Articles – 2006

December, 2006

  1. Sethusamudram Canal Dredging
  2. A Gamble is a Gamble
  3. Not Emerging, but Emerged Nations
  4. Review of ‘No More Tears, Sister’
  5. Response to Dr. Hoole’s Recent Article
  6. The Boundaries of Tamil Eelam
  7. The Price of Peace in Sri Lanka
  8. A Dedication to Prof. Raveendranath
  9. Australian Professor Talks of His Experiences
  10. Depopulating Sampoor
  11. Tamil Eelam & the US Declaration of Independence
  12. Stifling the Aspirations of the Tamils
  13. Urgent IDP Needs in Manmunai North, Batticaloa
  14. On V. Navaratnam, 1910-2006
  15. Rajapakse Inc. a Barrier to Peace
  16. In Memory of MP Joseph Pararajasingham
  17. TRO: Tsunami – Two Years On [pdf]
  18. V. Navaratnam’s Last Interview
  19. Black Christmas
  20. Damnable Dependent Relationship
  21. Tsunami Funds Languish in Banks
  22. Tamil Americans Saddened at Balasingham’s Passing
  23. Amnesty Appeal on VC Raveendranath
  24. NESOHR: Appeal to the UN
  25. The Face of the TRO
  26. Sangam’s Statement on Mr. Balasingam’s Passing
  27. Bala Annai
  28. NESOHR: Forced Evacuation from Vaharai
  29. Anton Balasingham: A Life
  30. Anton Balasingham: Articulate Conductor of the Band
  31. JRS: Refugees in India
  32. NESOHR: From ‘Roofless’ to Criminals’ Prison
  33. The Killing Match
  34. Indo-Lanka Relations: My Memories
  35. A Critique of the ICG Report
  36. The Pre-eminence of State Terrorism
  37. Nalanda University
  38. TRO: IDP Camps Shelled
  39. An Assessment & Appeal to My Friends
  40. Aceh Election Tomorrow
  41. TRO Holiday Appeal
  42. One Day of Peace in Sri Lanka
  43. Banning, the PTA, etc.
  44. War of Words Over Sri Lanka Literary Festival
  45. CFA Buried
  46. Comparing Notes on Collaborators & Informers
  47. Sri Lanka’s Nightmare
  48. A Loaded Question
  49. The Final Verdict on Tamil Eelam?
  50. Sri Lanka is India’s Problem
  51. Indian Re-Thinking of the Sri Lankan Situation
  52. Reconciliation with India
  53. Triumvir Rajas

November, 2006

  1. A Glimpse into Our Apocalyptic Future
  2. It’s the Global Economy, Stupid
  3. Vaiko: SL Tamils Want a Separate Nation
  4. Kumaratunge in South Africa
  5. A Reading of the Current Situation
  6. London ‘Times’ Ad
  7. Government Clamps Down on Jaffna University
  8. Judge Strikes Down Bush on Terror Groups
  9. Maaveerar Naal
  10. Why Sri Lanka Has Sidelined India
  11. NESOHR: Two Catholic Priests Arrested for HR Work
  12. TRO Court Appeal on Freezing of Funds
  13. Prabakaran’s 2006 Heroes’ Day Speech
  14. On Heroes’ Day, Check the Label
  15. Maveerar: A Poem
  16. NESOHR: A9 Controversy
  17. TCHR Commentary on MP Raviraj’s Assassination
  18. Ugly Reality
  19. An Open Letter to the Co-Chairs
  20. On Milton Friedman, MGR & Annaism
  21. Rajapakse Cooking His Own Goose
  22. AP Venkateswaran Interview
  23. Comments on Co-Chairs’ Conference
  24. Implications of Sri Lanka’s 2007 Defense Budget
  25. The War Costs Everybody, but the Tamils More
  26. After Geneva, What?
  27. Tamil Australians Boycott Sri Lankan Goods
  28. 7 Abducted TRO Aid Workers Not Included in CoI
  29. TIC Appeals to UN Human Rights Council
  30. A Tale of Two Tamil Vice Chancellors
  31. Letter to US Under Secretary Nicholas Burns
  32. Nepal’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement
  33. Humanitarian Catastrophe in Sri Lanka
  34. War Games & Peoples’ Lives
  35. ‘Anti-insurgency’ Comparison
  36. Tamils Need Real Autonomy
  37. Karpu: Tool of Oppression?
  38. Caste, Dowry & Arranged Marriage
  39. Amnesty on GoSL’s Commission of Inquiry
  40. Nepal’s Peace Agreement
  41. TRO Vaharai Appeal
  42. Tamil Americans Condemn MP Raviraj’s Assassination
  43. HLP Letter to UNHCHR Louise Arbour
  44. Micro-states
  45. Sri Lanka Army Recruits Children: UN
  46. The Right to Kill Civilians
  47. The Future of Tamil MPs in Sri Lanka
  48. Kidnappings Haunt Long Ethnic War in Sri Lanka
  49. A Gratifying Day with Dr. Brian Senewiratne
  50. In the Aftermath of Geneva 2
  51. The Situation in Jaffna
  52. Summary of Displacement Apr-Oct, 2006
  53. Jayawardene Centenary Chuckles
  54. IFT Calls for Response to Terror
  55. The Paradox of International Policy
  56. De-merger: Lessons for the Future
  57. Geneva 2: Louder than Words
  58. Tamils Feel Marginalized, Muzzled
  59. Rajapakse: Be a True Buddhist
  60. UN: The Girl Child & Armed Conflict
  61. Don’t Support State Terrorists
  62. Sovereignty & Territorial Integrity
  63. Sri Lanka’s Nonsense ‘Talks’
  64. The Spectre of Kidnappings Returns

October, 2006

  1. TNA Petition to UNHCR & UNHCHR
  2. TNA Petition to UNHCR & UNHCHR
  3. A Society Without Compassion
  4. The Human Rights Bind
  5. Critical Mass
  6. Why Tamils Say Genocide
  7. Embargo on Sri Lanka
  8. Geneva II: Armed Armistice
  9. Euphoria about the SLFP-UNP Agreement?
  10. Reporting from Vanni III
  11. IFJ: End Attacks on the Media
  12. Checkpoint Jesus
  13. Responses to ‘A Proposal’
  14. Paradox of the Southasian Welfare State
  15. Agni Keela II
  16. The Writing on the Wall is Red
  17. US Promoting a Political Solution in SL
  18. ‘Legitimate Rights’ & the Tamil Tigers
  19. Asia’s Unending War
  20. Update on Fr. Jim Brown
  21. TIC Tsunami Report #7
  22. Some Remarks on International Involvement, etc
  23. Illiberal Democracy
  24. Swiss Media House on Destruction of VOT Tower
  25. The Sri Lankan Constitution
  26. Monitoring a Little-Noticed War
  27. Views on Current Reality
  28. Extras in Film, Politics & Diplomacy
  29. More Questions Than Answers
  30. Death by Government
  31. My Proposal for Normalcy
  32. The Tigers’ Fighter Journalist
  33. Sri Lanka Continues to Mislead the World
  34. No Turning Back Now
  35. Pres. Dr. APJ Kalam: Developed India
  36. Understanding the JVP
  37. History of Intransigence
  38. Requiem for Mahinda
  39. A Sri Lankan Turkey Roast
  40. India Takes Tamil Support for Granted
  41. Petition to Kofi Annan
  42. Terrorism & Liberation
  43. Paradoxes of Counterinsurgency
  44. Sri Lankan State Terrorism
  45. NESOHR: Sencholai Update
  46. Call for a Diaspora Boycott
  47. TCHR: Need for an Economic Embargo
  48. Debate on the Boycott of Sri Lankan Goods & Services

September, 2006

  1. Voice from the Peninsula
  2. Two Poems
  3. Reporting from Vanni I
  4. Reporting from Vanni II – Muzzling the Media
  5. The Poor Man’s Air Force
  6. In the Path of Adrian Wijemanne
  7. Rights of the Internally Displaced
  8. Recognition for Eelam
  9. Message of Sacrifice
  10. The ‘Disappeared’ in Sri Lanka
  11. Queen of Tamil Cinema No More
  12. Blackouts and Blockades
  13. Armed Conflict & Humanitarian Law: the Rajapakse Era
  14. Senator Patrick Leahy’s Statement on Sri Lanka
  15. Sri Lanka Most Militarized in South Asia
  16. AI: Commission of Inquiry Must be Independent
  17. Improving Civilian Protection in Sri Lanka
  18. The Mind of Mao
  19. Briefing Paper on Disappearances
  20. When Ceasefires Fail
  21. Taking Dance from Jaffna to Paris
  22. Senseless Words & Inappropriate Deeds
  23. Sangaree & Elections
  24. The Politics of Extrajudicial Killings
  25. Kebithigollewa Massacre
  26. Economy, Culture and Civil War in Sri Lanka
  27. Resumption of War Tests Civilians’ Endurance
  28. Supreme Court Removes SL from Intl’l Law Obligations
  29. Where to From Here for the Rajapakse Government?
  30. Cost to Civilians of the SLA Misadventure
  31. Wavering International Commitment to Human Rights in SL
  32. UN Ruling ‘Not Binding’ in Sri Lanka
  33. Citizens, Civilians, Casualties
  34. The World Ignores Sri Lankan State Terrorism
  35. Underage Recruitment & the Law
  36. HRW Protests UNESCO Prize – to Karimov
  37. HRC: 50 Tamil Youth Disappear in Jaffna in August
  38. AHRC: White Vans & Disappearances
  39. Climate Fears for Bangladesh’s Future
  40. On Reading ‘The Function of Military History’
  41. Tamil Families Take to the Sea
  42. The Sri Lankan Conflict
  43. Amnesty Update on Disappearance of Fr. Jim Brown
  44. TYO Protests Freezing of TRO Bank Accounts
  45. No Fear
  46. The Crunch
  47. India Struggles to Find a Coherent Policy on SL
  48. An Exchange Between an Uncle and His Nephew
  49. Court Case Concerning 17 Executed Aid Workers Transferred Out of the NE
  50. Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in India
  51. IFT: The Military Annexation of Sampur & the CFA
  52. The Race to Replace Kofi Annan
  53. Understanding Patterns of Information Flow about the NE
  54. Tamil Mind and Tiger Mind: A 1994 Debate
  55. The Charge is Genocide; the Stuggle is Freedom
  56. TRO Protest on Freezing of Bank Accounts
  57. ICRC Concerned About Human Cost of Conflict
  58. State Terrorism: Who is to Bell the Cat?
  59. Power without Responsibility
  60. The BBC and its Flirtations with Sri Lankan Propaganda
  61. Fishing in Troubled Lanka
  62. Three Appeals on Disappearance of Catholic Priest
  63. NESOHR: Threats to Those Involved in Human Rights Work
  64. Threat to the NGOs
  65. Tamil ‘Terrorism’ Not So Simple

August, 2006

  1. Urgent Appeal: Rescue the Students
  2. New TRO Sponsor-a-Child Program
  3. Ten Steps to Safeguard the Ceasefire
  4. Monitors Say Troops Killed Aid Workers in Sri Lanka
  5. Despair of One Displaced Village
  6. Mullaitivu Principals’ Association Letter to UNICEF
  7. Jaffna Diocese: Letter to UN on Fr. Jim Brown’s Disappearance
  8. UNHCR & WFP Reports
  9. NESOHR: Urgent Appeal to Halt Military Activities
  10. A Pit List for the President
  11. Tamils and Tigers
  12. Henricsson: “There is No Military Solution”
  13. On Kadirgamar, Khlestakov and Kumar Ponnambalam
  14. NESOHR: Missing Allaippiddy Catholic Priest
  15. The Bombing of Tamil School Children in Sri Lanka
  16. War Backfires on Sri Lanka
  17. TRO Appeal for Affected Civilians
  18. Military Operations Against Civilians Exposed at UN
  19. On Rights, the Diaspora, HRW and the LTTE
  20. The Road to War
  21. LTTE Child Protection Authority Press Release
  22. LTTE Child Protection Authority Report Summary
  23. LTTE Child Protection Authority Report 2006
  24. Random Thoughts on K. Thurairatnam
  25. CHA Aug 6 Fact-Finding Mission to Muttur
  26. Water Gate Strategy
  27. Journey to My Motherland
  28. I Wish You Had Been Concerned…
  29. Third Parties Attempt to Undermine the Tamil National Movement
  30. In Conversation with PK Balachandran, Part 1
  31. In Conversation with PK Balachandran, Part 2
  32. In Conversation with PK Balachandran, Part 3
  33. We Have Come Full Circle
  34. UNHCR Chief Visits Sri Lanka for First Time
  35. Peredeniya U.: Precursor to Black July 1983
  36. First Foretelling of Sri Lanka’s Split
  37. COTANZ: The Mavilaru Bombing
  38. IFT: Urgent Need to Prevent Impending War
  39. Appreciation of Denmark’s & Finland’s Work on the SLMM
  40. Adrian Wijemanne: An Appreciation by a Reader
  41. Flies vs. Hammers: Asymmetric Warfare

July, 2006

  1. Adrian Wijemanne – An Appreciation
  2. Rajapakse Heading for Deeper Waters
  3. The Botched 1987 JVP Hit on Rajiv Gandhi
  4. Sri Lanka’s Week of Shame
  5. Reflections on Sinhala Buddhist Origin Myths
  6. The Failed Peace Trap
  7. Why a Solution Within a United Sri Lanka?
  8. Black July to Black Rule
  9. NESOHR: 1983 Re-enactment in the Making
  10. Civil Wars
  11. TRO Employee Assaulted by Army in Jaffna
  12. Who is Jayatilleke Advising?
  13. All Party Conference Just a Political Drama
  14. Count Ethnic Divisions, Not Bombs
  15. Fishing Piracy
  16. Keeping the Peace?
  17. Live With Death: A Black July Commemoration
  18. The Neutralisation of Tamil Moderates
  19. AHRC: JR’s Liability in Black July
  20. Dr. Ramadoss: Champion of Tamil Rights
  21. Sri Lanka:A State That Has Failed
  22. Arrested by the GoSL Army
  23. Lessons of the Mini Battle of Vakaneri
  24. Burning Bright: Remembering the 1958 Anti-Tamil Pogrom
  25. How the EU Produced a War
  26. Duplicity, Indifference & Cruelty
  27. Grow Up, UNICEF
  28. Eelam Intifada
  29. What Narasimhan Ram Should Understand
  30. Remembering Black July & the Failed State of Sri Lanka
  31. NESOHR: Appeal for Protection
  32. Nelson Mandela & Terrorism
  33. The Missing Tamils of Sri Lanka
  34. Interview with Dr. Radhika Coomaraswamy, UNSRCAC
  35. The LTTE’s Flexibility in the Current Peace Process
  36. TIC: Allaipiddy Case Report
  37. Black July 1983
  38. On Educating Robert Pape
  39. The 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord
  40. Mother India & Eelam Tamils
  41. Pinching the Child While Rocking the Cradle
  42. International Involvement: Lessons from Sri Lanka
  43. From Tamil Typewriters to Sinhala Helicopter Gunships
  44. ‘Undeclared’ Jaffna War Taking Toll
  45. The CRC. Optional Protocol, Child Soldiers & the LTTE
  46. Martin McGuinness Meets Tiger Leadership
  47. Outgoing US Ambassador: No Military Solution in Sri Lanka
  48. Taming the Tamil Tigers
  49. The Prisoners of New York
  50. M.A.D.

June, 2006

  1. India and the LTTE: ‘Out of the Box’
  2. An Eelam Apologist on the ‘Lanka Guardian’
  3. Boston Globe: Sri Lanka’s Uncivil War
  4. Justice Surmounts Freedom Struggles
  5. Killer Tigers or GoSL/Paramilitary Dirty Tricks?
  6. TSVP Speaker at U Toronto June 30
  7. Rsponse to Col. Hariharan’s “LTTE Strategies”
  8. Tamils Need a Homeland
  9. Tamil Refugees Reach India
  10. TIC – The Quest for Human Dignity: Summary
  11. TIC – Tamils of Sri Lanka: The Quest for Human Dignity
  12. Violence Begets Violence
  13. Pennies, Pen-pals Make International Connections
  14. New UN Peacebuilding Commission
  15. The Lion Flag & State Terrorism
  16. The Four Faces of Mahinda Rajapakse
  17. Sinhala Military Occupation & Tamileelam
  18. Mutur Under Siege by Many Parties
  19. Pesalai Church Attack Pictures
  20. AFTA: International Community Must Condemn Dirty War
  21. COTANZ: Civilian Killings & Paramilitary Operations
  22. Concerning the Bus Bombing & the Current Crisis
  23. Catalonian Voters Approve Autonomy Plan
  24. Quo Vadis Karunanidhi?
  25. Letter to Amb. Lunstead on Mannar Church Bombing
  26. IFT – Sri Lanka’s Readiness to Launch War on the Tamil Nation
  27. Dead End
  28. Statement of US Ambassador-to-be Robert Blake
  29. Barbaric Massacre of Innocent Sinhalese Civilians
  30. Bishop of Colombo: The Killing of Innocent Villagers
  31. Amnesty Condemns Attack on Civilian Bus
  32. The Tamils’ Right to Self-Determination
  33. For Kosovo, Hope for Independence from Serbia
  34. People Terrorized After Massacre of Tamil Family
  35. TCHR: Defense Ministry Pays for Killings of Civilians
  36. ‘The Forsaken Land’
  37. Tamileelam is the Only Feasible Solution Left
  38. Refugees in Muthur East
  39. Amnesty: Manthuvil Disappearances
  40. Oslo Talks
  41. The Tamil Homeland is No Longer ‘Mythical’
  42. More on Mr. Idaikadar’s Fast
  43. Tamil Australian Resolutions
  44. COTANZ: Civilian Killings in Batticaloa
  45. COTANZ: Sri Lankan Attacks on the Media
  46. Arrests and Other Abuses
  47. Targeting Tamils in Sri Lanka
  48. A Realistic Look at the Sri Lankan Problem
  49. Sri Lanka Lost
  50. Branding the LTTE as Terrorists
  51. Key Elements of Darfur’s Peace Agreement
  52. Children Killed, Disappeared & Injured During the CFA in GoSL Areas
  53. Mr. Idaikadar’s Fast
  54. Torching of Jaffna, Part 1
  55. Torching of Jaffna, Part II
  56. Torching of Jaffna, Part III
  57. Torching of Jaffna, Part IV
  58. The Problem is Implementation, Not Talks

May, 2006

  1. TCHR: Civilian Deaths Since Mahinda’s Election
  2. Extrajudicial Killings of Tamil Civilians Since the Ceasefire
  3. Press Release: Stop GOSL Atrocities
  4. An Appeal to Prevent Civil War
  5. Symbolic Politics
  6. Peace – The Difficult, Yet Necessary Path
  7. UNHCHR Concerned Over Increased Number of Civilian Killings
  8. Unanswered Questions Remain on Kadirgamar Killing
  9. Iran Shuts Down Newspaper Over Cartoon
  10. US, EU Blacken Hopes for Tamils
  11. What Next for the International Community?
  12. The Sinhala Nationalist Quagmire & the Tamil National Question
  13. A Tiger Under Every Stone
  14. Sri Lanka is Not a Failed State Yet, But…
  15. Sri Lankan City Mired in Ethnic Violence
  16. The Sea Rights of States in Formation
  17. The Situation in Muthur
  18. Peace without Rights, or Rights without Peace
  19. Any Questions?
  20. LTTE Refutes SLMM Statement on Sea Rights
  21. Condolence Letter re Maj. General Furuhovde
  22. Injustice in Justice
  23. Medical Report from Muthur
  24. Call for Immediate Action on Trincomalee Situation
  25. Foundation for Co-Existence Situation Report
  26. ACTS Press Release
  27. Amnesty: No Place Like Home
  28. A Deepening Ethnic Violence
  29. Identity and Violence
  30. Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Pledges
  31. Letter on Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Pledges
  32. Lacking Conviction
  33. Sri Lankan Tamil Demography
  34. Celebrating the LTTE’s 30th Anniversary
  35. ‘Uthayan’ Attack: Selections from the press
  36. Peace Deal Signed in Darfur
  37. Tamils in Independent Ceylon
  38. Appeal for Indian Economic Sanctions Against Sri Lanka
  39. Background on Female Tamil Journalist Arrested
  40. Death Threats in Trinco
  41. Comments on Post-Geneva 1 Activity
  42. Political Killings & Their Gains
  43. Civil War in the Jungle
  44. Sri Lankan Trying to Build a Life
  45. The Politics of Pipelines
  46. ‘Buddhism, Conflict & Violence in Modern Sri Lanka’
  47. Dignity – a poem
  48. What Do the Terms ‘Eelam’ & ‘Ilankai’ Mean?
  49. Getting to Know Sri Lankan Tamils
  50. Consolidated Report on the Trincomalee Displacement
  51. A Request for Help from Tamil Expatriates
  52. The Killing of Innocents in Sri Lanka – April 2006
  53. What Questions Are Worth Asking?
  54. The Betrayal of Sivaram
  55. Remembering Sivaram
  56. Unity Through Autonomy in Iraq

April, 2006

  1. Guns in the American Revolution
  2. Taraki: The Larger Picture
  3. RSF: Sivaram’s Death Still Unpunished
  4. UNHCR Assessing Needs of Newly Displaced
  5. Nonviolent Peace Force Report
  6. Amnesty Calls for Respect of Human Rights
  7. Trinco Report by Colombo NGOs
  8. NESOHR: Puthur Killings Case Report
  9. PEARL: Attacks Against Sri Lanka’s Minority
  10. Letter to the EU
  11. A Call to Condemn & Stop Government Actions Against Civilians
  12. TRO Urgent Appeal
  13. SL Strikes, Thousands Flee Homes
  14. The Right of Self-Determination
  15. What Negotiations?
  16. Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections
  17. When Does Rights Advocacy Fail?
  18. Born With A Plastic Spoon
  19. Trinco Conspiracy
  20. US Court Ruling for Ahilan Nadarajah
  21. TCHR Response to 2 HRW Reports
  22. NESOHR: Puliyankulam Murders
  23. TRO Appeal for Trinco Refugees
  24. On the Killing of Nishanthan (17)
  25. What Happened in Canada
  26. NESOHR: Civilian deaths since Geneva 1 (Feb. 23, 2006)
  27. On Academic Politics & Religious Zealotry
  28. Regrettable, Counterproductive
  29. Tayi
  30. NESOHR: Fishermen’s Right to Livelihood
  31. Tamilchelvam Letter to Amb. Bratskar
  32. TWA: Deep Concern Over Trinco Riots
  33. S Nagalingam’s Passing
  34. Tamil Studies Conference May 11-14 in Toronto
  35. AHRC: No Sri Lanka on UN Human Rights Council
  36. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah
  37. TNA Press Release
  38. TCHR Appeal on UN Human Rights Council
  39. Hope Outreach UK April 2006 Report
  40. Sinhala State Terrorism & Western Foreign Policy
  41. A Campaign of Bloodshed
  42. The Spider and the Fly – A cautionary tale
  43. Speeches at Nedumaran’s Book Release
  44. Who Cares for Kadirgamar?
  45. Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan
  46. The Eight Stages of Genocide
  47. IMHO’s Annual Meeting April 15 in Baltimore, MD
  48. Three Mules & Sister Rajani – A Rejoinder
  49. Road Map to Change 1.3B Lives
  50. Democracy? Good Government More Vital
  51. The Situation in Tamil Nadu and Eelam Politics
  52. COTANZ Condems Vigneswaran Assassination
  53. Canadian Tamils Disappointed by LTTE Listing
  54. Oviar Pugazhenthi Book Release
  55. The LTTE Are Freedom Fighters
  56. Open Letter to the American Red Cross
  57. Cohabitation Doesn’t Work
  58. TIC: Acquittal of Agni Subramaniam
  59. Your Move, Mr. President
  60. The Elephant in the Room
  61. Negotiation with Armed Groups: Sri Lanka and Beyond
  62. Mourning Mr. V Vigneswaran
  63. Powersharing or Partition?
  64. War is a Complex Disease
  65. Palacingham Pre-Conditions for Talks
  66. NESOHR Condemns Mr. Vigneswaran’s Killing
  67. NESOHR: Challenge to Justice and the Rule of Law
  68. Does Sri Lanka Need a Muslim Infantry Battalion?
  69. Pursuit of War by Other Means
  70. FAQs on the Sri Lankan National Conflict
  71. Three Month Anniversary for Mr. Pararajasingam, MP
  72. To Bridge the Difference in Sri Lanka
  73. Paramilitaries and the Ever-Receding Peace
  74. Roar of Tamil Rights
  75. TCHR: Child Rights in Sri Lanka
  76. End of the Sri Lankan Human Rights Commission?

March, 2006

  1. Response to the HRW Report
  2. Ayurvedic Exhibition in London
  3. Letter on TRO Abductions
  4. HRW: False Alarm!
  5. Federalism or Partition?
  6. NESOHR: Attack on Sampoor Village
  7. New UN Human Rights Council
  8. Drying Out the Insurgency
  9. Congressional Hearing on Unrest in Sri Lanka II
  10. Congressional Hearing on Unrest in Sri Lanka
  11. Non-States and Non-Entities
  12. Dissecting the HRW Report
  13. IFT Response to HRW Report
  14. The HRW Report & the Foreign Minister
  15. COTANZ Response to HRW Report
  16. Courting War
  17. As It Happens…
  18. How to be Ignored
  19. Independent Expert on Minority Issues
  20. Real Injustice
  21. AFTA Statement on HRW Report
  22. Ever Heard of AFSPA, PTA, TADO & ATA?
  23. Wonderful World?
  24. Britain’s Answer to Separatism
  25. Open Letter to John Cushnahan
  26. On the Performance of Police Chief Chandra Fernando
  27. HRW Backtracks on Extortion Charge
  28. Stark Choices for Sri Lanka
  29. Constitutional Council – A contrary view
  30. Hue and Cry about Child Soldiers
  31. HRW Missing an Opportunity
  32. CTC Response to HRW Allegations on Extortion
  33. Negotiating Peace in Nepal
  34. No Hope of Enduring Peace
  35. Global English
  36. UNICEF and Underage Recruitment
  37. Amnesty on TRO Abductions
  38. A Sinhala Perspective on the EU Contribution to the Peace Process
  39. MP Ponnambalam: The EU’s Contribution
  40. TCHR – The EU Contribution
  41. Stumbling Peace Talks
  42. Shattered Dreams
  43. General Accused of Illegal Operations Against Kurds
  44. Letter to the ICJ
  45. The Tamil Perspective on Negotiating Peace in Sri Lanka
  46. Dishny Restaurant in Paris
  47. Geneva Talks: a turning point?
  48. First Deal, First Hurdle
  49. Disarming Karuna
  50. UN Plays Politics with Jaffna Displaced
  51. What is Terrorism?
  52. Peace Talks – Again?!
  53. Three Mules and Sister Rajani
  54. Tamil Rulers of the Kandyan Kingdom
  55. Uncharted Waters
  56. Rajapakse is Wrong!
  57. Sinhala Constitution
  58. Lessons from Another Insurgency
  59. Looking for Loopholes
  60. The CFA Controversy
  61. Strengths & Weaknesses of Mme Coomaraswamy
  62. Anti-Tamil Bias
  63. Rights of the Child
  64. Develpment as a Precursor to Conflict Resolution

February, 2006

  1. Peace Talks That Have Gone Nowhere
  2. Ibn Battuta’s Visit to Kingdom of Jaffna in 1344
  3. Kasi Ananthan’s Poesy & the Eelam Liberation Struggle
  4. Ballad of the Sea and the Land
  5. Will Sri Lanka Defeat Hostile Symbolic Politics?
  6. Talks, Talks and More Talks
  7. Socio-economic Inequality & Ethno-political Conflict
  8. Imperial Reckoning: Kenyan Gulag
  9. Negotiating Peace in Sri Lanka: Efforts, Failures & Lessons
  10. Rethinking Sovereignty
  11. Genocide Continues With Negotiations
  12. TRO Preschools [pdf]
  13. TRO Children’s Homes [pdf]
  14. Silent Lessons: So Much for Free Speech
  15. Letter from a Tamil
  16. Sri Lanka’s Only Hope for Peace
  17. Tamils Not to Reason Why
  18. Aceh Bill Slammed
  19. US Role in Sri Lanka
  20. Send in the State Department
  21. Fighting Sri Lankan State Terrorism
  22. Cease-Fire Talks
  23. Mallikai
  24. People, Principles, Policies
  25. Too Few Tamil Speakers in Government Service
  26. Letter to Rajapakse: States Smaller than Sri Lanka
  27. A Mirage of Equality
  28. The Tamil Struggle
  29. Response to Coomaraswamy
  30. Falsehood Reveals the Truth
  31. Profiles of Abducted TRO Staffers [pdf]
  32. TRO Cooperation with Police on Abductions [pdf]
  33. The Limited Scope of the CFA
  34. Thamizhar Martial Arts
  35. NESOHR: Abduction of Rajaratnam Thevachandran [pdf]
  36. Coomaraswamy Replies
  37. Tamil Diaspora Politics [pdf]
  38. India Acquired Language, Not Genes From the West
  39. Democratic Sri Lanka? A Parody
  40. The Essence of the Geneva Talks
  41. TRO’s Speech to Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies [pdf]
  42. Mr. De Chickera’s Fantasy
  43. Valentine for Anandasangaree
  44. TRO Abductions: Who Did It?
  45. Police in Darfur
  46. Interview with Prof. Sivathamby
  47. Archeology and Cultural Belonging for Minorities
  48. Sri Lankan Abductions Require Intervention
  49. Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor Urges New Push for Peace
  50. Abduction of NGO Workers
  51. US Lends Sri Lanka More for Arms
  52. The Land That Has So Much
  53. Preferring Patience
  54. Beyond the Obvious
  55. Sinhala-Muslim Romancing and Rift
  56. NESOHR: Abduction of TRO Employees
  57. Violence Falls, but Peril Remains

January, 2006

  1. Another 5 TRO Staff Reported Missing
  2. Update to TRO Kidnapping
  3. TIC Condemns Abduction of TRO Workers
  4. TRO Workers Kidnapped
  5. The Bigger Picture
  6. A Mischievious Game
  7. Self-Defense
  8. Truth in Sri Lanka
  9. Collective Punishment for the Tamils
  10. Preparing Lessons for Orphans
  11. The Future of Preemption
  12. The Latest Gimmicks
  13. War Against False Democracy
  14. Ratwatte Acquitted and Canadian Elections
  15. US Setting the Clock Back on Peace
  16. Child Recruitment
  17. State Terrorism in Sri Lanka
  18. Comments on the 2006 HRW Report
  19. Memorandum to Secretary Rice
  20. Letter to Ambassador Lunstead
  21. Letter to Cardinal Murphy O’Connor
  22. Somaliland and International Recognition
  23. East Timor Report to UN
  24. The JVP and Pol Potism
  25. Small Change
  26. TRO’s Media Response [pdf]
  27. TRO and the Sunera Foundation [pdf]
  28. Rajapakse: A Prisoner of Sinhalese Nationalism
  29. Musings on a ‘Gotcha-Gotcha’ Thread from a Sydney Brenner Story
  30. Back to War
  31. Interests, Not Values
  32. TRO: Urgent Appeal for Humanitarian Assistance – Jaffna Conflict Internally Displaced Persons [pdf]
  33. Sri Lankan First Lady Breaks Guruvayur Tradition
  34. The ëBirth-Soil Bondí of MGR: An 89th Birth Anniversary Note
  35. Get With It, Mr. Ambassador
  36. The US and Australia Are Turning a Blind Eye
  37. Shifting the Balance of Power, Capturing the Power of Leverage
  38. The Problem and its Solution are in Sri Lanka, not in the US
  39. First Tamil Class at University of Toronto Inauguration
  40. An Open Letter to the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka
  41. Music is the Food of Love
  42. Accept the Reality of a Separate State for Tamils
  43. Pongal Greetings!
  44. NESOHR: Pesalai Incident [pdf]
  45. NESOHR: Kandeepan Case Report [pdf]
  46. AHRC: 20 Forced Disappearances in December, 2005
  47. Amnesty Appeal re Four Disappearances
  48. Amnesty Concerned About Escalation of Violence
  49. The Dilemma of the US, the LTTE and the Buddhist Ayatollahs
  50. The TRO
  51. Response is Called For
  52. Tamil Film History and Its Achievements
  53. Primary Sources for the History of the Sri Lankan Tamils
  54. Vaiko’s “Letters from Prison” Book Release
  55. Relief & Rehabilitation First Anniversary Report of St. John’s Church
  56. NESOHR: Civilian Attacks, Nov 20, 2005 to Jan 9, 2006 [pdf]
  57. NESOHR: Abduction of B. Rajeevmohan [pdf]
  58. NESOHR: Tharshini Case Report [pdf]
  59. NESOHR: Forced Evictions – Jaffna [pdf]
  60. NESOHR: Statistics on Civilians Affected by War [pdf]
  61. Letter from Jaffna University Medical Students Union
  62. Blaming the Past in Sri Lanka
  63. The Conflict in Sri Lanka: Ground Realities [pdf]
  64. Letter to the Editor of the ‘Washington Times’
  65. The Tamil-Muslim Question – Again
  66. IFT – Tamil Civilians Need Protection Against a Vindictive Armed State
  67. Letter to the Co-Chairs from the Association of Tamil Americans
  68. Too Much Talk
  69. The Pararajasingam Murder – the Fall-Out
  70. Comments on H L de Silva’s Oration
  71. People’s Struggle is the Only Option
  72. SAARC and the Sovereignty Bargain
  73. The Real Reasons Behind the Murder in the Cathedral
  74. The Low-Down on Narasimhan Ram, the Ignoramus
  75. Involuntary Disappearances in Sri Lanka on the Increase