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Foreign Intervention, Part 1

by Neville Jayaweera; The Sunday Island, Colombo, February 15, 2004   The following 2 articles were printed in the February 15, 2004 and February 22, 2004 editions of The Sunday Island under the pseudonym ‘Nostradamus’ and are reprinted here at the request of some of our readers. Foreign intervention and Sri Lanka’s changing fortunes Part 1 Geo-politics of… Read more »

Easter Message

by Father S.J. Emmanuel; Germany, April 11, 2004 Easter is the Feast of LiberationEaster is the greatest feast in the Christian calendar. It is the feast in which Christians rejoice over the Liberation which Jesus won for humanity. Jesus Christ, Christians believe, is the Son of God who became man, and through his suffering, death and… Read more »

Email Campaigning

by A Colombo Resident; published March 12, 2004 E-mail campaigning is on in this election. Up to the last election they used the fax. Buddhist monks are also campaigning using e-mail. Here is a sample…just for fun!! The extra benefits of voting for the Sangha. Today giving a dana or inviting a monk in Colombo and… Read more »

Sinhala Buddhist Vote

by Sarath Bulathsinghala; Lankaweb, February 18, 2004 From a Sangam member: You might think of publishing this as the latest example of Sinhala Buddhist determination to exclude and discriminate- first it was ethnic, now it is religious as well. Where will this end? It reminds me of the cartoon of two roaring galloping lions chasing a… Read more »

An Ayodhya in the Making in Lanka

by Dr. Jayadeva Uyangoda; Daily Mirror, Colombo, January 30, 2004 PA and the UNF are not taking adequate political action to counter politics of militant Sinhalese nationalism One of the most disturbing developments occurred during the past few weeks has been the acceleration of attacks on Catholic and Christian churches as well as places of worship…. Read more »

Caste in Transition

by V. G. Julie Rajan; Hinduism Today, Hawaii, April/May/June 2003 issue Caste in Transition Education, economics and protest drive changes and reform to India’s ancient societal divisions Caste is not a pleasant topic for Hindus, and in the international arena today, it has elicited a shame upon the Hindu religion. I have written this article… Read more »

Christmas Message from Father Emmanuel

Christmas 2003 May the Birthday of this Universal Liberator Enliven the Hope of our own LiberationThe time of Liberation was at hand. Joseph and Mary, destined to carry the divine Liberator into this world Journeyed faithfully into their own land of Bethlehem, They came in obedience to the laws of the Ruler, but the Ruler… Read more »

Buddhism and Violence

by Bernard Faure, Professor of Religious Studies at Stanford University; An International Review of Culture & Society, Issue No. 9, Spring 2002 Is Buddhism pacifist? One would think so, to hear the Declarations of the Dalai Lama and those who claim there has never been “Buddhist war.” So has Zen Buddhism’s “drift” to militarism been only… Read more »

The Present Call to American Tamils

by Father S.J. Emmanuel; originally published November 10, 2003 Keynote speech at the Sangam’s Annual General Meeting by Prof. Dr. S. J. Emmanuel Our Struggle forges ahead around a New Turning Point 1. I congratulate the Tamil Sangam for the successful completion of a quarter century of pioneer service, in bringing and building together a Diaspora community… Read more »