 UFC champions in the world and to become one of the top MMA coaches in Malaysia. His aspiration is to make his country proud,… Read more »

Children of Sri Lankan Refugees Born in India Uncertain about Future

More pictures KEEZHPUDHUPATTU, India – The election of a new president in Sri Lanka in January ushered in renewed hopes for the return of thousands of ethnic Tamils displaced by war – and uncertainty for their children born abroad during decades of bloody conflict. Many of the children are in their twenties now and have… Read more »

Hopes Rise as Rajapakse Bites the Dust

PRESIDENTIAL AMBITIONS GONE ASTRAY Rajapakse triggered the presidential election, believing he would be easily returned to power for a third term, even though he had two more years left in his 2nd term. A great believer in soothsayers, he probably relied on their advice, and the war-victory over the LTTE in 2009, to carry him… Read more »

Artful Democracy

by Nimmi Gowrinathan, ‘Outlook India,’ January 26, 2015 As the old guard in Sri Lanka was dramatically toppled in the recent presidential elections, best wishes were offered not only to the opponent, Maithripala Sirisena, but to a hopefully imminent resuscitation of a suffocated democracy. For nearly a decade, former president Rajapaksa had steadily strengthened his… Read more »

New Crossroad?

If Sirisena’s promise of a new dawn is to have any meaning, this must end. The point was made yet again last week, by over a hundred war affected women and a number of women’s groups who called on the new president to prioritise demilitarisation. However, Sirisena’s assurances to the Buddhist clergy – also echoed by newly appointed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe – that the Tamil areas will remain under tight security, do not augur well.

The Logic of Helping the Lesser Evil

One thing is clear. For the Tamils, the upcoming elections are not about a boycott.  It is about if Tamil leadership should actively endorse either of the two Sinhala nationalist candidates and campaign.  The lack of strategic thinking and inability to think outside the mainstream have been the TNA leadership failures. It was evident in… Read more »

GTF Statement on Presidential Election

GTF Statement on Presidential Election – 2015 v Final Issued for immediate release  PRESS STATEMENT 24 December 2014  Tamils should freely exercise their franchise at the upcoming Sri Lanka Presidential Election Global Tamil Forum (GTF) strongly urges the Tamil people in Sri Lanka to use every vote carefully during the January 8 Presidential Election. Tamil… Read more »

Honoring Father Emmanuel

Speech at event to honor Rev. Dr. Seemanpillai Joseph Emmanuel, Catholic priest and President, Global Tamil Forum, in New Jersey, USA during the Annual General Meetings of Ilankai Tamil Sangam & US Tamil Political Action Council Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen: Thank you all for coming today, to celebrate the life of service to humanity of… Read more »

Topography of Terror and Exile

Where do we carry our dead when our soil is stolen and our oceans were turned into impenetrable walls and borders? Where do we take our grief when our kovil bells are forced into silence and our mourners made illegal? Where do we sing our songs of sorrow and resilience when our lips have been… Read more »

USTPAC Launches #getthepicture Campaign USTPAC_PressRelease_092314 WASHINGTON, Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The US Tamil Political Action Council (USTPAC) today launched a #getthepicture campaign to highlight the frequency and severity of massacres and other serious violence against the Tamil civilian population in Sri Lanka. The campaign follows on the heels of a joint letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in August by Sri Lanka’s Northern and Eastern Provincial… Read more »

Witness Testimony to OISL     URGENT Appeal from CTC: Witness Testimony from Tamil Canadians Needed in Support of UN Investigation     Our Dear Community,   As many of you may know, on August 5th, 2014 the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) announced it will accept submissions pursuant to the mandate… Read more »

Tamils Dream of a Land of Their Own

Seeing is Believing If seeing is believing, then what brought Sri Lanka to the attention of the world were the atrocities committed by Sri Lanka in the war and exposed by Britain’s Channel 4 videos. According to reliable sources, tens of thousands of Tamils civilians were slaughtered in the spring of 2009 by Sri Lankan… Read more »

“Trial by Battle” and the Tamil Nation

Introduction. Since the formation of the United Nations in 1945, all Member States were imposed with the duty and obligation to reach settlement of their disputes by peaceful means in conformity with the principles of justice and international law. Although the Charter of UNO devised the International Court of Justice  for the State parties  to … Read more »