Articles – 2005

December, 2005

  1. An Eternal Political Stalemate
  2. Hypocrisy of the West Exposed
  3. Continued Restrictions on Travel
  4. The Tsunami One Year Later: One Million Still Homeless
  5. Rajapakse’s Military Agenda Commenced
  6. Armed Groups and Resolution 1612
  7. Lessons for Negotiating with Armed Groups for an End to the Use of Child Soldiers
  8. Drawing Circles in the Sand
  9. If India Gets Involved, Tamil Nadu Will Turn Out to Be Another Kashmir – Vaiko
  10. What Lara Croft Would Look Like if She Carried Rice Bags
  11. A Call to Impose Sanctions on the Government of Sri Lanka
  12. Is War Imminent?
  13. Crunch Time for Rajapakse
  14. Tsunami One Year On ñ Reality Check
  15. TRO 12 Month Tsunami Update [PDF]
  16. Tsunami’s Legacy: Extraordinary Giving and Unending Strife
  17. The Rumours of Peace
  18. Reign of Blind Terror
  19. Tsunami-hit Orphanage Rebuilt
  20. M.I.A.: Guerrilla Goddess
  21. The Restless Children of the Dalai Lama
  22. The Root Causes of Tragedy
  23. The Root Cause of the Conflict: The Mahavamsa Conflict
  24. Don’t Support Sinhala Terrorism
  25. Old Prejudices Keep Tsunami Aid From Tamils
  26. Jakarta to Submit Draft Laws on Aceh
  27. SLTMA Condemns Arrest of Tamil Journalist
  28. Lessons in Gratitude from Movie Maestro Sivaji Ganesan
  29. Healing and Awareness through Theater
  30. NESOHR – International Human Rights Day Celebrations
  31. Coomaraswamy Must be Sued for Hate Speech
  32. Dhanapala Touts Ability to Lead the UN
  33. Comments on Coomaraswamy Speech
  34. Appeal for Eelam Flood Victims in Tamil Nadu
  35. Toronto Vigil December 26
  36. Expulsion of Jaffna Muslims: The Logic of Cultural Genocide
  37. Required: Paradigm Shifts
  38. Shadow War in Sri Lanka
  39. Radhika Coomaraswamy on Tamils and Human Rights
  40. Sri Lanka Elections and Tamil Participation
  41. Karuna and Kalkudah
  42. Sow the Wind and Reap the Whirlwind
  43. The Threat of Genuine Negotiations
  44. Archbisop of Westminister to Visit Sri Lanka on Christmas
  45. Expulsion of Jaffna Muslims: A Response to the Claim of Cultural Genocide
  46. Is Peace Feasible?
  47. War by Other Means
  48. Sri Lanka Report to the UN Committee Against Torture
  49. UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions Sri Lanka Statement
  50. Congress Advocates Review of US Tsunami Relief Effort
  51. Sudan’s Interim Power-sharing and Peace in Sri Lanka
  52. The Graceful Guru
  53. Amnesty – Act Now to Prevent Escalation
  54. NPR Investigates US Immigration Detention Centers
  55. Was Hinduism Invented?
  56. A Hole in the Head
  57. Mahinda Rajapakse and the Art of the Possible
  58. Some Thoughts on the 2005 Heroes’ Day Speech
  59. Spies, the Poor and Unconnected
  60. Short Fuse in Sri Lanka
  61. No ‘Peace’ Rice in an Empty Pot
  62. Wait and Observe
  63. Peace Process on the Ropes
  64. Oh! International Community! What is Your Response?

November, 2005

  1. A Flashback to Pirabhakaran’s 1995 Interview
  2. Sri Lankan Reneges on the Oslo and P-TOMS Agreements
  3. Clinton Visits Kinniya
  4. Comments on the Expulsion of the Jaffna Muslims
  5. Tripartite Strategic Considerations
  6. K Alvapillai: Silent Axle
  7. Bangalore Trial of Tamil Separatists
  8. Human Rights Day December 10
  9. What’s Next? Independence?
  10. The Absence of Accountability
  11. A Book to Honor Pirabhakaran
  12. Pirapaharan’s 2005 Heroes’ Day Speech
  13. Eye of the Storm?
  14. Elections – 2005
  15. Peace and Economy: An Analysis of Chintana
  16. Expulsion of Jaffna Muslims: Cultural Genocide or Battlefield Strategy?
  17. Sri Lankan Muslims and a Military Career
  18. Australia’a Remembrance Day
  19. Vanni Preparing for Heroes’ Day
  20. The Addiction Trade Wars
  21. Anandasangaree and the 1977 Assault on Amirthalingam
  22. Pictures of IDPs from the Jaffna HSZs Now in Alvai
  23. Tamil Bishops Urge Vote for Peace
  24. The Sri Lankan Presidential Election and the International Community
  25. The European Union and the Tamil Struggle
  26. The Sri Lankan Presidential Election: Tweedledum or Tweedledee
  27. The South has Spoken
  28. The LTTE Teaches a Lesson to Those Who Play Political Games
  29. Sri Lankan Presidential Elections and the Future of the Tamils
  30. Passing of Mr. Kandiah Nagendrar
  31. Action Alert from TAPJ
  32. A Piece of Advice to Prof. Jayatilleke
  33. Judge Weeramantry’s Perspective Misses Reality
  34. The Presidential Election and the Tamil People
  35. Federalism and Peace
  36. Tales from Volunteer Nurses
  37. The Political Ideology in Sri Lanka: Anti-Tamil
  38. Mahinda or Ranil: What Difference to the Nation?
  39. Expulsion of the Muslims: The Motive
  40. Dutch Built
  41. Black Gold Aplenty
  42. The Tiger’s Claw
  43. Prof. V. Arunasalam’s Biographical Profile
  44. India as Mediator
  45. What is the LTTE up to?
  46. Towards a Peaceful Settlement
  47. A Unitary Unit, Federalism or Independence
  48. Brussels Rally Asserts Tamil Rights
  49. Passing of Prof. V. Arunasalam
  50. Expulsion of the Muslims – The Context
  51. 2005 US Report on Religious Freedom
  52. On Checking the Pockets of Presidential Contenders
  53. Tribute to the Late Mr. Thamotheram
  54. The Thamoderam Funeral: A Sinhala Tribute
  55. Sangam’s 2005 AGM
  56. The Shadow War and the Culture of Killing
  57. Expulsion of the Muslims – The Numbers
  58. Mahinda — the Man and his Mission
  59. Jeyam Thamotheam: An Untiring Servant in the Cause of Freedom
  60. C.J.T. Thamotheram – A Tribute
  61. Ten Years Since Exodus and Military Occupation of Jaffna
  62. Elite Mobilization, Symbolic Politics and Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka
  63. Competing Geopolitical Monologues on Sri Lanka
  64. The World is Within You
  65. Mahinda Rajapakse – The Road to Disaster
  66. Charles Gnanakone and the Kadirgamar Killing

October, 2005

  1. Democracy and the NorthEast
  2. Another Old Study by Ameer Ali on the Sri Lankan Muslims
  3. The MOU Between the UNP and the SLMC
  4. The Fall of the UAV is a Mystery
  5. Mahinda’s Hypocrisy
  6. The Muslim Factor in the Sri Lankan Ethnic Crisis
  7. It’s Not Like Tamils in Other Places: I’m a Citizen!
  8. The EU Moratorium: Its Impact on the Peace Process
  9. In the Name of Peace
  10. Asian Centre for Human Rights on Bindunuwewa Massacre
  11. EU Credibility on the Line
  12. Refugees International’s Visit to the East
  13. Property Investments in Vanni
  14. Et Tu, EU: The Betrayal of Tamil Trust
  15. Power Struggle and Extremism
  16. TAGOT: Keeping the Family Enterprise Afloat
  17. UN Tsunami Sham Exposed by Auditor-General
  18. A Chronicle of Consequence
  19. High Profile Human Rights Abuses of Tamils
  20. A Brief History: Colonial Period to 1983
  21. EU Travel Prohibition
  22. The Ceasefire This Time
  23. European Union – the Mask Slips
  24. Petition to the EU by the European Tamils Initiative for Peace
  25. AFTA Statement on EU Action
  26. Simple Notations within the Margins
  27. EU & LTTE – Thinakural
  28. The Presidential Race
  29. The Ban on Travel
  30. Bygones Can’t Be Bygones if the Pain Is Raw
  31. TRO Six Month Post-Tsunami Report (PDF; 5.6MB)
  32. Symbols Are Important
  33. Two Masterpieces of the Mahatma
  34. An Open Appeal to the Leaders of the EU
  35. Sanctioning Violence
  36. The EU Declaration and the Humanitarian Situation in the NE
  37. The European Travel Embargo: Causes & Consequences
  38. First Female President of the University of Alberta
  39. Taking the Wind Out of the Rumour Mill
  40. Tamils and Christians Short-Changed Again?
  41. Pongu Tamil in Jaffna
  42. The Vavuniya Declaration
  43. Tamil Resurgence Meetings: How They Have Changed!
  44. Tamil Rights Unique

September, 2005

  1. Tipping in Kilinochchi
  2. Nirvana in Reverse
  3. A Vitiated Moderation
  4. Mr. Doolittle & the Tamil Diaspora Seek Help
  5. Development Won’t End War
  6. TNA Press Release
  7. Rising Challenge
  8. 2005 World Summit Outcome
  9. The US in the Backwaters
  10. Democracy Dance in Diapers
  11. TamilNation’s Commentary on Dhanapala’s Speech
  12. Dhanapala: Defending the Indefensible
  13. Role of Diaspora in the Peace Process
  14. Recognizing the Sri Lankan Peace Process
  15. Speech by Australian MP After Visit to NE
  16. Security Imbalances, Not Violence, Threaten Truce
  17. Ethnicity, Aid & Peace in Fragile States
  18. Open Letter to Jayantha Dhanapala
  19. Violations of Int’l Covenants by the SLG
  20. 34 Years of Emergency: 29 to Suppress Tamil Rights
  21. Trinco TECH Celebrates Computer Students Graduation
  22. Was it a Multi-Purpose Assassination?
  23. Forum on Upcoming New Zealand Elections
  24. The Nitty-Gritty of ‘Hit Lists’
  25. I Played Chess with a Terrorist
  26. WTACS Vasantha Vila in Queens Sept 24
  27. Report 9 on Relief from the Tsunami
  28. Will the Tamils Be Deceived Yet Again?
  29. India May Pull Troops from Kashmir
  30. Terrorists & the National Guard
  31. Is it Crisis Management or Conflict Resolution?
  32. Deja Vu? Tamils Fear Return to War
  33. A Man of Straw
  34. TRO USA’s Katrina Appeal
  35. The Construction of Kadirgamar
  36. FeTNA’s Katrina Relief Fund
  37. Pride & Prejudice
  38. The Spin & Swing of RAW’s Orchestra
  39. An Anniversary, a Proverb & a Hypocrite
  40. Sangam: US Must Stand by the Peace Process

August, 2005

  1. NESOHR Appeal on the Sethusamudran Project
  2. NESOHR – Withdraw the ER & the PTA
  3. Divided They Stand
  4. Negotiating with ‘Illiberal’ Forces
  5. Sri Lanka in Crisis Again
  6. US Can Learn from Unrest in Sri Lanka
  7. Comment on Kadirgamar
  8. Burgher Emigration
  9. Reply to an Offensive Tribute
  10. US State Dept on ‘Communal Crisis’
  11. A Disaster’s Peace Dividend
  12. Fresh Promise
  13. Farewell to Laksman Kadirgamar
  14. Letter to the ‘National Post’ 2
  15. Letter to the ‘Hindustan Times’
  16. Portrait of the Novelist as Social Reformer
  17. Bodies in Motion
  18. Murder of Foreign Minister Spotlights Crisis
  19. Kadirgamar & the Tamils
  20. The Fate of Sri Lanka
  21. Letter to ‘National Post’ on Assassination
  22. Violence Escalates in Sri Lanka’s East
  23. Assassination Threatens to End Cease-fire
  24. Turkey’s PM on Reforms for Kurds
  25. Sri Lanka Tense After Sniper Kills Kadirgamar
  26. Mervyn de Silva on Black July, 1983
  27. Behind the Headlines
  28. Aceh Peace Pact
  29. Tides of War IV
  30. Encounter with a Tamil Tigress
  31. Report to UN’s Subcommission on Human Rights
  32. Remembering a Martyr
  33. Tides of War III
  34. Tamils & Sovereignty
  35. The LTTE & the IRA’s Proposed Disarmament
  36. Pilgrimage to a Sacred City
  37. Failure of the Joint Mechanism: Lessons to be Learnt
  38. Pigs Are Flying in Batticaloa
  39. Images of the Divine, NY
  40. TAGOT: Tamil National Question: The Next 5 Years
  41. Who Needs a Constitutional Council?
  42. Child Soldier Issue in Sri Lanka
  43. Boston Kalai Vizha Aug. 6
  44. Rep. Davis’ Statement at Human Rights Hearing
  45. AFTA Calls for Recognition of Right to Self-Determination
  46. Tides of War II
  47. Action, Not Words
  48. US Strategic Interests in Sri Lanka
  49. The Tides of War
  50. US Judge Says Patriot Act Too Vague

July, 2005

  1. Hindutva vs India’s Energy Security
  2. Sri Lanka’s Peace Efforts: The View from a Distance
  3. NESOHR Annual Report 2005
  4. Asymmetries in the Peace Process
  5. Tamil MPs Visit New Zealand
  6. New Institute to Boost NE Tamil Education
  7. TRO Inaugurates Vallipunam Children’s Facility
  8. Theravada Buddhism in America
  9. Canada Will Bear the Consequences
  10. July, 1983: A Review
  11. Niggardly Negotiations
  12. Review of ‘Sri Lanka’s Iron Lady’
  13. Sri Lanka’s Iron Lady
  14. Aceh Peace, Still Many Hurdles
  15. The Lesson from the High Court Decision
  16. Caste in D.P. Sivaram’s ‘On Tamil Militarism’
  17. Crackdown Reopens Debate on US Military Aid
  18. Three Essential Matters for Resuming Peace Talks
  19. Thiruvasagam Symphony
  20. The American Supreme Court
  21. Schaffer Suggests US Make Contact with Tigers
  22. Onetime Enemies Join Forces in Sudan
  23. NESOHR Celebrates First Anniversary
  24. Maryland Declares Thirukkural Week
  25. British Methodist Conference Releases Statement
  26. Kadirgamar Talks to his President
  27. WTACO Queens Sports Event Pictures
  28. Sudan’s Parliament Approves Draft Interim Constitution
  29. Starting Over in Sri Lanka
  30. Managing Compassion
  31. UN Smokescreen on Tsunami Custodial Role
  32. Letter re ISGA
  33. Buddha & Sinhalese Buddhists
  34. Eelam Encounters 6: The Threat of Resurrection
  35. Monitor Duty: Donors Must Scrutinize Implementation
  36. The ISGA Proposals: The Course to Take
  37. July Events in the USA

June, 2005

  1. Autonomy for Iraqi South?
  2. IFT – Ceasefire in Jeopardy
  3. India & Singapore Sign Free Trade Agreement
  4. Sinhala Chauvinism Will Never Permit a Just Approach
  5. Don’t Treat Asylum Seekers like Criminals
  6. P-TOMS and its Implications
  7. Better Late than Never
  8. Appeal to UNESCO re Trinco Statue
  9. Amidst Uncertainty, Rebel Territory Rebuilds
  10. MOU for Establishment of P-TOMS
  11. Consequences of a Permanent Majority
  12. On Tamil Militarism: The Legend of Cheran Senguttuvan
  13. Letter re ‘On Tamil Militarism’
  14. Letter re ‘Something is Rotten in Sri Lanka’
  15. Silicon Valley’s Gift to Motivated Students
  16. Clinton: Six Months After
  17. Personal Effort to Aid Homeland
  18. Sivaram Memorial Booklet
  19. Eelam Encounters – 5: The Master & the Author
  20. Tamil Olympics June 25, Queens, NY
  21. Opposition to the Joint Mechanism
  22. Second Tsunami
  23. TCHR: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
  24. Int’l Association of Democratic Lawyers Conference
  25. Dr. Laksman Gunaratnam: Rising from Adversity
  26. Agent Orange: Breach in Buddhist Hegemony
  27. China’s Great Armada in Sri Lanka
  28. AFTA Press Release: Little Hope for Tamils
  29. The Fast-to-Death Farce
  30. TRO Condemns Attack on its Batticaloa Office
  31. Buddhist Monks & Ethnic Politics
  32. Something is Rotten in the State of Sri Lanka
  33. Eulogy for D. Sivaram
  34. On Tamil Militarism: Warrior Sons & Mothers
  35. On Tamil Militarism: Bharathy & the Legitimation of Militarism
  36. NESOHR Appeal to the UN Human Rights Commission
  37. ‘Sri Lanka First’ – Get Your Million People Out Now!
  38. Tamils in Independent Ceylon
  39. Leading Characters in the 1915 Pogrom
  40. June 11 World Refugee Day
  41. Eelam Encounters 4: The Pain & the Passion
  42. Locals Fear Government Land Grab
  43. Why Do They Oppose? What Can You Do?
  44. Shadow War Comes to Colombo
  45. Questions Behind the News
  46. Sinhalese-Muslim Riots of 1915: A Synopsis
  47. Bindunuwewa: Miscarriage of Justice
  48. Belligerence Mounts as Kumaratunge Procrastinates
  49. Legal & Political Obstacles to Equality
  50. Alec Guiness Anecdote on Elephant Dung
  51. Launch of World Refugee Survey 2005

May, 2005

  1. Sivaram: A Profile
  2. Vanni Tech Wish List
  3. Sri Lanka’s Shame
  4. Tribute to Wijemanne on his 80th
  5. Has the President Become a Political Prisoner?
  6. NESOHR – Eliminate All Circumstances Aiding Resumption of War
  7. NZ Letter to UNHCHR
  8. Review of Sachi’s Autobiography
  9. Eelam Encounters – 3 : Relations with the West
  10. Memorial Service for Sivaram June 5 in NJ
  11. On Tamil Militarism: Twin Naratives of Tamil Nationalism
  12. On Tamil Militarism: The Tamil Soldier & the Dravidian Diaspora
  13. Good Wishes for Adrian Wijemanne
  14. Eelam Encounters – 2 : The Legal System
  15. Hope, Faith & Charity: Will Kumaratunge Deliver?
  16. Living in Vanni
  17. US Aid Not Reaching Tamils
  18. Rocca Bowls a Doosra
  19. First Eelam Tamil Receives Ellis Island Medal
  20. Blowing Up an Assumption
  21. Violent Muslim Mobilization: Some Questions
  22. On Tamil Militarism: Bishop Caldwell & the Tamil Dravidians
  23. On Tamil Militarism: The Suppression of Tamil Military Castes
  24. Sivaram Memorial June 5, New Jersey
  25. FeTNA Convention July 2-4, Dallas, TX
  26. Lessons from the Vietnam War for Tamils
  27. Summary of Problems in the NE
  28. Accountability for the Tsunami Billions
  29. Incompetent Leadership
  30. NESOHR – Remembering the ‘Kumuthini’ Massacre
  31. ACLU Testimony on Material Support of Terrorism
  32. Statement by Rapporteur on Religious Freedom
  33. Lack of Normalcy in NE Eclipsed by Joint Mechanism Debate -Thamilchelvan
  34. Peace Activists Threatened
  35. NESOHR Condemns Valaichenai Shooting
  36. Tamil Tigers Warn Over Aid Delay
  37. Scholarship on Fools
  38. Petition re D. Sivaram
  39. Whither a Community of Principled Men & Women?
  40. Sri Lankan Maids Pay Dearly
  41. TRO News: Participatory Meeting in Vavuniya
  42. On Tamil Militarism: Militarism & Caste in Jaffna
  43. On Tamil Militarism: The Code of Suicide
  44. Notice re Pirapaharan Biography
  45. Asian Human Rights Commission on Sivaram’s Murder
  46. They Can Take Sivaram Away From Us…
  47. Taraki on Sethusamudram Oct. 2004
  48. Eelam Encounters – 1: Women in Tamil Society
  49. Taraki’s Assassination & Press Freedom
  50. On Tamil Militarism: Tamil Military Castes
  51. On Tamil Militarism: Introduction
  52. Gruesome Murder of Journalist
  53. The Worthy Life of D. Sivaram
  54. Poetic Eulogy for Sivaram
  55. Sivaram – Death of a Warrior
  56. GOSL Accountable for Sivaram’s Murder – Press Release

April, 2005

  1. In Memoriam – D. Sivaram
  2. NESOHR Appalled by Sivaram’s Murder
  3. Framing the Discourse on Child Soldiers
  4. Sec. Rocca in Sri Lanka
  5. Sangam Youth Event Nov. 4 – 6
  6. Kumaratunga & the JVP Menace
  7. Share Aid, Boost Peace
  8. Pirapaharan 2, Chap 42: Massacres Continue
  9. Goodwill & God’s Will
  10. Queens South Asian Music Festival
  11. MA Fundraiser for Kallapadu Community Center April 29
  12. When is the Tamil New Year?
  13. Pirapaharan 2, Chap. 41: The Massacres
  14. Mr. Bush, Take a Look at MTV
  15. Our Ultimate Answer
  16. Faith, Hope & Humanity in East
  17. Update from Sri Lanka
  18. Puthaandu Vaalthukal!
  19. Aid for Sudan’s Peace Settlement
  20. First Test of Sharing Power
  21. Asia Society Panel on Conflict & Tsunami
  22. Our Present Plight & Obligations
  23. Pirapaharan 2, Chap 40: Operation Green Arrow
  24. Rep. Davis Greeted by Tamil Americans
  25. A Pin-Point Action
  26. Jeyaraj & The Sunday Leader
  27. Relief Slow in Coming
  28. Scarecrow Song
  29. Chandramukhi
  30. The Foreign Minister’s Foibles
  31. Tamil Children Orphaned by War & Tsunami
  32. Relief Groups Can Create Chaos
  33. Masters of Indian Cinema in NYC
  34. South Asia Human Rights Festival in NYC
  35. US Congressman Visits Kilinochchi
  36. The Poor Can be Helped
  37. International Pressure & the Conflict in Sri Lanka
  38. Amendment of the Consitution & Federalism
  39. Federalism, Tamils & the Referendum Trap
  40. TCHR Reports to the UN Human Rights Commission
  41. Preschools in Tamil Eelam
  42. A Visit to Sri Lanka after the Tsunami
  43. When Fear Stalks a Community
  44. A Prayer for Adrian Wijemanne
  45. Tide Turning Against Aceh Militants
  46. Three Years After the Ceasefire
  47. Foreigners Have the Answer to the Ethnic Problem
  48. Pirapaharan 2, Chap 39: Pirabha Meets Rajiv
  49. NC Medical Relief Still Held by SL Customs

March, 2005

  1. Crying Wolf about the LTTE Air Force
  2. Are the Tigers Militarily Weak?
  3. UN Intervention re Mission to Sri Lanka
  4. Condolences to Family of Beatrice Mathasinghe
  5. Humanity Ashore
  6. British Methodists Urge Action
  7. Gossip-mining Gods of the Mass Media
  8. Pirapaharan 2, Chap 38: Deportation Emboldens Jayewardene
  9. Access to Health Care for Immigrants, Flushing, NY
  10. Limbo in Sri Lanka? Not if One Acts!
  11. Shaken by a Life Swept Away
  12. Lanka Customs Confiscates Relief Medical Supplies
  13. Democracy Hijacked
  14. An Elite Dedicated to Serving
  15. US Decision Principled, Courageous
  16. Long Island Tsunami Relief Show March 26
  17. Queens South Asian Festival March 26, 27
  18. The Politics of Ibrahim Parlak
  19. Three Years After the Ceasefire
  20. Pirapaharan 2, Chap 37: Thimpu Talks Collapse
  21. UN Commission on Human Rights
  22. Equitable Aid: A Litmus Test
  23. Double Standards on Underage Recruitment
  24. Pirapaharan 2, Chap 36-2: Thimpu Talks – 2nd Round
  25. True to Form
  26. Why this Needs Assessment…?
  27. Ceylon Chronology
  28. Distribution of Tsunami Relief in Sri Lanka
  29. Use of Child Soldiers
  30. Anti-Slavery Testimony by Lankan before US Congress
  31. Child Soldiers and the Law: A Survey
  32. Serruppu – a Short Film
  33. Tuticorin Files HC Writ re Sethusamudran
  34. Refugee Babies: Effects of Tsunami Aid
  35. What is Navak Arivuk Kudam?
  36. Agriculture on Our Shorelines
  37. Review of ‘Sri Lanka: Witness to History’
  38. Magical Flight Through Modern India
  39. LTTE’s ‘Hearts & Minds’ in the East
  40. Sixth Report of Grace Care Center
  41. Pirapaharan 2, Chap 36-1: Thimpu Talks – 2nd Round
  42. Wary of Aid
  43. NESOHR Condolences on Passing of Amnesty Founder
  44. ‘Baby 81’ Arrives in New York

February, 2005

  1. Pirapaharan 2, Chapter 35: Thimpu Talks-First Round
  2. UN Forum on Water & Energy
  3. Report on the News of Ragging at Jaffna U.
  4. Disaster Management – An Unmitigated Disaster?
  5. Let’s Face It
  6. A Tsunami Psalm
  7. Emergency Regulations Once Again
  8. Sri Lanka Unwilling to Meet Legitimate Rights
  9. War Remains an Option
  10. An Inhuman Logjam
  11. Planning, Protecting & Precautionary Measures Against Tsunamis
  12. Wave of Hope for Tsunami Victims
  13. Tamil Official Language Only on Paper
  14. Assessment of Psychosocial Issues Following the Tsunami
  15. Haran Returns Home from Sri Lanka
  16. On Kousalyan’s Killing
  17. Report from the NorthEast
  18. Tsunami Relief Gala
  19. Sri Lanka: Witness to History
  20. Basic Rights Must Cross All Boundaries
  21. Pirapaharan 2, Chap 35: Thimpu Talks – First Round
  22. Issues with HRW’s ‘Living in Fear’ Reportbr>
  23. Bharathanatyam Benefit Feb. 19 in New Jersey
  24. From Ethnic Outbidding to Ethnic Conflict
  25. Native Doctors Return, Roll Up Their Sleeves
  26. NESOHR Records the Murder of a Fearless Human Rights Activist
  27. Review of ‘Thamilichy’
  28. Direct Contact with Children’s Homes
  29. TRO Inaugurates Construction of Temporary Shelters
  30. Response to HRW: Killings Highlight Ceasefire Weakness
  31. Pirapaharan 2 Chap 34: From Ceasefire to Talks
  32. Proposal for rebuilding ‘Sivananda Thapovanam’
  33. Chandra Nehru Killing a Blow to Human Rights
  34. Eastern Tiger Leader’s Killing Setback for Peace
  35. MPH Student Comes through Tsunami
  36. TRO Memorial Service in Queens, NY
  37. US Asylum Seekers Treated Poorly
  38. Confluence Interview with MP Andy Love
  39. Release of S. Sivanayagam’s New Book
  40. Even Tsunami Cannot Wash Away Ethnic Rivalry
  41. Baltimore Man Helps Tsunami Aftermath
  42. Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
  43. Operation USA Water Purification
  44. Sri Lanka’s Coral Shield
  45. Pirapaharan 2, Chapter 33: Frog-Marched to Thimpu (cont.)
  46. Kathiravelupillai’s 1973 Eelam Statement Revisited
  47. Pres. Clinton Special Tsunami Envoy for UN
  48. Talk on Tsunami’s Aftermath at Columbia U. Feb. 3
  49. Letter to the Washington Times
  50. Strangers No Longer
  51. Deportation 101
  52. Foes Will Need to Be Friends in Rebuilding Sri Lanka
  53. Death, Destruction & Discrimination
  54. As Iraqis Celebrate, the Kurds Hesitate
  55. Diary of Disaster

January, 2005

  1. Mine-Affected Areas of Sri Lanka
  2. Kaiser Permanente in Batti
  3. Rotary Lists Needs in SL
  4. Funds Help Victims Only, Haran Says
  5. Human Rights for Immigrants conference Feb. 19 in NJ
  6. Growing Buzz on India & China
  7. Relief Hampered by GOSL Bureaucracy
  8. Eastern University Website on Tsunami
  9. Desperately Seeking Intelligence
  10. Doctor Went Home to Help with Tsunami Relief
  11. Correction re Ilam Thalir Illam
  12. Pirapaharan 2, Chapter 32: Frog-Marched to Thimpu
  13. Inadvertent or Intentional Misdirection?
  14. Immediate Relief and Long Term Aid
  15. Interesting Websites About the Tsunami
  16. Morristown Doctor Sees Extent of Need
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  32. Here, Too, Sri Lankans Observe the Divide
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  34. Visit to the Kids of Ilam Thalir Illam
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  38. A Country in Need
  39. NorthEast Looks for Indian Tents
  40. Closure, Now Billions for the Rebirth
  41. The Real Name of Amparai
  42. Prof. and Mrs. Sundaralingam Obituary
  43. A Grief Observed
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  57. Fragile State
  58. When Nature’s Way Spells Destruction
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